Good Girls Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Borderline

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So the ladies are off to Canada!

Good Girls Season 1 Episode 3 wastes no time in letting us know what Rio has planned for the ladies since they have failed to pay him back the money they stolen.

He needs the ladies to go to Canada to retrieve a package for him, but he fails to tell them what exactly they will be smuggling back across the border. Cleary this is a foolproof plan, right? Not exactly.

Over Their Heads - Good Girls

Understandably, the ladies are terrified of what they're doing and what could happen if they get caught. When you think of illegal things crossing the border, you think drugs. And that's where my mind went to at first.

But then again this is Rio we're talking about here. He seems to be a very smart guy, and he wouldn't be dumb enough to send three amateurs up to Canada and expect them just to carry back drugs like it's something they're used to doing.

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The entire Canadian trip is hilarious from pretty much start to finish. From the ladies deciding to steal a car from Dean's dealership to the eventual dumping of said vehicle and everything in between.

Seeing as how Dean has access to every car on his lot, why couldn't Beth just ask him if she could borrow a car for the day? I can't imagine that would be the biggest deal in the world. Was it her pride that stopped her from asking Dean for help or is she trying to keep him as far away as possible from figuring out what she's doing?

Beth Talking - Good Girls Season 1 Episode 3

It's probably a little bit of both at this point.

I know Dean started off as a jerk but ever since he got busted a tiny part of me feels bad for him. He was a terrible husband, but he seems to be a great dad, and he genuinely seems like he wants to make amends and get his family back together.

Beth is understandably guarded and not showing many of her cards when it comes to her feelings towards her estranged husband. Plus, there might be something brewing elsewhere. But I'll touch on that later.

Beth- You guys, he said if we do this, he'll forget about the money. And we're done. It's over.
Ruby- What if we don't?
Beth- That didn't seem like an option.

Back in Canada, the ladies are clueless as to what they're transporting, and the resistance they get from the man with the packages is pretty funny. Beth and Annie have zero luck so Ruby goes in with Stan's unloaded gun just to scare him a little and that's a horrible idea.

Shooting someone is never funny except for in this circumstance. It caught me so off guard that I let out a guttural laugh.

Over Their Heads - Good Girls

One thing this show is doing very well is keeping the balance between drama and comedy just right. For every laugh out loud moment, like the accidental shooting, there is a tender scene, like the ones between Annie and Sadie.

Speaking of Annie, she has a Boomer problem.

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It's ridiculously naive of the ladies to think that just because they have a little dirt on Boomer, he's just going to go gently into the night and forget that they tied him up in a tree-house for days.

I have to imagine he's following them around so he can catch them in another unfavorable situation that he can exploit to his advantage. I'm a bit surprised none of the ladies seem to have Boomer on the brain. That's something that may come back to bite them in the end.

Beth-No, I'm going to need to hear you say it.
Rio- We're good.

Smuggling counterfeit money and not drugs seemed to be a relief to the ladies, but I think it also got them thinking about what that kind of money might be able to do for them.

None of their long-term problems got solved by stealing from the Fine & Frugal. Ruby got a months supply of her daughter's medicine, and Beth caught up some bills. But it's a new month now, and the money is starting to pile up again.

Beth, more than the others, doesn't seem like she's quite ready to give up the criminal lifestyle. And she even goes as far as contacting Rio.

Annie Pondering- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 3

Now, is it just me or is there a little bit of chemistry between this unlikely pair. Rio is a man of few words but the looks he gives Beth sometimes seem to have a lot of meaning behind them.

Perhaps only I see this, but I wouldn't be surprised if these two continue to get closer, as it seems pretty clear that Beth isn't ready to go back to PTO meetings.

Alright fanatics, what did you guys think of "Borderline"? What does Beth want to discuss with Rio? Do you think the other ladies want to continue working with Rio?

Leave me a comment and let's discuss it all. And remember to watch Good Girls online, so you're not missing a minute of the action!

Borderline Review

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Good Girls Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Beth- You guys, he said if we do this, he'll forget about the money. And we're done. It's over.
Ruby- What if we don't?
Beth- That didn't seem like an option.

Annie- Don't hold the wheel like that.
Beth- How am I holding it?
Annie- Like you already have the drugs up your butt.