The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 5 Review: You Are Not Alone

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Megan took the plunge on The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 5 when she decided to meet with Zach's friends who seem to be on her same wavelength. 

Gabe and Gail are still members of IHM, but they don't like Terence and want to bring him down, just like Megan. 

But can they be trusted?

Megan Gives In - The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 5

It was reassuring that Gail was as suspicious of Megan as Megan was of them. It's a tricky business, but Gabe was right when he said they have to stop living in fear. 

It still could be an elaborate setup by Terence to see what's up Megan's sleeve, but at this point, Gail and Gabe seem to be telling the truth. They are as disgusted with Terence as Megan.

Megan is tired of Terence controlling Kyle's life. Kyle is probably tired of Terence controlling his life, but he doesn't know how to get out from under Terence's thumb.

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He still feels he owes everything to Terence and doesn't want to do anything to upset the balance. 

Kyle sees things through Megan's fresh eyes. Terence might have helped Kyle redefine his narrative, but everything Kyle has become has been because of himself. Terence has just been riding Kyle's coattails.

Megan is going to have a hard time convincing Kyle of that, though. He loves her, but he's loyal to Terence even if he doesn't always agree with him or like what Terence is doing (or forcing on him).

Megan Makes a Decision - The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 5

Having Megan and Kyle do an interview on national TV about IHM was a way for Terence to spread his wings. He wants to be as far-reaching as Jesus. It's a thought that has crossed his mind, but it wasn't until he was at Shaun's church that it really sunk in.

He wants to be everyone's end all, be all. 

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When Deann gave him some in-depth information about Mason, he was not happy that she had her own life outside of theirs even though they had an open relationship. What bothered him wasn't so much that she had an affair but how obvious it was that Deann loved the other woman.

It was a love that he was lacking from her. Her love for Mason came before Deann ever met Terence and that's probably what bothered him most of all.

He also wasn't too thrilled with her bringing Mason's son into the fold. And he definitely didn't like that Deann wasn't too keen on bringing Wes into the IHM fold.

What that meant to Terence was that he didn't have full control of Deann like he thought he did. She was still holding on to a part of her past that made her happy. She hadn't completely given up everything and created a new narrative like he thought she did.

Deann's Secret Life - The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 5

If she could keep that hidden, what else might she be hiding?

He is worried that he's losing his touch. He didn't see Deann's hidden life. He can't figure out what's going on with Megan. He's losing control of Kyle because of Megan.

Basically, Terence's life is falling apart. His foundation is crumbling just as he told Shaun, but being at church is also going to renew him just as Shaun told him.

They're going to get closer and closer, and Shaun is going to reveal all sorts of Megan's secrets.

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Megan doesn't have anyone else on the inside to get information for her to bring Terence down, but Megan needs to open her eyes and see that Shaun is no longer on the same page.

Shaun is in Terence's world right now. Shaun doesn't know it, but she's in love with her boss. It's clear as day and Terence is going to realize it soon and use it to his advantage.

I still believe that Shaun is going to end up having Terence's baby. There is a relationship brewing there, it just needs a little bit more fire.

Megan and Xavier - The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 5

I'm not all that into the Xavier and Megan affair storyline. She doesn't seem that into him but Kyle's nervousness about Xavier's feelings for Megan are valid. 

He won't be able to deal with another breakup and his career might suffer for it as well. He knows how easy it is to fall into an affair in Hollywood, and with Megan's naivete, knows it's a possibility for her to fall for Xavier.

Megan genuinely seemed shocked at Nacine's revelations at the beach, and I have to wonder if this is another setup by Terence.

Weathering the Storm - The Arrangement

How else would the press get wind of an arrangement unless it came from Terence's camp? The only other logical answer would be that Nacine spread the rumor to give herself some attention like Megan said.

Still, the whole thing is weird, and I'm not buying into it just yet. Something will have to push Megan into Xavier's arms and the only thing I can think of will be Kyle's devotion to Terence and IHM.

Over to you guys!

What did you think of "You Are Not Alone"? Did you find Terence attending church creepy? Why does Megan keep trusting Shaun?

Are Gabe and Gail to be trusted, or is it all an elaborate setup? 

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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You Are Not Alone Review

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The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

He had a way of seeing students with such clarity. And then he'd transform them.


Xavier: I'm the only one not IHM here.
Deann: Don't be worried. We don't bite.