How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 14 Review: The Day Before He Died

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Wow, that was a lot to process. 

So much was happening on How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 14, it was hard to keep all of it straight. For starters, we finally have some answers about some of the events leading up to Wes' death. It was great to see Alfred Enoch again!

We also learned who was responsible for tipping Castillo off. Naturally, it was Denver. 

Annalise Concocts a Plan - How to Get Away with Murder

It was an explosive hour as only a penultimate finale can be. If you watch How to Get Away with Murder online, you know that one of the biggest doozies was Simon waking up. 

This show, you guys. 

It's laughable that Simon was able to regain consciousness at all after being shot in the head the way that he was, but the show at least attempted to add some realism to the situation by giving him a foggy memory. 

Everyone was on the edge of their seats wondering if Simon would say anything that would potentially land them all in prison. It was nothing short of intense, but the best part was Oliver managing Simon. 

Simon: Did I...did I do it?
Oliver: Did you do what?
Simon: Did I come out to you?

It's almost like some of that Olivia Pope goodness rubbed off on him. Oliver has come such a long way as a character, hasn't he? He's neck deep in felony creek like the rest of them these days, but he at least kept some of his innocence about him.

I can't say that the innocent quality of his is there anymore. Annalise even noted that Oliver has become an excellent liar, and he's as good at manipulating people as the rest of them are. 

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Unfortunately for the gang, Simon wasn't easy to manipulate. As his memories begin flooding in, he recalled that he exchanged barbs with Michaela. That had her being hauled in to speak with the detective in a verbal exchange that was positively tantalizing. 

There used to be a time when it seemed like Laurel was the most likely to become a mini-Annalise, but as we've noticed this season, Michaela has come into her own. She's cunning, conniving, and damn good at eviscerating someone with her background in law.

The way she charged up that detective was spectacular. 

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But Simon recalling that Laurel was there the night of the incident was the biggest monkey-wrench thrown at them. He also remembered that she was the one getting the information from Tegan's computer. 

The race to get to Simon to prevent him from saying anything about it was fantastic. Tegan's maneuver of representing Simon was brilliant on her part, but using Oliver to thwart her plans was even better. 

Does Simon know who you are working for, or do we need Oliver to tell him?


Michaela distracted Tegan with the hero worship, and she reminded the woman that she's going against everything she claimed to stand for by working with Castillo, and Oliver used Annalise to get to Simon. 

While the idea was tossed around that Oliver should marry Simon to shut him up, and Oliver even teased it while speaking to Simon in the hospital room, appealing to Simon's immigration issue was so much better. 

Despite feeling threatened the entire time, Simon will at least get the status that he needs by being a whistleblower. 

The unfortunate part is, it could all fall through if Bonnie is dead. Do you think Bonnie was in that car? 

It's hard to say on this show, but there has been an ominous tone to Bonnie's storyline for the majority of the season. 

While I enjoy Bonnie, and I adore Liza Weil, it wouldn't surprise me if she was killed off, and it would be a befitting solution to her lackluster screentime.

Bonnie in Trouble?

Frank was too nonplussed about Bonnie's car being tampered with, and it sucked. Sure, he's back on the Laurel train, but that doesn't justify the abysmal way he's been treating Bonnie. They used to be best friends, but now he treats her like an inconvenience. 

She told him that her car was being screwed with, and she's facing the most scrutiny because of the stunts he and Laurel are playing, but he brushed it off. 

Nate: It's me, you alone?
Annalise: No, Frank's with me, what happened?
Nate: There's been an accident.

She's the one to piece together that Denver is playing both sides and her meddling has put her in the crosshairs. Bonnie is who they were relying on to provide the information Simon could use for his whistleblower status, but it looks like Denver may have gotten to her first. 

Laurel's power play with Denver was impressive, but it may have led to her killing her mother. She was livid when she found out Sandrine's role in Wes' death. 

Sandrine has been maintaining all of this time that she didn't kill Wes, nor did she have anything to do with his death. Every time something else came up, she had another excuse. 

Wes Returns

She claimed that her meeting with Wes, where he recorded the conversation and kept it, was because she was looking out for him and didn't want his heart to be broken like the others. 

It's incredible that Laurel was so torn up about Wes keeping this huge secret from her when she was lying to him about Frank. It's that guilt that has been driving her more than anything. 

But Laurel realizing that Sandrine wanted to shut Wes up for good because she feared he would bring everyone down, and she would no longer get her money was the most intense moment of the hour.

Laurel has been unraveling for quite some time, but when Frank vowed to get her baby back for her, and she made him promise not to kill anyone, it felt like she would be the one to partake in that herself. The show loves to foreshadow. 

Who Killed Wes?

Do you think Laurel killed her mother? 

Elsewhere, the romantic prospects on this show were dour as well. Annalise and Isaac's moment was easier to watch because Isaac gave Annalise something she rarely receives but needs: forgiveness. 

He let her know that he didn't blame her. For a woman who is blamed for everything under the sun, that moment was special and cathartic. If that's the end of their relationship, that was a satisfying outcome. 

Michaela and Asher on the other hand, what a disaster! 

Michaela: It was a mistake.
Asher: This wasn't a mistake, Michaela. This was you stabbing me in the heart.

I'm with Connor, if this was just a one and done, it wouldn't bug me as much, but Michaela was still texting Marcus. 

She's hung up on the guy, plain and simple. 

They had a nice chemistry, but Michaela went out of her way to prove to Asher that she let go of certain expectations and proclivities. She told Asher he was enough for her, but then she went and slept with the exact type of guy she's always hung up on.

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Michasher has been a surprisingly decent pair, but heartbroken and betrayed Asher was unbearable.   Michaela didn't have to tell him after all because deep down, he knew what happened. Ugh, these two. 

Unfortunately, they had to table their relationship woes, but it's hard to say if they'll bounce back from this. 

Did any of the reveals surprise you? Did Laurel kill her mother? How great was it seeing Alfred Enoch again? Hit the comments below! 

Tune into the How to Get Away with Murder Season Finale March. 15!

The Day Before He Died Review

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Annalise: Simon's awake.
Michaela: Did he talk?
Connor: Can he talk?

Sandrine: I'll pay you, Christophe.
Wes: Pay me for what?
Sandrine: To stop seeing Laurel.