9-1-1 Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Karma's a Bitch

By Stacy Glanzman at

In case Hen didn't repeat it enough times for you, karma's a bitch. 

9-1-1 Season 1 Episode 8 is another aptly titled installment that might make you think twice about the potential consequences of your actions.

Of course, that all depends on whether or not you actually believe in karma. 

We've all been wronged by someone at some point and secretly hoped that the universe would come back to punish them, and for these select few victims at least, well, they got what was coming to them. 

I'm guessing nobody was feeling too sorry for them. Who else was rooting for the tiger? It's sad that poor animal will probably be killed for escaping when it was only acting on natural instincts after being attacked. 

The jerk who decided to blow up his tree probably should have let the professionals handle it, but that wouldn't have been nearly as satisfying as watching a bullet ricochet and hit him in the chest. In a way, it's like his wife killed him. 

The most disgusting death award definitely goes to the guy in the tanning bed. That was gross, and admittedly shocking for someone to find, but come on, how did that woman really not think to shut the thing off? Maybe she subconsciously wanted to let him burn. Hey, karma's a bitch, remember?

Of course, the karma train didn't only hit random strangers. Our own heroes found they're not immune just because they save lives for a living. 

Considering it was Hen who kept reminding us of the ramifications of karma, we knew it was only a matter of time before her own infidelity came back to bite her in the ass. 

While she was driving around trying to figure out how to come clean to her wife, her ex was two steps ahead of her and already suing for custody. 

Cheating is bad, duh, but it's always better if the truth comes from the cheater rather than another source. Hen should have told her as soon as it happened, but instead the whole thing just got 10 times worse. 

I don't know if her marriage can overcome this. 

As far as the law suit goes though, I have to wonder if one stupid mistake really makes someone more unfit than an ex-con who literally just got out of jail and then immediately manipulated Hen to get what she wants. 

Yes Hen made a poor decision, and that's all on her, but it was just one mistake. If she and Karen can find a way to reconcile (namely, if Karen decides to forgive her), I don't see how a court would rule in Eva's favor. 

I honestly wouldn't put it past them to take up the newly vacated position of "fake happy couple" just to get through the law suit. 

But no one wants to see that now that Athena is finally letting that whole thing go. Her kids should have told her a long time ago that the fake situation wasn't working. That wasn't healthy for anyone involved, especially Athena. 

Her husband has moved on, why shouldn't she? 

It didn't take long for a very sexy, much younger man to buy her a drink and turn on the charm. Assuming he passes the quickie background check she ran on her phone, she should go enjoy herself. 

So Bobby's karma worked in an unexpected way. 

He had it all planned out. He would save enough lives to make up for the people who died in that fire, and then he was going to kill himself and join his family. 

He thought he had a deal with G-d, which I guess is how he planned on getting around the whole mortal sin aspect of suicide in order to be reunited with them, but regardless, G-d had other plans. 

Instead he gets to spend the rest of his life facing scary needles in order to potentially save the lives of millions of kids. It'll never make up for those he lost, but at least he'll be doing even more good with life than he already is by being a firefighter. 

Hopefully Chimney really did get through to him and he'll see that this isn't a punishment. Sometimes karma works in mysterious ways. 

He can't go on being this tortured soul for the rest of his life. Someday, somehow, he needs to start forgiving himself. These regular blood donations will save a hell of a lot more than 148 people. 

Kudos to the music department. "You Outta Know" and "Instant Karma" were perfect choices. 

What did you guys think? Is it time for Bobby to forgive himself? Is there any hope for Hen and Karen's marriage? Were you at all disappointed that Buck and Abby took more of a backseat? 

If you've wronged anyone recently, you may want to consider apologizing before karma comes back to haunt you. 

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