The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Paso Robles

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Megan and Shaun played with fire on The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 8, but what they uncovered was a whopper of a secret!

It seemed that Kyle figured out what Megan was up to when he confronted her after she came home, but it could have just been another dream.

Investigating a Lead - The Arrangement

Still, Megan going behind Kyle's back is going to raise lots of questions and put her in even more danger. 

Kyle probably won't do anything to Megan, but Terence will have a fit when he finds out.

He might even already know. Zach was pushed into a corner and had no choice but to give up the goods on what he and Megan were doing. 

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If Kyle didn't get the truth from Zach, then Isaac would have pumped him up with the truth serum. Terence might have had Isaac do it anyway just to see what else Zach was hiding. 

If that's the case, then Shaun and his other two friends might also be in danger.

I don't know how anyone could think it's normal to kidnap someone and put them in a cell against their will to question people. Out of all of them who have been held captive by IHM that way, has no one ever reported them to the police?

Kyle's Other Secret - The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 8

If you want to take IHM down, doesn't that seem like the logical first step?

It's true that the "facility" is in an unknown location, but there has to be a record of it somewhere. Just think what Detective Natalie would do if she knew about that secret facility.

I don't think another night with Kyle West would be enough to keep her quiet. I have no doubt she's going to come across another of IHM's secrets and might decide to do the right thing -- even if it means losing her badge in the process.

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Zach was incredibly stupid for calling Megan while Kyle was around. Why couldn't he just wait until she got home to find out what happened with Julie Woolth?

They both took too many risks with their chattering. Did they think Kyle wouldn't question why they had so much to talk about? They talked everywhere and were bound to get caught.

Now, other people's lives are in danger. Terence won't be happy when he learns that Shaun was part of Megan's little investigative adventure.

Heading Out  - The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 8

He's either going to fire Shaun or brainwash her. Who knows what magic tricks are up Isaac's sleeve, but the guy is scary.

Julie and Aaron are also in danger now that Megan interrupted their lives. Megan just turned all sorts of lives upside down. Does she even realize what she's done?

I don't get why all these people are keeping quiet about what IHM did to them. Aaron talked about how he's a prisoner in his own house, but isn't that his fault?

Instead of letting Terence pay him off after what happened with Kyle, he could have told the truth. But it could be that Aaron was already sucked into the IHM machine.

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Still, what is the worst thing they could have done to him or Julie? Did Terence threaten their lives? If that's all it took, then why pay them money to keep them quiet?

They don't realize they have the upper hand and could easily expose Terence and all his secrets.

Just imagine what would happen if Aaron came forward with his story. 

What else is amazing is that no investigative reporter has ever wondered what happened to Aaron, the up and coming new Hollywood star? He was Kyle West before Kyle West was Kyle West.

For the Fans - The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 8

It makes you wonder what sorts of stories were spun to forget that Aaron ever existed.

Megan might be on a quest to destroy Terence, but she might be thinking twice about it now that she knows Kyle's horrible secret. Terence may be a serious nutball, but he's keeping Kyle in line and possibly even sane.

If she wasn't scared before, she should be now. She's about to marry a guy with serious anger issues and even darker secrets. What else could he be hiding?

After everything that's happened to her and everything she's learned, she's an idiot if she doesn't get out now. Is her career really worth the risk? I just don't understand that line of thinking.

If she decides she still loves Kyle and wants to stay, then she deserves everything that's coming her way. If she stays, she'll be no better than those women who fall in love with mass murderers and marry them in prison.

Megan needs to open up her eyes and walk away now. She has a chance, but the door is closing fast.

Over to you. What did you think of "Paso Robles"? 

Is Zach done for? Does Terence know what Megan and Shaun were up to? 

How will he deal with them? What will Kyle do?

Will Megan ever come to her senses?

Hit the comment and share your thoughts!

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Paso Robles Review

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