Riverdale Round Table: Who is Chic's Father?

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Ethel threw a milkshake on Veronica, Archie's mother returned to town, and Jughead protested the demolition of Southside High on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 16.

Below, TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Jack Ori and Justin Carreiro debate Ethel and Josie's takedown of Veronica, Chic's possible paternity, and the kidnapping of Cheryl Blossom.

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1. The tension over the Southside prison ruined the friendships of Archie/Jughead and Veronica/Betty. Which betrayal of the night between the friends surprised you the most?

Paul: The biggest betrayal was Archie willing to cut the chains. Jughead knew Archie was capable, but it was like adding salt to the wound by going through with it.

Jack: I can't say I was surprised per se by any of this because the lines have sort of been drawn in the sand for a while, but I was sadder about Archie's betrayal. He and Jughead have been friends a LONG time and it just solidified Archie's going over to the dark side.

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Justin: I agree with the others that Archie destroying the chains was the most surprising betrayal. He knew that cutting those chains would cause a lot more trouble than they were worth, but he did it regardless. This will no doubt create a war in town.

Sleepover - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 16

2. Chic told Betty that he was truly terrified of her and "Dark Betty." Was this a distraction or is he really scared of her?

Paul: A distraction. Chic is calculating and trying to play with Betty's emotions to lure her into a false sense of security. He'll strike when she thinks she's in power.

Jack: Yeah, this felt like gaslighting to me. Chic seemed to be trying to get Betty to actually believe she was the one who killed someone and the one to fear, not him.

Justin: Chic was being too dramatic. Betty's biggest fear is her darkness and Chic knows that bringing it up would hurt her. None of his words were genuine or fearful.

3. Ethel and Josie took down Veronica's campaign by creating the truthful flyers. Why do you think they banded together to overthrow her?

Paul: Ethel was still cut up about what happened to her father while Josie knew the Lodges were instrumental in her mother's tenure as mayor comingto an end.

Jack: Ethel and Josie both were tired of the Lodges using and discarding people, including Veronica. Veronica's attempts to woo them were really transparent and pathetic and they wanted to strike back at her and her family.

Justin: After weeks of the Lodges running the town and using people, Ethel and Josie finally had enough. If they were going to takedown Veronica and send a message, the campaign was the only opportunity. They got the revenge that they wanted for so long.

School Rules - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 16

4. Betty learned that Chic wasn't a real Cooper, and that FP wasn't the father. Who could his real father be?

Paul: I don't know why, but I felt like we already knew Hal was not the father. It would make sense if FP is the father, but it could be someone else.

Jack: I also thought we knew Hal wasn't the father. I vaguely recall Alice saying that she had a baby with someone else before Chic's first appearance. Just about anyone could be Chic's father, I suppose, except for the Blossoms since he doesn't have Blossom DNA.

Alice was a Serpent, so maybe Tall Boy or one of the other hardened Serpents that Jughead has been fighting with recently?

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Justin: Either Alice is lying about FP not being the father or it's someone we already know. My money is either on Tall Boy being the father or Hiram Lodge. They all grew up in the same town, so it could be anyone at this point.

Andy Cohen Guest Stars - Riverdale

5. Cheryl has been kidnapped and placed in a hospital for treatment. React!

Paul: This was a horrifying development. It sure made it sound like she's inside for conversion treatment, and I'm scared for her.

Jack: Oh my goodness, this was SO creepy! It did seem like they were trying to medicate her into becoming straight. I'm going to have nightmares after watching that scene!

Justin: My heart broke for Cheryl; she looked so innocent and scared being locked in the room. Penelope must've paid a lot of money for those doctors to do whatever "conversion" she had in mind. We should all be scared for Cheryl.

Student Council President - Riverdale Season 2 Episode 16

6. Who do you think will win the mayoral election: Hermione Lodge or Fred Andrews?

Paul: Hermione. This will give the Lodges the power they need to do whatever they want in town.

Jack: I would love to see Fred win, but it doesn't seem likely. I agree with Paul that the Lodges have displaced the Blossoms and are the new power family, so they will likely win. Either way, it is going to get ugly!

Justin: Ultimately, I think Hermione will rig (or lie) her way into becoming mayor of Riverdale. However, my intuition is telling me that she won't hold onto that position for too long. I think the scandal will cause her to lose her title.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Alice: Betty, I have to ask...are you being safe with Jughead?
Betty: Yes, Mom, of course.
Alice: Well, that’s something. It’s...look...when I was your age, I wasn’t always. But you need to be, and I’m very well-acquainted with how alluring the Jones men are.
Betty: Woah, wait, Mom, did you and FP...? I mean, is it possible that FP is Chic’s dad?
Alice: Absolutely not! But Chic...is a part of our family. He’s your brother. IK know that he’s odd and damaged; I see that, I’m not blind. But for the past 25 years, has hasn’t had anyone to love him.
Betty: He’s dangerous.

Ethel: Veronica!
Veronica: Oh, hey Ethel.
Ethel: For your crimes against the town of Riverdale, for everything you and your family have done and continue to do, we find you guilty. Your sentence is this.
[She throws a milkshake at Veronica]