Supergirl Season 3 Episode 15 Review: In Search of Lost Time

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Okay, can we please just get everyone in a room and force them to share what they know?

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 15 confirmed that Lena knows Sam is Reign, which is a breakthrough considering how long it's taken for anyone to find out, but unfortunately, she's not sharing her discovery.

The question is, why?

Future Fighting Techniques - Supergirl

Not opening up to James I understand, but why hasn't she alerted Supergirl yet? The obvious answer is that she's trying to protect Sam, but she trusts Supergirl and has to know that she would want to help too. 

Then there is the slightly more selfish possibility that Lena wants to solve this problem on her own. But, if there's anything we've learned from the last three seasons, it's that this group is stronger together, and solo missions tend to backfire. 

If you think a secret needs to be kept, then it needs to be kept.


Sorry James, I have to disagree with you on this one. 

For now, Lena appears to have the situation under control, but it's only a matter of time before Reign escapes and wreaks further havoc.

Perhaps Pestilence finds her and breaks her out. However it happens, it won't be good for Lena. Heck, even Sam figures it's likely to happen, hence her asking Lena not to tell her where Ruby is. 

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Lena, as smart as she is, can make dumb decisions sometimes. Keeping this a secret is one of them, not to mention incredibly frustrating for those of us who have to watch it play out. 

Space Suit - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 15

M'yrnn's condition is progressing faster than anticipated. I thought they might slowly draw it out for the rest of the season, and to be honest, I"m not sure which option would have been harder. 

It's already incredibly heartbreaking, but at least J'onn is getting some meaningful screen time. 

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Martian or not, he's going through something very human. Most of us can probably relate to the story Alex told about her mom taking away her grandmother's keys. 

Our parents will say that no matter how old we get, we'll always be their babies.

In a way, the reverse is true too. It's hard watching the people who took care of us when we were sick and comforted us when we were sad get old and lose the ability to take care of themselves, let alone us. 

Alex Helps - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 15

Kara and J'onn's whole "the son becomes the father" thing is true. Eventually, a time comes where we have to take care of them, and sometimes that requires making incredibly difficult decisions. 

I know how hard it is when everything we know to be true changes. But sometimes all we can do is just accept the way things are, and make the best of that.


Both J'onn and Lena faced hard choices and took somewhat drastic steps to keep the people they care about safe. J'onn slapping that bracelet on M'yrnn's hand was probably one of the hardest things he's ever done. Lena goading Sam into bringing out Reign was no Sunday picnic for her either. 

Both knew they were hurting someone they cared about, but that there was no other choice. 

Happy Hour - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 15

They also both received advice from their support system, and neither decision was made without a little help. Granted, Lena didn't tell James the whole story, but it was still what she needed to hear to help Sam accept the truth. 

Also, can we take a moment to enjoy the fact that J'onn had an imaginary friend? Martians are just like us. 

M'yrnn: A joke.
J'onn: Not funny, dad.
M'yrnn: Only because you did not see your face.

It was funny how everyone questioned whether Kara was affected by M'yrnn's psychic disturbance. I wondered the same thing as it was happening.

It was pretty great to see her unleash on Mon-El. That must have been building up inside of her for a long time, just waiting for the opportunity to explode out of her. 

While it may not have been the way she would have chosen to get those feelings off her chest, it was liberating for her nonetheless. 

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Kara and Mon-El's relationship has reached a level of maturity and understanding that is quite refreshing. Mon-El has always been one of the more polarizing characters, but he's almost a completely different person now.

Whether you "ship" them or not, just seeing them come to terms with their past relationship has been a welcome change. 

Their training sessions have taken a turn as well. Kara's no longer the experienced one, and it didn't take much for her to become frustrated. But it also didn't take much longer for her to master the new cape trick. We'll probably be seeing her put that to use against Pestilence very soon. 

Armed Winn - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 15

Speaking of Pestilence, we haven't met her yet, but she has made her presence known.

This whole "Old Testament/ten plagues" stuff is looking pretty dicey. We already know that Alex and Winn's lives will be in danger by what looks like some sort of biohazard. Maybe it's not a coincidence being that they're both the firstborn? 

I'd say it's lucky for Lena that she has an older brother out there somewhere, but I don't think it counts since she was adopted. 

Your turn, did J'onn and M'yrnn tug at your heartstrings? Were you yelling at your TV in frustration that Lena is keeping Sam a secret? Are you ready to find out what the third WorldKiller can do? Hit the comments and let us know!

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In Search of Lost Time Review

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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

M'yrnn: A joke.
J'onn: Not funny, dad.
M'yrnn: Only because you did not see your face.

Winn: I've done something amazing!
Kara: Did you find Pestilence?
Winn: I've done something okay.