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The Good Doctor tackled transgender issues in a surprisingly heartfelt way, resulting in an enjoyable episode overall.  

On The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 14, Shaun and Jared work on a young girl that they discover is transgender. Meanwhile, Claire battles with a new intern on the team. 

Family Dynamics - The Good Doctor

I need to be honest. When we found out that Quinn was transgender, I loudly groaned.

I was nervous that this would be another in a long line of social justice cases on the show. The writers have shown that they have been incapable of handling those with care in the past. 

I was, however, pleased with how well they handled Quinn's character and her family's reactions to her transition.

Quinn: I don't want an Adam's Apple or a deep voice or hair all over my body! You can't reverse that, can you?
Dr. Lim: No, I'm afraid not.

(Disclaimer: I am not transgender so I am not an expert. I know a lot about the LGBTQ+ community, and from what I could tell, they handled it well. Others might see it differently. If you are trans, I would love to hear your thoughts on this storyline in the comments.)

It was heartwarming, and I teared up when they told her that they only removed one testicle this time.

She was so sure of herself and knew exactly who she is, and I wanted her to have the surgery she wanted.

If the series lasts long enough, I would love to see her gender confirmation surgery. I know this patient will stick with me for a while. 

shaun in pool  - The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 14

Shaun's misconceptions of gender and pronouns were even understandable, especially for someone who relies so much on biology.  

I was happy to see him taking the time to ask Quinn questions about her transition.

He was making an effort to understand her after realizing that his initial judgment may have been inappropriate. 

When I used to look like a boy, I felt different. The kids at school didn't understand me so they picked on me. I spent a lot of time alone. When my parents let me be me, I felt like I didn't have to pretend anymore. I felt free, like when you're in a pool and you can just let go and float.


Quinn's pool analogy was an incredible moment, and when Shaun asked Kenny to help him in the pool, I immediately became emotional. 

Perhaps his patient from The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 13 encouraged him to learn more about the people in his care so that he could empathize with them.

It is a skill he desperately needs to learn if he is going to interact with patients.

Kenny - The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 14

Speaking of Kenny, Chris D'Elia guest starred as Shaun's new neighbor. 

I have to say I am slightly disturbed by him. Why was he barging into Shaun's apartment through the balcony door? 

As Lea's replacement, there is certainly potential for Kenny to be a new friend to Shaun.

His behavior is suspicious, though, so I am not ready to trust him just yet. 

dr. reznick - The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 14

We also met Dr. Reznick, another intern who is joining Melendez's team.

She is competitive, rude, and insincere, but I kind of loved her by the end of the episode. I am not completely sure why yet, or if that love will last, but she was fun to watch. 

I hope she and Claire are able to become friends, despite what she said to her in the operating room.

I'm sorry. You and I are not going to be friends. Hanging out. Having sleepovers. Braiding each other's hair.

Dr. Morgan Reznick

I hate that there are so few women on this show. Claire is the only woman of the lead characters, and having another woman join the group only to make her compete with Claire is a disservice to them. 

It perpetuates the belief that women compete with each other in the workplace and that they must knock each other down to advance in their careers.

Both women are brilliant doctors, and I know it would be even more fun to watch if they joined forces. 

dr. isabel barnes - The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 14

I have never been overly fond of Dr. Andrews. 

Despite his usually decent bedside manner, Marcus is rude and hateful to his fellow doctors. He seems to make it his mission to demoralize them.

My hatred of Marcus was solidified during his conversation with his wife about their struggle to conceive a child. 

If I was Isabel, I would be divorcing him as soon as possible. 

Dr. Isabel Barnes: Figuring it out would have meant me and a nanny raising a baby! I didn't want that.
Dr. Marcus Andrews: I tried to bring it up four years ago, but you wanted to get your practice up and running. A baby didn't fit in that picture either.

He blamed her for their fertility problems, despite him constantly working to advance his career.

He behaved as if her sole job was to provide children for him while he was busy teaching across the country and trying to muscle Dr. Glassman out of his job. 

I would never wish fertility issues on anyone. When the doctor told him that they could not get pregnant because of his sperm, though, I laughed. He deserved it.

And Isabel deserves better in a husband and father of her children. 

"She" was a vast improvement over the previous weeks. It was emotional and enjoyable to watch. I have been dreading watching and reviewing this show recently so this was a welcome change.

What did you think of "She"? Did you love Quinn's story or did you think it fell short? You can watch The Good Doctor online! Once you do, share your comments with us below! 

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The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

I'm sorry. You and I are not going to be friends. Hanging out. Having sleepovers. Braiding each other's hair.

Dr. Morgan Reznick

Quinn: I don't want an Adam's Apple or a deep voice or hair all over my body! You can't reverse that, can you?
Dr. Lim: No, I'm afraid not.