Lucifer Season 3 Episode 17 Review: Let Pinhead Sing!

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Well, I can't say I didn't see this coming, but I didn't want to believe it was so I pushed it out of my head.

Lucifer (the series) has a lot of strengths, and one of them is when Lucifer (the character) and others like him manage to realize profound things about themselves. 

That didn't happen on Lucifer Season 3 Episode 17

Singing and Death Threats - Lucifer

Sure, this was the big hour that we finally understood fully why Lucifer has been doing what he's doing in his own words, but should it have taken him that long to come to the realization?


Amenadiel: You see, it's like I was saying, Pierce, you gotta have faith because life can surprise you. Now, if my brother, the devil, can have that?
Cain: Then maybe I can, too.

And if we're going to talk about distressing, let's talk about Cain. He's a guy who has been walking the earth since people have been tramping all over it, and his takeaway from Amenadiel's words was to take Chloe for himself?


Look, I understand someone feels like they made a terrible error in judgment by allowing things to go this far astray with the Chloe and Lucifer storyline; I really do. But throwing characters under the bus to reunite them isn't the way to win back the Clucifer (eh?) ship fans.

A good quarter of the season was just spent proving that Cain was a worthwhile character in his own right while also being fantastic as part of a dynamic duo when paired with Lucifer.

Why would anyone want to send the two of them to opposing sides on camera?

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IF there is an upcoming plot that warrants Lucifer and Cain going undercover together again, that will not have the magic they shared when they weren't yet on the same side, but not yet acrimonious.

As much as it was Lucifer saying the words of this particular quote, I have to wonder if the writers' room put them on screen to say something for themselves:

I think I made a terrible mistake.


Because ... DUH!

The red flags have been waving all over Lucifer since Chloe was shoved into the background. It was too easy to enjoy the show without the romance, and more unfortunately, without Lauren German front and center. 

What a terrible thing to do to one of your leads. I seriously hope she wasn't the one to point out their grievous error. Yes, Lucifer is the rare show to have not a single miscast character making it difficult to leave anyone behind, but when one of the leads is covered in dust, that's a problem

Lucifer Pushes Chloe Further Away Season 3 Episode 17

Now, we're going to be stuck with a love triangle. Is there anything worse than a love triangle on television?

Maybe it's because I don't know anyone who has ever been in a love triangle. Sure, there are affairs, but how often are there genuine triangles where all three parties are privy to what's happening with two parties desperately attempting to sway the middle to their side?

Only on TV, as they say. 

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If it was a little bit more realistic and easier to plop ourselves into what's going on, maybe they wouldn't be so bloody annoying. As it is, ugh. OK. This is the part where you skip the rest of the review to hit the comments because of how many love triangles you've had. I'm wearing my armor.

The most nerve-wracking thing is Lucifer is always enjoyable, so despite these annoyances, I'm not going to stop watching. 

Let Pinhead Sing - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 17

Some of the quotes were right up there with the best of them thanks to Pinhead or Azara. I don't know if Azara is correct because her name wasn't on the Pinhead photo above. Was she a famous singer? It's not often a singer gets featured in song like she did with Lucifer.

Pinhead: Detective, if I hid under a rock every time there was an issue, I'd still be doing bat mitzvahs.
Lucifer: Also, you'd be under a rock. Most unpleasant.

That quote above struck me a so funny, I still get punch-drunk giddy when I say it out loud. In all the times I've heard that saying, I've never thought of it quite that way. 

Those are the lines I love from our Luci.

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His Oprahing of the police station employees while continually putting Chloe down was gross, but also funny. Chloe is over the edge in love with the guy or thinks he's the best investigator she's ever met if she can put up with his put downs.

Detective, I say we let Pinhead sing. After all, some people are just destined to be in the spotlight. Others not, like you, for example.


He was borderline cruel with some of the stuff he said and did with her. Oh well, now he's going to pay. At the very least, he won't be worrying about dear old dad for a while. That's the bright side!!

Before I touch lightly on Linda and Maze, there is another quote I want to feature here because if Tom Ellis delivers a great line, Kevin Alejandro is right behind him. I've come to enjoy his scenes more and more (another reason to feel for the writers) and wish sometimes Lucifer was a longer program:

Pierce: It's just life, you know? It's like this eternal wasteland of meaningless existence. A dark void staring down at you like a beaten dog scrounging on the side of the road just waiting to get mowed down by the next tsunami of crap.
Dan: Wow. Hmpf. Maybe we all are just dust in the wind.

I was so surprised Cain didn't call him out on quoting Kansas. There's no way the dude didn't go through a Kansas phase while walking the earth. Come on. He's ultra cool. He was not listening to disco or light rock.

Anyway. Charlotte helping Linda and Maze with their problems was an interesting way to get them out in the open, but I need you all to tell me what you think will come of it. 

Linda's excuse that Maze slept with half of LA and had no feelings for Amenadiel while Maze used the hos before bros card seems like they didn't understand each other as well as we thought. 

Linda did the right thing in the end by letting go of Amenadiel proving she cares deeply for Maze now. What did Maze's actions mean during the montage?

Alright Lucifer Fanatics, please share with me all that you thought and felt in the comments below! If you need to watch Lucifer online before getting there, we'll wait for you.

Let Pinhead Sing! Review

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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

I think I made a terrible mistake.


Pierce: It's just life, you know? It's like this eternal wasteland of meaningless existence. A dark void staring down at you like a beaten dog scrounging on the side of the road just waiting to get mowed down by the next tsunami of crap.
Dan: Wow. Hmpf. Maybe we all are just dust in the wind.