Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Twist and Shout

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Ruby, you are such a party pooper!

The Demon Woman of Fire's ultimate plan to drive Brandy away from Ash was finally revealed on Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 7. This was Ruby's Hail Mary pass, and she had everything riding on it.

Ruby's demon child had a huge growth spurt and finally emerged from his incubation chamber, now fully grown and a mirror image of Ash.

Back To School Special

I never really understood why Ruby's child had and organic chainsaw hand. It just never made any sense to me, but it does go along with the bizarre and twisted nature of this series.

Up until this point, I still wasn't sure how Ruby planned to utilize Demon Ash. But, once Ruby had him cut off the saw, I had a pretty good idea as to where this was all headed.

Where the heck Ruby acquired an exact replica of Ash's modified chainsaw is beyond me. Perhaps they're sold in abundance at your local Ashy Slashy's Hardware Emporium.

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Ruby's big plan was to have her demon child impersonate the real Ash and run amok during Brandy's school dance and cause as much chaos as possible, in order to set up the real Ash as a monster in Brandy' eyes. By all accounts, it really was a brilliant plan, and it nearly worked.

Initially, I was almost convinced that Ruby would end up swaying Brandy back over to her side. The whole charade was pretty darn convincing.

Even using Kaya's appearance as Kelly to influence Brandy into trusting Ruby, and the whole switcheroo with Ash and his doppelgänger was seemingly enough for Brandy to see her father as the enemy.

Imposter - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 7

The entire charade was pretty darn convincing, thanks to Ruby's well-timed planning.

But the one thing Ruby didn't plan on was how strong Brandy's bond with her father actually was, and in the end, Ruby's plan was thwarted and two shots from the boomstick were enough to put the imposter down for good.

Ash: Whoa, another dumbass double. Are you what used to be little me?
Demon Ash: That's right. I'm all grown up now. Ash I'm so disappointed in you, you've gone soft.
Ash: Soft? I can hold my own pal.

So, now that Ruby's demon child is dead, there's no longer a way for Ash's power as the prophesied one to be passed on -- at least, we don't think so anyway. But who knows what else Ruby could have up that demonic sleeve of hers.

She's never been the one to put all her eggs in one basket.

Trickster - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 7

Yet, just because Ash, Pablo, and Brandy were able to foil Ruby's plans, it didn't mean that there weren't any consequences, as Brandy was the next person to fall victim to Ruby.

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It was heart-wrenching seeing Ash completely distraught with the realization that his daughter just died in his arms. But knowing that Kelly is trapped in the dead place, we can assume that is where Brandy is as well. So, there is comfort in knowing that these deaths won't stick.

I'm glad Pablo could see right through Kaya's ruse and knew she wasn't really Kelly. What stood out the most during the encounter was how Kaya tried to kill Pablo using the gun. That leads me to believe Kaya doesn't have any power beyond occupying Kelly's body.

That makes sense as to why Kaya seemed a bit fearful of Ruby during their chat earlier.

Splattered - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 7

Once Pablo alerts Ash to the Kelly/Kaya situation and knowing that Brandy is likely in the same boat, the next step will be figuring out how to bring them back.. 

Commence Operation: Rift Rescue!

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Although, Ash has another pressing matter on his hands other than rescuing Kelly and Brandy, as the police are sure to be hot on his tail after the massacre at the school. I'm not sure how Ash is going to be able to prove his innocence, but he's been able to clear his name before.

Ruby will also have some issues of her own to deal with. Not only are the Dark Ones on the verge of being released and will surely be coming for her, but now that Ruby murdered Brandy, Ash is going to be out for blood.

Brandy: [after seeing Demon Ash] What the hell!?
Ash: That's what I was trying to tell you. Ruby went to Kandarian Kinko's and this asshole popped out.

It's worth mentioning the excellent song choice throughout this episode. The use of "Ding Dong Dead" during the dance slaughter was used to perfection, and having "Don't Fear The Reaper" chime in as Brandy ran away in the Underworld to close out the episode was beautifully done.

The much darker tone of this episode was a welcome change. You still had your typical moments of dark humor and one-liner gold from Campbell as per usual, but the recent shift in focus to the horror aspect of the series has been a nice change of pace.

Once again Ash vs Evil Dead provided another exciting half hour of entertainment.

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Let's turn it over to you, TV Fanatics!

What did you think of "Twist and Shout"? Does Ruby have another ace up her sleeve, or is it back to the drawing board in her attempt to take down Ash? Now that Brandy is trapped in the Underworld along with Kelly, will Pablo and Ash be able to save them both?

Sound off below and let me know!

Ash vs Evil Dead returns on Sunday, April 15th on Starz at 9/8c.

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Twist and Shout Review

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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Officer: When they strap you to the table, I'm gonna ask to stick in the needle myself.
Ash: Yeah, jokes on you pal. Michigan doesn't even HAVE the death penalty.

Brandy: So are you saying that you ARE a demon?
Ruby: Oh honey, no ... but your dad is.