Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 16 Review: The One That Matters Most

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Is it the end of an era? 

Casey's some what erratic attempts to step up to the plate as a leader on Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 16 not withstanding, Boden's promotion could herald a new era at Fire House 51. 

But before any of that happens, we have to worry about getting Otis back on his feet. 

Interesting News - Chicago Fire

Guys, I'm actually worried about Otis. On a scale of one to ten, with one being "of course he'll be fine" and ten being "actor has signed a contract elsewhere," I'd say I'm at about a six.

If we weren't past the midway point of the season, I'd be feeling a lot better about Otis' recovery and return to driving Truck 81. But there's only seven episodes left. 

His ownership stake in Molly's does make him harder to get rid in terms of storytelling, so there's that. But maybe Lily's desire to move to Hawaii will now include him and they'll fly off into the sunset.

The thing is, you know, firefighters, they--they don't like to admit when they need help. It's just not in Otis' DNA. But, you know, maybe...we gotta push through all that. And...just be there for him. You know, no matter what.


That's a better ending than Jose Vargas got at least. Did anybody else totally blank on who they were talking about? I definitely had to IMDB that character, and then do a wiki search. 

The Alabama joke would have been funnier if Mo Gallini had had a project set there recently. Or, you know, if anybody remembered the guy.

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We've seen (memorable) characters sidelined for medical reasons before, but Peter Mills found a way to stick around when he was taken off of Squad 3, so maybe Otis will just find a new place in the firehouse.

That could turn out to be an exciting possibility for all of us. With Boden's possible promotion, the show could be expanding outside of 51 and into different areas of the CFD. 

The producers have played with that before, sending Gabby to Arson Investigators when she was pregnant. While breaking up the gang makes the stories a little more difficult to manage, it can also add a lot of dimension.

Movie Night - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 16

I don't really want to have to sit through endless meetings with Boden and the brass, but having him as a Deputy District Chief could let us explore some of the politics of the CFD; battles for funding with the city council, hunting down corrupt officers, and the like.

Exploring Boden's feelings about his promotion is the first time this season that it's felt like the show has lived up to Derek Haas' promise of "looking at families more."

Gabby and Matt's relationship is such a staple of the show that the tension they experienced didn't register as part of that theme, and all the other instances that fit that bill do so just barely. 

Deputy District Chief. You know, I always figured that I'd ride out my career right here, Taking care of my men and the house that I helped build.


Having Boden really reflect on his job and having him open up to Donna about it was monumental. As one of only two guys in the gang with kids, it was great that we got to see that discussion.

It's been a missing moment, and I would love more of those conversations. Any time there's an injury would be an easy opening for Herrmann to have a heart to heart with one of his older kids. 

Aside for the serious discussion, I thought it was really important that we see Boden with Terrance. He's such a little cutie, and watching the Chief with his son is a completely different dynamic. 

Story Time - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 16

Even if she can't cook, I'd love to see Joe have a relationship with Amanda. Boden really screwed him over there. 

I really didn't like how that story ended up. It was just so...unkind. I don't even mean the chief's comments, though they were unfortunate. 

But everybody's attitude about this kind gesture from strangers just sucked once it wasn't what they had hoped for. I mean, I'm not sure how food that smells great ends up tasting bad, but that doesn't mean you abandon your manners. 

Mouch: You were supposed to put the kibosh on this.
Herrmann: We were counting on you, Cruz.
Cruz: But can you blame me? I mean, who among us is cold-hearted enough to crush the spirits of those sweet women? [others walk out of the room] Seriously, though, who's cold-hearted enough? I can't eat this food again!

This is the kind of situation that calls for a white lie, something like how you're not allowed to accept any favors because of an ethics board or house rules or literally anything. Hell, make up some obnoxious dietary restrictions or something. 

But there's no excuse for rudeness.

Chow - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 16

Well, Herrmann's attitude towards the new guy might have been justified. Not at the start, but I could see why he wouldn't like Cordova as the shift progressed.

Cordova was essentially making the same err that the rest of 51 made in regards to the ladies of C&J Diner -- just completely disregarding the feelings of others. 

I understand that he would be excited to gain a permanent post, but maybe don't act like it's a foregone conclusion before the medical committee's report is finished. 

Capp: If they cook for us on Thursday, I'll quit.
Mouch: I'll kill myself.

Haven't these people ever heard of Emily Post? Ann Landers? Dear Prudence? You keep those kind of thoughts to yourself until you're already established in the situation!

Cordova is making a lot of bad decisions though. Asking Gabby to not tell her husband they used to date is something that would obviously backfire.

And really, what's her incentive to do so? It's only going to cause problems in her marriage if she hides it. I'm a little surprised she hadn't mentioned it to Matt between the two shifts. 

Prize Fighter - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 16

Cordova better brace himself for some more punches flying his way. Like Gabby said, secrets always get out in a firehouse...or in a bar.

An ill-timed ribbing from an old coworker on Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 17 will out Cordovo's past relationship with Mrs. Casey. 

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Let's just hope that any fisticuffs that result don't get in the way of Casey's career. There's going to be enough job jeopardizing behavior coming from Boden of all people.

After rescuing a boy, he has a "lapse in judgment" that I personally hope is something really sweet like deciding to foster the kid without talking to Donna and not criminal like threatening somebody's life. 

He's got a lot riding on the line, and he can't afford any major screw-ups. 

Gabby [knowingly]: You and Severide are sleeping together.
Stella: Wow, that is some crazy witch level intuition you've got going on.

Stella's insistence that her relationship with Severide is super casual already rings false, and being introduced to his mom doesn't help her argument. 

For someone who's just having a lot of meaningless sex, she's awfully invested in impressing this woman. 

Stella: You took my advice on Grissom.
Kelly: Of course I did. Your opinion is the one that matters most.

Finally, Otis is back at 51, just in an as-yet unknown capacity. I'm really glad this was filmed a ways back, because if they put him at Connie's desk I will lose it. 

Hopefully some DuShon Monique Brown had some scenes shot, and we'll get a few last beautiful scenes of her quietly dominating the administrative side of the fire house. 

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What are your thoughts on the new guy? Was Herrmann over-reacting? Will Otis make a full recovery? Should Boden take the promotion? Will he?

We want to hear all your thoughts on "The One That Matters," so join the discussion in the comments section below!

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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

You and Severide? Please, even Capp could figure that one out.

Gabby [to Stella]

Gabby [knowingly]: You and Severide are sleeping together.
Stella: Wow, that is some crazy witch level intuition you've got going on.