The Fosters Season 5 Episode 14 Review: Scars

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This hour illuminated how invested the fandom is in storylines that affect secondary characters.

Grace, Aaron, Dean, and Ximena were featured in some capacity or another on The Fosters Season 5 Episode 14

The series has done an exceptional job not only keeping us invested in the effects they have on various members of our beloved family but invested in them as individual characters with their own unique issues.

Draw Me Like One of Your French Guys - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 14

Some of them worked and others weren't quite as interesting. Aaron, for instance, had my undivided attention. Aaron has developed into one of the most fascinating characters on the show.

He started off a bit one-dimensional but has since evolved into an evocative and lovable character. His ongoing arc as a trans man has been some of the most revolutionary storytelling on the show.

But bless his wee heart, it was only a matter of time before the effects of being around Callie impacted him on a larger scale. Inevitably, anyone within a mile radius of Callie will have a brush with the law.

I gotta get out of here before I get processed. They're going to strip search me. I won't be safe in central jail if people find out.


Aaron has now been properly initiated into Callie's world. At this point, everything between he and AJ should be squashed. They need to get together for a drink and toast each other for surviving Callie's world.

Aaron's scene where he and Callie discussed his scars while she drew him was touching. It made up for that intense moment of him being behind bars and fearing what the others would do if they found out he was trans.

Aaron has never expressed shame about his transition. He doesn't hide it, per se, but he doesn't broadcast it either. He chooses to disclose it to others on his terms as a safety precaution and because it's no one's business.

I can't imagine how he felt when Stef told him he had to disclose the truth.

A Surprising Tip - The Fosters

Aaron's charge was complete BS, but it was expected that the ICE agent would have him arrested.

They were pissed that they were thwarted by a bunch of teenagers, but how despicable were they for picking up just turned 18-year old immigrants before they step foot in the school?

Exposing ICE falls upon the shoulders of a teenage girl. The funniest moment of the night goes to the not so douchey ICE Agent coming to Callie for help. Seriously?! She's still a child.

He stalked her so he could apologize. He didn't realize Ximena was innocent, and he's disillusioned about the actions of some of his fellow ICE agents.

That's cool and everything, but when does morality win out? It's easy to sympathize with the man because he has spent 30 years on the job, but if you have to come asking a teenager to hold your colleagues accountable because you're afraid to, what does that say about the current state of things?

ICE Agent: Just so you know, I didn't get into this to chase innocent teenagers into churches. You know, I thought I was making this country safer, but things at ICE have changed. Agents have been given carte blanche to go after whoever they want however they want. It's not right.
CALLIE: Well, what are you going to do about it? Because frankly, an apology isn't going to cut it.
ICE Agent: I know. That's why I have some information for you.

Fortunately, he did right by corroborating Aaron's story.

Speaking of, there has to be something done to accommodate trans and other special cases in facilities. No one should be locked away in solitary confinement for their own safety. You're punishing them because of someone else's behavior.

You could tell it affected Aaron a great deal. He came out of it with a new lease on life. He finally wants to tell the world that he's trans so he can advocate more.

His explanation of the distinction between coming out as gay and revealing that you're trans was thought-provoking. Especially when he explained how others misperceive the revelation as a form of deception and betrayal. It made me look at the situation in a whole new light.

Worrying About Aaron - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 14

At the very least he's OK with Callie implementing his scars in her sketch. It was a great hour for Aaron. It only felt right that Callie would fall right back into his arms again.

Shocker, shocker! She didn't. Callie stood strong and firm, and I'm proud of her. She has finally recognized that she needs to focus on herself.

Stef needs to work on herself, too. The second she found out from her gynecologist that her anxiety could be an effect of her being para- menopausal, she was ready to write it off.

Her anxiety wouldn't let her do that though. The trip to the grocery store was difficult to watch. When moms are suffering, we all are suffering.

I need you to come pick me up, please. Right now. I don't think I can drive.


Stef knew who to call though. Once again, the relationship between Stef and Brandon is one of the best in the series. He dropped everything to go to his mom despite having his hands full with Grace and her parents.

Brandon once again confirmed that Stef had mental health struggles in the past. I loved the way he gently reminded her of how she was when she and Mike's marriage was failing and she was working on her sexuality. Young kids notice everything.

She was able to speak about her anxiety attack and her repression. Her therapist immediately pointed out that Tess was a trigger.

All of the things that Stef has dealt with in the past half a decade and Tess is what finally triggered her.

Sweet Dean coming over to tell Stef that he and Tess are getting separated got to Stef. It's unfortunate how much she has been drawn into their marriage. It's not fair to her at all.

Stef: Everything OK?
Dean: Tess asked for a separation.

It's also not fair that Brandon is yet again placed in a situation where he has to be this mature being with high expectations placed on him. Grace's storyline was the weakest of the hour.

So far so good on her health situation, but I'm not fond of this ominous undertone.

Brandon spent all that time being a mediator between Grace's bickering parents and supporting her. Now, he's going to find out that he's her health care proxy in charge of making decisions on her behalf. Something tells me he will find this out under the worse possible circumstances.

Brandon is never allowed to be a kid. It's frustrating. Grace should have told him outright what she was doing. She shouldn't have sent him away so she could sign the papers in secret.

Jude's situation with Declan needs to be out in the open, however. There was nothing wrong with Jude accepting gifts, assuming he's not giving out his personal address because that IS a huge part of endorsements and that sort of thing.

There was nothing wrong with the flirty banter the two of them engage in while playing because it stands out and keeps the audience tuned in. There is a problem with Declan not respecting boundaries.

Declan is perfectly aware of the spat between Jude and Noah. The flirting is finally accepted, but here he goes feeling up Jude. It's not cool.

Jude needs to talk to Declan about this and Declan needs to respect Jude and Noah's relationship, yes, but also Jude by keeping his hands to himself. If he does care about Jude he shouldn't keep putting the kid in such an uncomfortable position.

Over to you Foster fanatics. Are you concerned about Grace? Will Declan come between Joah? Are you proud of Callie for remaining single?

Are you proud of Aaron for choosing to be more open? Has Stef made progress in her battle against anxiety? Let us know below.

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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

I want to apologize. We were told Ximena made threatening remarks at that rally. Radical stuff, you know? Calling for violence and that sort of thing. It wasn't until your video that I saw we had been lied to. Ximena never should have been targeted.

ICE Agent

Lena: What about therapy? Did you reschedule your appointment?
Stef: What's the point if it's physiological?