Ray Donovan Season 6: Susan Sarandon Set to Return as Series Regular

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Ray Donovan traveled a questionable path during Season 5. 

Losing leading lady, Paula Malcomson, initially served as a jolt of life in the storytelling department, but the confusing timeline and the sheer amount of times we got to see Abby's demise play out was a bit much. 

With Malcomson out as a series regular, the show has promoted one of the new recurring actresses who appeared on the troublesome season. 

Susan Sarandon as Sam Winslow - Ray Donovan

That actress is Susan Sarandon, and she will serve as a regular during the show's upcoming New York-set season. 

The news was first revealed on the show's official Twitter account. 

"We're thrilled to announce that Oscar-winner, @SusanSarandon will return as a series regular on Season 6 of Ray Donovan," said the tweet. 

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If you watch Ray Donovan online, you will already know that Ray Donovan Season 5 concluded with Ray leaping off a building after following the ghost of his late wife. 

With the show returning for another season, there's no way Ray dies ... unless the producers are getting rid of the titular character, or even recasting him. 

Sam Winslow - Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 4

The renewal was announced last October, as well as the news the action would be moving from Los Angeles to New York. 

“For our show, creatively, New York is exciting,” said showrunner David Hollander in a statement at the time.

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“Fashion, media, finance, theatre, culture. It’s going to present new challenges for Ray which means new opportunities for us as dramatists. Ray came to Los Angeles to build a life for himself and his family."

"They’re not there anymore. Ray’s career has changed, and he is looking for a place to rebuild his life. Ray thinks he went to New York to help his daughter. He’s going to find out he’s there to help himself.”

Given the location change, we think it's fair to assume there will be more significant changes in the casting department. 

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Ray Donovan returns later this year.

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