DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 16 Review: I, Ava

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This episode was very full, wasn't it? It's almost like, I don't know, the writers saved too much for the last minute and are now trying to shove the long list of things they need to do before the season finale into these final episodes.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 16 revealed the mystery surrounding Director Ava Sharpe and her origins, but where does Ava go from here? Meanwhile, Amaya deals with family drama.

Agent Gary Prods the Team - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Amaya's story this season has been very confusing, and continues to be, and it doesn't seem as though the writers are sure what they're going to be doing with her in the future.

Her "selfishness" for staying aboard the Waverider and pursuing a relationship with Nate addressed every episode, but it usually ends with her questioning her role on the ship and when she should return home to Zambasi.

I’m putting Amaya in charge.


And then it also seems like the writers are prepping her for leading the Legends and becoming Captain Jiwe, if Sara were to ever return home to Star City.

If Amaya sticks around aboard the Waverider, this constant battle between her choice and her destiny has to be put to rest. I get it, it's an important issue that could impact the future, but it's exhausting when Amaya's only two stories are this and her relationship with Nate.

LOT Gif 1 S3E16 - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 16

Losing Kuasa and traveling to the year she's supposed to die in the next episode has definitely put Amaya on a path to finally make a choice about her future, but could Legends of Tomorrow really lose Amaya?

I'd hope, regardless, we see some sort of choice for Amaya and have her face the consequences of it. If she chooses to stay on the Waverider and have a relationship with Nate then so be it, but this battle with destiny is really dragging on far too long.

Kuasa's death is sad, but it also brings another problem: who will wield the water totem in the fight against Mallus? In the end, do we really think the totems are going to stop Mallus?

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Chances are the writers will come up with another clever plan to stop Mallus at the last minute, but it will have disastrous consequences for the team, and possibly the totem bearers in general.

The different tribes only imprisoned Mallus with their totems, so will a new concept stop him once and for all? That seems to be how the writers are going to take this story.

Fingers crossed Nora and Damien are trapped in Mallus' realm forever after this.

Director Sharpe! Director Sharpe? Director Sharpes?


Where are the writers taking this Ava story? Why did Rip recruit her to join the Time Bureau? Perhaps it's supposed to lead to the bigger story of the next season, which would be fantastic because the writers wouldn't be able to rid themselves of Ava between seasons.

It's possible there's an Ava sent back in time and put with every new generation to watch over humanity (even without knowing it). Like, Ava became a Time Bureau agent to protect the world, so she clearly hasn't lost her instincts.

LOT Gif 3 S3E16 - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 16

The story with Ava is awfully interesting, but I wish it would have been explored earlier on this season. As I stated before, there were far too many stories making up this episode and each suffered a little because of it.

If we're supposed to be holding onto a mystery involving Rip and Ava, we should've been made privy to this several episodes ago, only to just be finding out what the big secret is. There's only two more episodes left this season and so many loose ends.

Ray: What kind of world is this?
Gary: Paradise?
Sara: I’m surrounded by my exes, Gary. This is hell.

Honestly, if Ava ends up leaving, hopefully Gary sticks around. His lighthearted attitude is a breath of fresh air, and he seems to actually enjoying being part of an organization that's saving the world.

LOT Gif 2 S3E16 - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 16

My criticism of this episode aside, it made for a strong hour of the series, and it could be one of the best episodes. Having several plots didn't help it, but each offered a unique story and outcome, and I did quite enjoy Zari and Mick's ending.

Mick is usually my least favorite character, and that didn't really change, but it's refreshing to see another side to him occasionally. He doesn't ever really serve a purpose, but makes a great scene partner for the other characters.

Zari's heartfelt chat about her mom and her life in her time is something we need to see much more often from every character because sometimes it's just hard to remember they're only human, too.

In future episodes, more heartfelt moments like this are needed, but could they please be tied in with the main plot(s) of the episode?

What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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I, Ava Review

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Director Sharpe! Director Sharpe? Director Sharpes?


Ray: What kind of world is this?
Gary: Paradise?
Sara: I’m surrounded by my exes, Gary. This is hell.