Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 17 Review: The Fire Blazed Up, Then Only Ashes Were Left

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Maybe this whole Adam experiment isn't working out.

His mistake ended up putting most of Oahu on alert on Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 17.

Things Go Sideways - Hawaii Five-0

I have to think there was a better way for Adam to get chlorine gas than for him and Jessie to steal it, like maybe requisitioning it through channels.

I guess their stealing it does result in it being reported in the news, which gives it more authenticity.

Neither way would have prevented Nemoto from skimming off a couple of tanks and selling them, although I have to wonder how four amateurs with no resources could find someone selling chlorine gas. Craig's List?

It was an interesting twist to have an action from Adam's Organized Crime Task Force result in a case for Five-0 proper. Or to better phrase it, an unexpected event precipitated by the task force causing a possible catastrophe. 

Patient McGarrett - Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 17

I was truly expecting something worse when McGarrett made the team practice a drill for a nuclear attack. But no, it was just a setup for this episode's rant by Danny. Yeah, I believe Danny was right about Steve being optimistic that that one room was going to withstand a nuclear blast.

The most expressive actor in that scene has to be Eddie. With the proliferation of pets in primetime, I think there needs to be an Emmy category for animal actors.

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The obligatory restaurant scene felt equally out of place, with McGarrett questioning whether Vito was worth the money. If they're ever going to open, someone has to make a sustained effort on the restaurant. I also propose that any scene about the restaurant must have Vito, Kamekona or both, to ensure a punchline.

Another scene with Danny helped to illustrate Junior's value to the show. He's the designated straight man.

After Danny went on and on about being exposed to chlorine gas just by being in the same house as the empty tank, Junior, probably based on military training about chemical agents, told him not to worry, because the chlorine likely just settled to the bottom of the truck. He was right, of course, but avoided rubbing it in.

I was amazed the man caught in the truck with the open chlorine tank managed to survive, although I'm sure recovery will take a long time. It certainly looked like a gruesome situation.

The four men from the support group were right to feel aggrieved with Agri-Corps after their loved ones came down with cancer after exposure to Agri-Corps products. Still, in the end, two of them came to their senses.

Barber-rister - Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 17

Odell's visit came too late and was far too short. I've always enjoyed his too-infrequent appearances. I'm glad he's gotten back into law, helping the little guy, even if the little guy ended up taking the wrong approach this time.

Odell's cooperation saved lives as Five-0 was able to warn employees in all of Agri-Corps' offices. It just took them a while to determine which of the buildings was the target for the chlorine invasion.

He also came through with a good joke about McGarrett's hair, which almost has become as much of a running punchline as the restaurant.

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Here's hoping that the governor's investigation which McGarrett instigated will get some form of justice for the cancer victims and their families.

A good pairing that's developing is Grover and Tani. They played off each other well in the interrogation of Nemoto. Grover, who previously had the title of unit hothead, also knows how to calm Tani down.

Adam seems to be succumbing to the pressure somewhat.

What's up with the driving fast while undergoing flashbacks and then screaming at the end?

Yeah, it's been a tough few months for him: essentially a separation from Kono, adrift with no direction or job, and a target of a Yakuza boss.

Trustworthy? - Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 17

But it's not like he hasn't felt pressure before: running the Yakuza, on the run from the Yakuza, imprisoned for murder. And let's not forget that he and Kono seemed to be held captive two or three times a season.

He's fit in well as an unofficial member of Five-0. Maybe he should have stuck to doing that. Or he could be a consultant on organized crime for McGarrett.

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But his task force has been off to a rocky start, with first Jessie almost getting caught, then Adam getting abducted (although that had nothing to do with the task force). 

Now Adam is worrying where Jessie's allegiances lie. Is she getting too close to Hideki, or is she just strengthening her cover?

I'd almost think there would be a place for Kamekona on Adam's team. He still has contacts in the underworld. But then, maybe he just wants to stay clear of it.

To review Adam's task force, watch Hawaii Five-0 online.

Should McGarrett abandon Adam's task force? Is Adam losing it? What storyline do you want to see gone? Comment below.

Holapu Ke Ahi, Koe Iho Ka Lehu (The Fire Blazed Up, Then Only Ashes Were Left) Review

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