Riverdale Round Table: Bughead Back Together (Again)

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Penny tried to rejoin the Southside Serpents, Hal moved out of the Cooper house, and Hiram ordered the death of a mob criminal on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 12.

Below, TV Fanatics Jack Ori, Paul Dailly and Justin Carreiro debate FP's prediction of Jughead, the longevity of the Bughead relationship, and Hiram potentially getting Archie more involved in the business.

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1. Veronica wanted Archie kept separate from the Lodge business dealings, but he just saved Hiram's life. Do you think Hiram will honor her request or will he get Archie more involved because he trusts him?

Jack: I didn't trust for a second that Hiram was really agreeing to Veronica's request. He definitely wants Archie involved, most likely so he can have control over his relationship with Veronica. I also thought at first that Hiram had arranged for Archie to overhear the threat as a test, but since the traitor was killed, I don't think so.

Paul: Archie is going to get more involved. Hiram likes loyalty and it looks like Archie saving his life will elevate that somewhat.

Justin: Hiram is going to pull Archie deeper into the business. He saw that Archie was trustworthy and saved his neck when things could've gone really bad for him. Hiram is going to need someone like that around, regardless of what Veronica wants.

Parental Obligation - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 12

2. Veronica and Josie performed another duet; this one was of "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve. Rate their latest cover.

Jack: I love this song and I thought it was a great cover, especially juxtaposed with the confirmation ceremony scenes.

Paul: I agree. It was great, and we need more duets from those two!

Justin: I loved it. "Bittersweet Symphony" is an amazing song, and I love the movie Cruel Intentions. This was a perfect surprise to happen on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 12.

The Look Of Love - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 12

3. FP claimed that Jughead would be the death of the Southside Serpents. Do you agree with his assessment?

Jack: Yes and no. Jughead, Toni, Sweetpea and, to an extent, Betty are the next generation of Serpents and have a different philosophy than the old order. So, he's moving the Serpents away from mindless violence and endless internal power struggles and turning them into something more justice-oriented.

In that sense, the Serpents will die. But FP wasn't understanding what was really going on when he made that stupid comment, and allowing Mayor McCoy to sow the seeds of discord within the Serpents and blame Jughead for it was just playing into her hands.

Paul: I'm on the fence. Jughead is impulsive, but he stands up for himself. He hates the way the Serpents are treated in town and he wants to change the perception of them. That will mean causing a lot of trouble.

Justin: I agree with him. While I think Jughead wants to change things for good, I do find some of his actions and mentality to be a bit too hero-focused. He doesn't care what consequences will be caused by his actions, and we've seen that some of his actions have caused a lot of negative repercussions.

There's a chance Jughead could destroy the group.

4. Jughead and Betty are back together. Do you think this time will stick?

Jack: I hope so. I love this couple but I don't love back and forth nonsense. Also, I think Betty was going to tell Jughead that she kissed Archie but changed her mind, and I hope that stupid drama doesn't interfere.

Paul: I honestly don't care. The back and forth has already made me despise the pairing.

Justin: Jughead and Betty have been on again, off again too many times. I want them to stay together because I like them together and I'm tired of their relationship drama. However, I could see them breaking up when Jughead finds out Betty kissed Archie.

Party Surprises - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 12

5. Tall Boy has been exiled by the Serpents and Penny failed in her attempt to get revenge on Jughead. Will this be the last we see of them?

Jack: Absolutely not! I imagine the two of them will team up to try to cause trouble with the Serpents and get revenge on Jughead and FP for ousting them.

Paul: I doubt it. He's up to something, and he will stop at nothing to get some on Jughead.

Justin: No way! Tall Boy isn't the type of person to go out without a fight; he's going to come back and try to use violence to get his way. Penny, on the other hand, will go the more manipulative and cunning route. She'll bide her time again before coming back, and when she does, it will be deadly.

Poker Panic - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 12

6. Betty walked in on Alice cleaning up blood next to a dead body. React!

Jack: I was shocked. I did not expect that at all. My question is whether she killed the man to protect Chic or whether Chic killed him.

Paul: That was a great twist. I thought Alice was going to be bleeding out, but no, she was cleaning up blood. I hope Chic killed the man and not Alice.

Justin: I was surprised because I thought we had passed all of the dead bodies when The Black Hood was stopped. Seeing someone dead and bleeding out in the Cooper home of all place was shocking. I can't wait to see this mystery be explored further.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Jughead: Why did you do it? Did someone put you up to it?
Tall Boy: Why is the Northsider here? This is Serpent business and this is Serpent land.
Jughead: She’s here because she’s one of us.
FP: You didn’t answer my son’s question. Why did you do it?!
Tall Boy: Because I am tired of seeing the Serpents going soft under your rule. And Hiram Lodge came by and wanted to stir up some trouble, he said if I took the hit he’d get McCoy and the cops to swerve all over us and cause some chaos.
Jughead: So, Hiram Lodge asked you to start a mutiny and you helped him? Why?
Tall Boy: Figured it’d be my change to get rid of you, Sunshine.

FP: What’s your price, Penny?
Penny: Blood for blood. An eye for an eye. I want back in with the Serpents, and I want him kicked out.
[She looks to Jughead]
Penny: Oh yeah, one last thing, I want his tattoo carved off and I wanna do it myself...with a dirty knife.