Good Girls Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Special Sauce

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Things were going a little too well for the ladies, huh?

On Good Girls Season 1 Episode 7, not only does Annie get brought back down to Earth with her arrest, but the ladies realize that their secret shopper cover isn't without risks. What happens if someone never goes shopping and turns in the money they were given?

What happens is Rio gets pissed off.

Rio's Violent Streak - Good Girls

Once the ladies expanded the secret shopper club, I just knew something was bound to go wrong. But to be honest, I never thought of this scenario due to the surveys. It seems more annoying to write up a survey on items you didn't purchase, then to go to the store to buy the items and return them later.

But when the culprit was revealed, it was easier to see why she went this route.

Mary Pat doesn't have the time to do the shopping as a single mother. And while I feel her pain and the ladies do as well, they really can't be in the business of not delivering what they're supposed to deliver.

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While it was nice of the ladies to cover for Mary, she turned around and decided to do what was best for her. And that was blackmail.

Mary Pat was understandably upset about being let go from the company, but she went from disgruntled employee to professional blackmailer in two seconds. It was almost impressive, if not a bit scary.

I'm not sure what the ladies will do going forward, but they are going to have to figure out a way to appease Mary and keep Rio paid.

Beth [to Rio]- And don't ever point a gun at me again.

So while all this is going on, Annie also gets arrested thanks to Boomer. Annie's arrest ended up just being a footnote in a busy episode, but I expect there to be major complications down the line.

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She will also have to deal with the issue of her sleeping with ex-husband Greg.

All the women on this show have such great chemistry with all the men in their lives. And Annie and Greg are no exception. There are some lingering feelings between the two, and I really do wonder where it all went wrong before.

Handing Over the Cash- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 7

If I had one wish for this first season, it would be a flashback episode. There are so many things I would love to know.

I want to know why it didn't work out between Annie and Greg and what life was like for Beth and Annie growing up. But I think my number one question would be how did the three ladies become best friends.

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The ladies have had arguments in the past, but the one tonight particularly stung. Of the three of them, Ruby has always been the least reluctant to move forward with the money laundering, so it wasn't surprising that she snapped a bit when dealing with the Mary Pat for the situation.

They all have so much to lose if things go sideways and while they all seem to be acutely aware of that, it sometimes feels like Ruby is the only one that gets the stakes. But at this point in the game, can they get out?

A six-month plan is nice in theory, but when that time comes will they be able to walk away?

Beth- You can't just bail when things get bad.
Ruby- Things got bad the second we took down that grocery store.

Beth more so than anyone has become almost addicted to the power this life has given her. She is an entirely different person from the one we met in the pilot. She was the one most scared to rob the grocery store, and now she's the one meeting the heads of criminal enterprises in the middle of nowhere in her minivan.

But it's entirely possible they won't even be dealing with money laundering in six months because the FBI is closing in.

Sadie & Mom- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 7

And because this is a television show where all words must collide, Stan is on the FBI's task force. I just knew way back when that Stan was going to get roped into this somehow. And I am not looking forward to his finding out what Ruby has been doing.

While Dean has enough sense to keep his mouth shut and follow behind Beth, I'm afraid Stan won't do that for Ruby. And he shouldn't. Those two have always been a team, and soon Stan may find out that one half of that team has been lying big time.

Alright fanatics, what did you think about "Special Sauce"? What are the ladies going to do about Mary Pat? What happens with Annie and her drug charges?

Leave your comments down below and watch Good Girls online via TV Fanatic right now, so you don't miss anything!

Special Sauce Review

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Good Girls Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Ruby- You know what else I got? I have a new theory on money.
Stan- Tell me.
Ruby- It's like a boomerang. If you throw it out there, it's gonna come back.

Dean- Okay. Are you a drug lord? Are you running a prostitution ring?
Beth- Don't you wish.