Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 12 Review: Chatper Seventy-Six

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So much happened on Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 12! The "yes, and" opened so many doors for future storylines, I don't even know where to start. 

As our beloved narrator would say, how about at the beginning? 

Jane found herself experiencing some major writer's block because she kept listening to her inner critic. 

Oh Em Gee Xo - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 12

We all have one of those, and we've all let them get the best of us a few too many times. Just as Jane realized, these little critics have some truth, but whatever they subconsciously tell you should be taken with a grain of salt. 

Did anyone else think Jane was going to send that letter to the guy who gave her a negative review? It was such a Jane thing to do; I'm surprised they didn't go for it. 

However debilitating Jane's inner-critic was, she served a higher purpose – to push Jane into an improv class and shortly after, into a writing class. 

Can I just say, Jane inability to improv is the very reason I am so scared to take any type of acting class? I probably wouldn't be as bad as Jane, but it's a fear that just played out on screen! 

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It's true, Jane's first novel kind of fell into her lap by circumstance; something crafted from her own bizarre experiences. 

That doesn't make her a fraud though; it makes her an opportunist. But it explains why she lacks any inspiration right now. 

No matter how spicy her new relationship is, nothing will beat her artificial insemination by her crush and her epic, yet tragic, love-story with Michael. 

Jane needs to focus harder on this next project, which is why her decision to go back to a structured writing schedule was the right choice. The first time around, her story was guided by her teacher. She needs the structure, the guidance, and the feedback to create something again. 

Pay Up - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 12

I would almost argue that being "happy" in life is contributing to the writer's block. They always say some of your best work comes from your pain, from the dark times. So really, Jane might find inspiration pretty soon if Xo's health-scare is as severe as it sounds. (More on that later.)

As supportive as I am of Team Jafael, I think they are moving way too fast. We went from them debating whether this was the right time, to pursuing a secret relationship, to making out every chance they get.

Yes, you and Michael had a beautiful love story and now I hope that we can have our own.


It's just too much, and I fear they'll both get bored of it soon. 

However, calling things off might be a bit harder now that they've told the family. 

They both went into it thinking that they've been so slick, and everyone would be "shocked" by the announcement but the plot-twist was ever greater – they all knew and they were betting money on when they would cave. 

Safe to say, Alba made some dough! 

Fooling Mateo is one thing but fooling three grown adults? Highly unlikely. 

I've Been With Many Women - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 12

Their luck wasn't any better when they told Petra although, that was expected. They were trying to figure out the perfect way to tell her, yet they completely forgot she had more important things on her mind like, oh I don't know a murder investigation. 

Sorry, if she's not really vibing with the relationship announcement because she's trying not to get framed for murder. 

I don't know his name, I call him parrot guy. That's also why he's on the list.


Old Petra would have probably freaked out upon finding out these two were an item but not bi-curious Petra. 

Aside from not wanting to get locked up for killing Anezka – which I feel like I should remind everyone that she did  – she's totally crushing on J.R.

The best part is Petra tried so hard to deny her crush when J.R picked up on it immediately. She was giggling – how did she not realize that she was so smitten?

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It's unclear which side J.R is playing on, and while I want to believe she's Team Petra, I think she's just using her.

And one way is by seducing her. She knew Petra was lying when she said she's been with plenty of women and if she really didn't want to be a guinea pig, she could have just shut it down. 

Instead, she pretended to believe Petra and got her in bed. It could just be because she was crushing back, but odds are, she's up to something. 

What Are You Up To? - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 12

Also up to something? Xo! But not that something – Xo would never cheat on Rogelio and shame on you for thinking it.

On Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 11, we saw Xo stop by Brad's house after her fight with Rogelio, and now we found out it's because they've entered a dance competition. 

When Rogelio stormed in there and put Brad in a chokehold, I wondered why Xo didn't tell him about it if it was so innocent. 

But when I saw how suffocating Rogelio was, I understood. There's no such thing as "no pressure" with him; he's intimidating and extra. He also has so much going for him so it's understandable that Xo would feel silly about entering a dance competition. 

It's probably so scary to find yourself "lost" when you're a middle-aged woman and supposed to have it all figured out. 

That's the problem – that stupid inner critic kept telling Xo what was supposed to be happening instead of allowing herself to just experience what was. 

They always say everything happens for a reason and that couldn't be more true with this storyline. 

The dance competition was foiled when Brad dropped Xo and broke her ribs. The mandatory X-ray revealed a lump on her breast, which would have otherwise gone unseen. 

Xiomara Down - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 12

Does Xo have breast cancer? We can't rule it out, but I genuinely hope it's malignant. Finally, Jane has come to terms with Michael's death and found happiness. I can't have her life shattered again with the possibility of losing her mother. 

And speaking of mother's, Rafael's search for his came up empty because his birth mother wasn't listed on his birth certificate. 

That's understandable, but what's really odd is Luisa's involvement in all of this. Why did she buy the records from the orphanage? How did she know Rafael would go searching for his birth mother? And why wouldn't she want him to find her?

They keep weaving Luisa's story back in with Rafael's, and part of me is starting to think maybe she isn't the one trying to frame Petra. 

But if it isn't Magda, Luisa, Scott (RIP), Anezka (RIP), or Milosz, who could it be?

Always remember, you can watch Jane the Virgin online and leave all your thoughts below! 

Chatper Seventy-Six Review

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Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

I don't know his name, I call him parrot guy. That's also why he's on the list.


Yes, you and Michael had a beautiful love story and now I hope that we can have our own.