For The People Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Rahowa

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Well, that was refreshing!

On For The People Season 1 Episode 2, everyone was pushed to extremes as they tried to get ahead in the world of law. 

The most significant story of the week centered on Wesam Keesh's Jay, and he tried a thought-provoking case. How do you defend someone who is against everything you stand for?

Allison Adams - For The People

If you watch For The People online, you likely already know that Jay seemed the most likely to fail when the series kicked off. 

The reason?

He talks way too much and had very little confidence in himself. From a moral standpoint, Jay seemed like he was going to fail. 

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Changing his client's appearance would certainly paint a different picture in the eyes of the court, but the new appearance wouldn't have held much water if pictures of what he really looks like were shown. 

Jay maneuvered his way to a small victory, and it was a meaty story that helped give viewers a lot more insight into his character. 

There are some people who would join the world of law just for the healthy salary, and then there are people like Jay who genuinely care about doing what's right. 

Jay's Plan - For The People Season 1 Episode 2

Hope Davis never got much to work with as Jill on For The People Season 1 Episode 1, but she needed to give Jay food for thought whenever he thought his case was a bad one. 

Jill is the perpetual ray of hope for all of the defenders. That's needed on a legal drama. We can't have all of the characters constantly worrying about how they can sway the jury in their favor. 

It would be nice to have Jill's relationship with Roger a bit more developed. We've seen them on opposing sides because of their jobs during business hours and then attending games together when they're off the clock. 

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That's something Allison and Seth need to master. Despite there being a severe lack of chemistry between them, Allison was hurting without Seth around. 

They were together for two years, and I'm sure they must have had conversations in the past about what would happen if they both had to go head-to-head in the courtroom. 

Subconsciously, Allison was still acting like Seth was going to appear out of nowhere and that everything was going to be fine between them. 

Seth Is Single? - For The People Season 1 Episode 2

The scene with the cereal was telling. It was just moments before that Allison was reiterating that Sandra could eat whatever she wanted from the kitchen. 

It really hit home for Allison that things were not right when she scolded Sandra for making a beeline for the flakes that were sitting on the counter. 

Seth's stance that he was in control was laughable. He's under the impression that he can move on without an appropriate goodbye. 

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You would think that a strong two-year relationship would be on much more solid ground than to come to a close over something so little. 

This could suggest that Seth checked out of the relationship long before Allison did, and that could be where the problem lies. 

Despite there being no relationship in the cards, Seth seems much more suited to Kate. They had way more chemistry when they were bickering than Seth and Allison ever did. 

Kate is a perfectionist, and Seth is not. They do say opposites attract, and I could see these getting closer down the line. 

Sandra Goes Pro Bono - For The People Season 1 Episode 2

Seth being put on probation was a little bit much, but he and Kate worked very well together on their eye-opening case. 

I almost shed a tear when it was revealed that the woman had been held against her will and essentially used as a slave for seventeen years. 

When was she going to agree enough was enough decide it was time to seek some help? It's horrible to think about, but these things happen. 

If For The People can bring cases as interesting as the ones featured on "Rahowa" then the show may very well blossom into one of the biggest surprises of the season. 

I was harsh on the pilot, but it's because some parts were a little too convoluted to take seriously. A more subdued path is the way forward for this series. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Sandra could find herself taking on some very different cases to her peers if she continues the pro bono route. Jill being supportive of it as soon as she heard the word "slumlord" made me smile. Sandra is not one to follow orders, but she's doing what she can to help people in need. 
  • Leonard is becoming a little too obnoxious. It was typical of him to fly his senator mother in to try and earn some brownie points with Roger. 
  • Can someone please find Seth an apartment that does not include someone who hogs the bathroom when he has to get ready for work? Poor Seth!

Okay, For The People Fanatics!

What did you think of the latest episode?

Is this new series one to watch?

Hit the comments below. 

For The People continues Tuesdays on ABC!

Rahowa Review

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For The People Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

The public needs to see someone go to jail. That's the only way they will take us seriously. Let me do it.


Leonard: They will spare no expense to destroy you and they will salt the earth when they are done.
Seth: Is this a pep talk?