Lucifer Season 3 Episode 14 Review: My Brother's Keeper

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MacGuffin aside, the ability of this series to do justice to its titles is quite astounding.

"My Brother's Keeper" couldn't have been a more appropriate title for Lucifer Season 3 Episode 14; my only wish is I had photographic evidence from Fox to go along with the discussion we're about to have, as well.

When you brush away the fluffy procedural side, there is so much depth to Lucifer, and that's why those three "extra" episodes felt so out of place during Lucifer Season 3. They were filled with fluff.

A Diamond Thief - Lucifer

Ella's character is rounding out with some family, even if I don't expect to see to see the fella ever again. His introduction, though, was a starting point for Lucifer to remember how much he's grown, how much compassion he has for others, and to step up to the plate with more than his devilish charm.

Ella's big brother was the light of her family's life, taking on the command post when they needed him even if he didn't ask for the job. 

Unfortunately for the family, they didn't know he used the opportunity to grab what he could and run with it, considering it a perk for putting himself out because his family needed him. That's not exactly how altruism works, and Lucifer called him on it.

So Much Disappointment - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 14

Lucifer also ensured that the pig would continue his altruistic ways in a more conventional manner because if the dude ever hurt Ella, Lucifer would be on his tail. Even without his devil face, Lucifer was a threat because it was coming of a place of love for Ella. 

If nothing else, coming into contact with Cain has already reopened Lucifer's sensory perception. He's reconnecting with his emotional side and remembering all of the things he learned here in his short time on earth. 

Lucifer likes humans, even immortal ones who committed the first murder. He needs someone not related to him to tether him to the reality of earth. Cain appears to be doing it.

Likewise, Lucifer is doing it for Charlotte and Linda, too.

You Must Be Crazy - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 14

It was a lovely gesture on the part of Lucifer to recommend Charlotte to Linda for therapy. He understood how much she was hurting, and since Linda has helped him so much, he knew Linda could help her.

But he forgot that teeny thing about Mum trying to kill Linda while wearing Charlotte's skin suit. That moment in Linda's office when she and Charlotte were face-to-face, one reaching out and the other rejecting both for the same reason was heartbreaking.

But the kind way Lucifer talked Linda off the ledge was extraordinary.

That's the man I've been missing. Who knew it would only take an undercover assignment with Cain, an argument before the buffet at a backyard picnic and a makeup kiss to turn Lucifer around again?

Linda and Charlotte working together should be very cathartic, and it will bring Charlotte even further into the fold. 

Taking a Pass - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 14

With Maze still feeling the sting of seeing Amenadiel and Linda together, she's been a little less friendly. That didn't stop her from taking cash from Ella to find Ella's brother, though, and her honesty was good for Ella, who is sometimes too naive.

Yeah, huge relief. You're brother's not dead, but he might be the killer.


Maze had a hard time understanding why Ella gave two licks about her "brother" after he turned out to be such a dud. Maze may have a few things more to learn about family, but she's not unwilling to listen.

Alright, so I crept forward in my chair and clapped when Maze rescued Ella with the toss of her blade. That was badass but not as badass as whisking herself away so as not to take the credit.

It was such a superhero thing to do, and it would be hysterical if what Maze took out of her humanity lessons was to be a vigilante. Hey, the theme of DCTV shows is vigilantism, right? Why not give it a go with Maze! I kid, I kid.

The coup de grace of the brother's keepers angle was, of course, Cain and Amenadiel having an epic showdown at Lux.

Amenadiel: Yeah, I gave you the mark. But I was only the messenger, Pierce, I have no idea how to remove it.
Cain: You know, I believe you.

As it turns out, the person who marked Cain cannot kill him. Great deductive work on Cain's part, though, listening to Lucifer for the cue that Amenadiel was dad's favorite and figuring dad would assign the task of marking Cain to his favored son.

Things Have Changed - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 14

The brilliance of their battle was how Cain was so cool during the entire thing. He is a one-man war machine. He is immortal, yes, but merely human. What he learned over the years to wage war on another man was impressive. 

Amenadiel, meanwhile, was fighting dirty with broken bottles and ultimately impaled Cain on one of the grates in Lux to keep him still. He didn't like what he was hearing. The similarities between the two men were unappreciated.

Amenadiel: Accept the punishment that you deserve!!
Cain: You know nothing about what I deserve!
Amenadiel: I know my father is punishing you because you killed your own brother.
Cain: Notice anyone else in here who plotted to kill his own brother?

Things had been going so well for Amenadiel and Lucifer until recently that I hadn't even been thinking about his attempt on Lucifer's life. He went a little mad for a while, didn't he? 

Weirdly, I always thought of Cain murdering Abel as less in anger over anything Abel did and more about God. When Amenadiel was going after Lucifer, it was all about Lucifer. 

Amenadiel: No, that was different!
Cain: It was only different because you failed.
Amenadiel: We are nothing alike.
Cain: You're right. At least I had the balls to do it myself. You're worse. And if this is the punishment I get for my crimes, what do you deserve? There it is, that look on your face. That's what I wanted. That feels good.

How different are the two men from each other?

I hope after the melee at Lux Amenadiel takes the time to realize God treated his son differently than he did Cain. Did God spite Cain? What IS the deal with that punishment, anyway?

I'd like to think God would want us to question him. Why give a rational mind and then not expect your best creation to use it? 

What do you think comes next for this group? Isn't it amazing how you can take out the procedural aspect and still talk forever about Lucifer? 

I'm sorry if I didn't dig deep enough this week, but I am working on zero sleep, and I apologize. I'll be with you in the discussion thread! This was a great hour that deserves some extra attention.

Don't forget to watch Lucifer online if you need more ammunition before we chat. Thanks for reading!

My Brother's Keeper Review

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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Yeah, huge relief. You're brother's not dead, but he might be the killer.


Cain: Your research is watching The DaVinci Code?
Lucifer: And the sequels!