Riverdale Season 2 Episode 14 Review: Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes

By Justin Carreiro at

Double date weekend getaways are a bad idea.

You're toying with drama and trapped in a place where you can't get away. Riverdale Season 2 Episode 14 showed us that not even this cast were exceptions to the rule.

Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead took the time for a weekend getaway. Unfortunately for them, their drama-filled weekend had a bigger foe hiding in the woods.

Chic was frustratingly annoying. He was always around, he drank juice from the bottle, and he used Betty's bathroom without asking. In fact, he was acting like an older brother.

Could Chic's heightened air of evil only be pushed because of his attitude?

Hear me out: His apathetic nature makes everything he does/says seem creepy. He pops up at random times with a dazed look on his face that didn't help the situation. And, if anyone else said the words he told Jughead, it would come off more concerned about Betty and Alice than threatening.

The jury is still out on Chic; well, he did murder someone after all. Though, let's keep in the back of our minds the possibility for a potential blindside twist that could happen near the end of Riverdale Season 2.

The Lodge family lake house was giving off a major Twin Peaks aesthetic. The foggy lake, the idyllic green trees, and the wood cabin all suited the tones of the cult classic show.

Riverdale borrows some elements from Twin Peaks, so it was nice to see the influence appear yet again in this horror movie-type location.

The best part was the sense of claustrophobia and feeling trapped. Right when Jughead got to the cabin, the call from Cheryl was like an earth-shattering moment for their weekend. You could almost hear the sound effect coming through when she casually dropped the truth. (Figuratively speaking, obviously!)

Cheryl was amazing for trying to get the last word. No one brushes off the queen.

Something seemed off in the chemistry between our four favorite members during their time at the lake house. Maybe it was because we don't see them only together often or it was the winter hiatus, but they weren't clicking as well as they usually do.

Maybe Cheryl's phone call negatively affected their mood during the weekend? The truth did bring down all their energy to cause the first fight. That feeling could've kept going the rest of the time.

The awkwardness was especially felt when Jughead was asking Veronica questions about her father, the unnecessary "Vughard" kiss in the hot tub, and even Jughead and Archie's hang out together in the woods. None of it felt natural nor connected to the characters.

It was like watching a group of four new people interacting for the first time.

Only Betty and Veronica and their respective couples stayed true to their character development. And luckily we had the comedic gag of the bedroom noise; the added effect provided some much-needed humor for the dull scenes.

If they were going for an uncomfortable tone, good job on the editing and the cast; they pulled it off.

Jughead jumped pretty quickly into conspiracy mode after Hiram paid off the trailer park debt.

Don't get me wrong, Jughead has a great inquisitive mind, but his theories were turning into heated accusations against Veronica. He needed more facts than theories before he became angry.

However, after Hiram bought the Register, that was the perfect moment to throw out all the theories.

Hiram was definitely up to something by purchasing all of these properties. Especially having the newspaper will control the spread of information in town; he's essentially silenced Jughead for the time being.

His and Hermione's plan is a mystery we need to solve.

Alice's call did give us the gift of lighting the match. The powder keg that was Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead's lake house weekend erupted in flames and fights.

The best way to see a character's true demeanor is to see them fight. We were gifted with this treat to learn more about this group.

All four of the characters let loose their inner thoughts about each other, and it was pretty vile. Jughead went for the jugular against Archie and Veronica essentially slut-shammed her best friend. Deep down they don't trust each other, and that is something they need to discuss.

By the end, the group looked like they had buried the hatchet. However, those moments don't last long, and they're bound to bring it up again.

Josie had every right to tell Kevin the truth about the affair. The relationship not only affected her life, but it impacted his family as well. And, since they're close friends, she had to be open with him and warn him about the future.

What did Sierra think was going to happen when she told Josie? Did she really think her daughter would've accepted the secret without complaints?

She had a point that Josie telling Kevin abruptly was going to cause a lot of trouble. However, the reality of the situation was that it would be bad news regardless. Kevin being the one to confront his dad only moved up the conversation.

The fact Sierra and Josie's dad separated amicably (for the most part) was beside the point.

As much as Josie's dad is a terrible parent, he doesn't deserve the affair. Also, Kevin's mom, who we haven't met yet, has been kept in the dark about the entire situation.

Though, let's give credit to Kevin and Josie here. They took the news of their parents having an affair very maturely and reacted as such. (Notwithstanding Josie dropping the truth-bomb out of revenge, of course.)

We've mentioned in the past that the teens of Riverdale have acted more adult than the actual adults, and we had to suffer through another hour of it.

Kevin and Josie showed off their maturity and took on the situation head-on by chatting it out at the diner. The group needed to have the conversation, and it was a good start for the next phase of this plot.

Cheryl coming out to Toni showed the vulnerability of our favorite redheaded queen that we don't see too often. She let down her walls, and it was beautiful. Did you predict this revelation for the character?

For the longest time, Cheryl had been a confident character who struggled with loneliness, heartbreak, and emotional abuse. We even saw on Riverdale Season 1 Episode 13 that she tried to commit suicide. Her roller coaster was the classic sign of a person deprived of love.

And for much of the series, the reasons for why Penelope hated her daughter so much were always a mystery. Now with this revelation, the truth is starting to make some sense. Penelope not only hates Cheryl's evil Blossom side but who her daughter might really be.

Penelope has said some truly vile things throughout Riverdale. However, nothing will ever top what she said at the beginning of the hour.

Toni as the one to support Cheryl on a friend level helped during her darkest time. She needed someone there who would listen to her. These two never got along before, but now they will be able to start a new friendship.

Though, the friendship is looking like a potential relationship. Do you want to see these two start dating?

Speaking of coming out, Midge knows! Just look at her expression when she, Moose, and Kevin were having dinner at Pop Tate's Chock'lit Shoppe. Her intuition alarms were going off!

Moose could barely hide his feelings for Kevin. He needs to take the time and evaluate what he wants in life.

Regardless of the situation, Kevin should not date Moose. Kevin is a catch, and Moose is a boy who doesn't know what he wants. That is dating drama NOBODY needs in their life.

Side-note: The movie product placement was STRONG in "Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes."

Half of the cast found their way to the movie and their plotlines tied perfectly to the theme of the movie Love, Simon. Most times these references are subtly made, but in this case, they were right up front and centered.

No complaints, though! Love, Simon looks like a good movie, and it's one that's on my movie watch list for March.

Who else expected the townies to do something nefarious at Veronica's lake house? (Excuse me while I bring out my Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass here.)

Look, minor background characters aren't given names unless you're meant to know and remember them. Cassidy got a name, and there were people outside his store creepily watching Betty and Veronica from the background. All of the signs were there; they were foreshadowing evil was to come.

Trouble was going to happen eventually; the lake house was too quiet and dull.

The group made the right decision to comply with the demands. The last thing we needed was Archie making another reckless decision with a weapon to his face. If he had taken his aggression from The Black Hood out on the captors, someone could've gotten hurt.

Veronica is a clever character, and she's pretty resourceful when need be. Her cunning move to push the silent alarm saved the group and the lake house from being hurt. (Sure, someone died, but he was killed off-screen.)

The downside, however, might be what this after-effect will have on Archie. He and Hiram were getting pretty close to the things they do to protect the family. Those words are dangerous for the trouble it causes.

What did you think of "Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes"? Is Chic evil or just annoying? Why did Hal sell the newspaper to Hiram Lodge? Was this the most awkward couples' weekend ever?

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