The Americans Season 6 Episode 5 Review: The Great Patriotic War

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For the love of Paige, someone has to stop that girl!

After events on The Americans Season 6 Episode 5, it appears Philip might have finally come to a decision about his children, his marriage, his countries, and how they all wrap up into one big package.

If so, it's because Elizabeth hasn't done a stellar job instructing Paige about what the spy "game" entails. Paige is playing at it like it's an episode of Wonder Woman on TV, but Paige's disguises don't work as well as Diana Prince's glasses nor does she have bullet-repelling bracelets and a golden lasso.

Getting to Know the Boy - The Americans Season 6 Episode 5

Things with the family haven't been going well. The Jennings are a family torn apart, whether it's Philip dealing with the enormity of his debt at the travel agency or Elizabeth preparing for the summit while attempting to train a naive and over-eager Paige.

The husband and wife duo who once relied on each other so completely are on their own, and they miss the support. That's why I can't fault Philip for falling into Elizabeth's honey trap to use Kimmy to get information from her father by kidnapping her overseas.

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The idea came to Elizabeth when she was very frustrated by being abandoned by her one-time partner and with Paige's inability to understand why she can't just run roughshod through the stages of spying when she'd not ready.

The father/daughter connection piqued Elizabeth's interest in some way, as did forcing Philip back into the business, and her belief a night of sweet lovemaking would be his undoing. He'd do anything after that a short appeal process.

But Elizabeth has been so wrapped up in her world she hasn't been taking cues from Philip that say he's not just done with spying, he doesn't want Mother Russia to remain in the hands of the Soviet leaders. He's been hopeful for change for years.

Philip Lends a Hand - The Americans

It surprises me Philip can be so sure of what Elizabeth wants but she can be so blind to his needs. In his quest to make her happy, he started going along with the Kimmy Project for a while.

Kimmy has been like another daughter to him, though. Making love to her wasn't appealing to him in the least. Everything that used to feel OK about the job they do he now sees through Paige's eyes, and it's not a life he wants for his daughter. 

It's hard to imagine what Paige was thinking when she told Elizabeth about her male friend's offer to give to her confidential documents. How would that subject even come up in the first place? That was a major red flag.

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No boy is going to offer up his dad's work documents unless the girl asks. And if she asks, she's offering herself up on a platter. If the same girl can't take a little brutal ribbing about not being hot to the point she starts tossing the fellas across the room in front of a roomful of people, she's a liability.

In fact, I'd say Paige has become more of a liability than the son of Sofia and Gennady if he had looked Elizabeth straight in the eye while she murdered his parents. 

That's Not Dancing - The Americans Season 6 Episode 5

Stan's former life was gone in an instant. Other than Oleg, all of his ties to his international spying are gone. Aderholt doesn't have a need for him anymore. Ironically, that was the same time he thought Renee working at the FBI might be fun after all. Does that mean she's still in the running to be a sleeper agent?

After the bar incident, Elizabeth and Claudia gave Paige a drinking lesson. She didn't appear to understand what was happening there any better than she did the enormity of what they shared with her about The Great Patriotic War. Paige never seems engaged unless her lesson is about walking the streets and engaging marks.

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She has a blank stare on her face for much of the rest of her lessons, and the realization that over 20 million soldiers and civilians were killed during what we called World War II should have struck her more forcefully.

The accomplishments of the Soviets during that time and how Hitler wanted to wipe them off the map entirely to make room for his chosen ones is astonishing. They would have eventually defeated the Germans. What it would have meant for the rest of the world is unclear.

Getting to Know the Boy - The Americans Season 6 Episode 5

But the defining scenes once again go to Philip. Worried over Paige and what her Hulk-like movements could mean to not only her future but the entire family's, he showed her how little she has learned.

Her smartass attitude toward her father about his not digging what she and mom do was put to rest when he nailed her against the wall and proved she's not a match for most man. What she can do to a couple embarrassed college boys isn't indicative of what she'll be up against when she's met with a seasoned spy.

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Philip was a combination of disgusted and pained that he had to teach his daughter that kind of lesson, but it didn't stop her. She's not going to learn anything relevant until it's too late. I'm convinced she'll be dead before the end.

Philip: Kimmy, When, um, when you're in Greece, if, if ... if someone tries to get you to go to a Communist country with them, don't, OK? Don't. go.
Kimmy: What?
Philip: Go to Greece, stay in Greece, and then come home. You hear me, Kimmy? Goodbye Kimmy.

Putting Kimmy in danger with a woman as off the reservation as Elizabeth has become over the recent past wasn't a possibility for Philip. His lack of involvement won't change Elizabeth's actions, but at least he won't feel responsible for and he went as far as to warn her to steer clear of what he expects to happen.

He crossed a line and chose his daughter, all daughters, and his countries -- both of them. Philip's wish is that daughters in Russia and the US will be able to live in safety, at least when it comes to each other. He's going to do his part. 

If you can respect that, let me know. If you need to watch The Americans online first, come on back. Nobody has been talking about his final season, but each episode sees changes in character that mean a lot going forward. We're running out of time to talk about it.

The Great Patriotic War Review

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