Krypton Season 1 Episode 4 Review: The Word of Rao

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Krypton is wasting no time as the search for Brainiac continues in the latest chapter.

But Krypton Season 1 Episode 4 pulls a twist when a mysterious figure enters Seg's life.

So far throughout Krypton Season 1, the Voice of Rao has been of my favorite mysteries. Mostly because of that mask of his that both fascinates and intimidates me!

Beware Seg - Krypton Season 1 Episode 4

I appreciate how "The Word of Rao" opened up with it being focused on him. It gives us an insight into what his life behind the curtain looks like.

Even though he is quite peaceful, the Voice still comes off as scary. I think it is the multi-faced mask that does the trick.

However, the Voice made it quite clear that he has no problem going a little corrupt. The fact that the Voice was willing to put the blame on Lyta was crazy.

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This is where Nyssa gets to come in and help a fellow Kryptonian woman out. I'm glad these two are getting to share scenes together that ideally leads to some relationship.

While Nyssa continues to impress me, I can't say the same for her daddy. Daron simply hasn't gotten to a compelling point for me as a character.

What Is Daron Up To - Krypton Season 1 Episode 4

It is obvious in some ways that they're paving the way for Nyssa to take a more prominent role, at least within the House of Vex.

I appreciate that it didn't take long for Nyssa to confront Daron about Lyta. It wouldn't shock me if this somehow comes back to bite Daron in the butt.

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In fact, it would be lazy if he gets away with it and doesn't get any consequences for it. There was one thing that was an eye-roller about Nyssa.

Did she have to tell Lyta about the binding with Seg? I don't know what Nyssa was trying to do by making that statement.

Seg doesn't get to catch a break it seems! It was lovely seeing Colin Salmon back in the world of DC TV, though it took a while to get used to him not being Walter Steele on Arrow anymore. 

Whether he is a hero or foe, Salmon knows how to kick some butt.

Black Zero Leader - Krypton

I do appreciate the fact that we're seeing more players being concerned about Brainiac. It makes the threat feel larger than merely having only three characters on that mission.

Although if he isn't Black Zero, who is Salmon supposedly playing? If I had to guess, he is someone from the comic books, but only time will tell.

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I have to give Seg some mad props though. Even when he is alone, Seg manages to free himself from anything.

We need to talk about what the heck happened to the Voice. I didn't expect Brainiac to infect another host this soon.

That is an error on my part because I should know how sneaky this villain is. But why didn't we get to see who the Voice was when he unmasked himself?!

I can only imagine that Kandor is going to get a rougher time with the Voice now that he is infected. I'm not sure how Brainiac plans to prevent Superman's birth as the Voice of Rao, but I'll go with it.

Do Not Mess With The Zod Women - Krypton Season 1 Episode 4

We are almost halfway through Season 1, and we've yet to see Brainiac in the flesh. That is a minor nitpick because of my investment in these other characters.

I'm intrigued by the concinnous complex mother-daughter dynamic with the Zod women. I continue wanting to learn more about their complex background.

Speaking of families, I'm glad that they focused on Kem and Ona given what happened to Rhom. They addressed the emotional struggle they had to go through which is a big plus.

Other comic book shows sometimes tend to rush through that aspect. Krypton, thankfully, didn't forget and made sure that we remembered that they did just someone.

Overall, "The Word of Rao" was another stellar episode as Krypton continues to be on a strong path. The story feels tight, and the stakes are only getting higher as we get further.

Now it's your turn to sound off on Krypton Season 1 Episode 4! Who do you think the mystery man is?

What is going on with the Voice of Rao? What did you think of the Lyta and Nyssa interaction?

Remember you can watch Krypton online right here via TV Fanatic! Catch up with Superman's grandfather before the next episode!

The Word of Rao Review

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Krypton Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I have always wanted a droid, a really sassy one like R2D2.


Nyssa: Why do you want to save Lyta-Zod?
Seg: I love her!
Nyssa: Was that so hard?