The Resident Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Haunted

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Conrad learned a lovely lesson about ghosts and the art of forgiving himself on The Resident Season 1 Episode 10.

This was such a beautiful hour. It was the perfect return for the series after the intensity and emotion of The Resident Season 1 Episode 9.

Nearly everyone was mourning the loss of Lily, except Lane who was scheming and plotting harder than ever.

Attentive Conrad - The Resident Season 1 Episode 10

Eileen Jacoby was just what the doctor ordered. The way her character tied into both Conrad and Bell's storyline was well-crafted.

Conrad needed the presence of his mentor to get him through his grieving process, and I couldn't help but smile when he gave her the same advice he needed himself.

It's funny how that works. It's easier to process someone else's issues and steer them in the right direction. When it comes to ourselves, we're vain creatures who place high expectations on ourselves rather than acknowledge that we're human.

The only thing any of us can hope for is that the good we do outweighs the harm.


Jacoby was haunted by the ghosts of all the patients that she didn't save. It's what brought her to the hospital, and the final prognosis was a given.

Hallucinating can be a symptom of so many things, but it sucks that the first thing that comes to mind is psychosis. Jacoby assumed she was losing her mind. Meanwhile, a nurse shipped her off to the psych ward just because she saw the woman talking to someone who wasn't there.

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That moment was incredibly frustrating because since when does a nurse make that kind of call? Did she check the woman's chart or contact Conrad before sending her to the psych ward?

What if Jacoby simply had early-onset dementia, or a concussion, or a host of other things that don't warrant 72-hour hold in the psychiatric ward.

Keeping it Pushing - The Resident Season 1 Episode 10

Jacoby was a fantastic character to introduce. Not only was she Conrad's mentor and professor, but she was a real trailblazer in her field. Mina was obsessing over her.

Am I the only one who was fangirling over Mina fangirling over Jacoby? Mina's face lit up like a kid in a candy store. We know how passionate she is about medicine, but it really hit home when she geeked out about being in Jacoby's presence.

In the end, Mina played an essential role in helping Jacoby. Conrad is one of her prized pupils, but she saw firsthand the impact she has on others via this gifted doctor all the way from Nigeria who called her a hero.

Eileen Jacoby: I'm a silly old woman getting emotional over a machine.
Mina: I am very emotional about machines. People, not so much. Thank you.
Eileen Jacoby: Oh, my dear, fixing it was nothing.
Mina: No, for being my hero.

If Jacoby was brilliant enough to break medical grounds and inspire distinguished doctors, then she should pursue her calling. Teaching is her calling.

Jacoby was an example of a good doctor. She took on impossible, difficult cases and saved thousands of lives, but she was still haunted by the people that she couldn't save.

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Only a goodhearted person would lament all the people they couldn't save to the point of depression and hallucinations.

That's part of what made her moments with Conrad so special. One of the reasons Conrad was reluctant to believe Nic about Lane was because Lane was his mentor.

Time for Scans - The Resident Season 1 Episode 10

It was nice being able to compare and contrast Lane and Jacoby. We were able to distinguish his real mentor from the person he thought was his mentor. After all, a mentor is only as good as the lessons they teach you.

Conrad was wracked with a lot of guilt. He felt guilty about losing Lily, but he also felt guilty about not believing Nic earlier.

His final moments with Jacoby were fantastic because she told him that he had to forgive himself. Devon had a similar impact on him too, however.

Eileen Jacoby: The world needs more doctors like you, which is why I have decided to go back to teaching.
Conrad: That sounds like a perfect way let go of the past ... live forward with purpose
Eileen Jacoby: And forgive ourselves. You've lost someone as well recently? Then you need to live forward, too.

This installment did a fantastic job of showcasing Conrad and Devon's friendship. I cannot get enough of those two together, and I adore every time they share the screen.

Devon was at his best during "Haunted." It's no secret I often crave more Devon screentime, and I'm delighted that the hour delivered.

I loved the discussion he, Irving, and Mina had about ghosts and what they mean in different cultures. He and Irving were quite knowledgeable of Nigerian culture.

Also, I have to note that Irving knows how to make me smile without fail. He's completely smitten with Mina. His crush is adorable.

What are You Thinking, Kid?  - The Resident Season 1 Episode 9

Devon was grim during that scene particularly when he was talking about Lily. Nic and Conrad's grief was the primary focus, but Devon had those quiet moments, too.

Conrad didn't find it cute when Devon admitted him and made himself Conrad's doctor, but I sure as heck did. It's remarkable how quickly he has come to know his mentor.

Devon giving Conrad a dose of tough love was his shining moment of the hour. He knew Conrad was punishing himself by not treating his ankle. He also knew Conrad was beating himself up over Lily's death and not listening to Nic.

Conrad, you didn't listen to Nic about Lane. I believed her. You didn't. I saved Lily once. You lost her. But you get to be the only one around here in pain? Uh-uh. Don't malign me as a doctor keeping me from treating your foot. For Lily, I was a better doctor than you are.


Devon was the one who successfully managed to get Conrad to use a scooter. Conrad playing on it at the end like a big kid was nothing if not amusing. Devon's cockiness has leveled out, and he has grown a great deal since the pilot. Devon gave me so many feels.

Jude did as well. Please, tell me he isn't leaving! He had so much potential, and I'm sad to see him go so soon.

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Jude was at his absolute sexiest when he went off on Bell. Damn, that was hot. Also, he and Mina make a hell of a team in the OR. In fact, watching them is like poetry.

If not for them, Ted would have been another death on Bell's shaky hands. Shoutout to that female doctor who made that crack about Bell's patients barely making it. Ten out of ten for delivery and execution. Claire's reaction was priceless, too.

Claire: Dr. Bell's surgery went well?
Doctor: Well, the patient survived.
Claire: Am I missing something? Were you expecting a different outcome?

How does Claire not know about Bell's reputation? It's baffling. Everyone in the hospital goes out of their way to avoid letting Bell perform surgeries. He has a nickname and everything. How is she that out of touch?

She kept talking about him being the best person to handle the high profile Chinese dignitary, but Bell is as insensitive as they come. That comment he made about the guy not speaking English had me shaking my head.

A cringe-worthy moment was when Ted mentioned the room number. If you want to win over a foreign dignitary, then why not make the tiniest attempt to understand their culture?

Dr. HODAD at Your Service - The Resident Season 1 Episode 10

Bell is not at his best and hasn't been for a long time. Anyone with eyes can see that. He was back to making my skin crawl with his behavior in that OR. Did you see his face when he found that mass obstruction?

He was over the moon with the prospect of making a save. He probably figured it would save his ass after Jude went off on him the way that he did.

Bell making the board cut ties with Jude is absurd. Jude was right, though. He stayed at Chastain longer than he ever planned, and he's best at saving lives out in the field.

Doctors without Borders would be great for him.

Bell: What's going on?
Jude: Hey, how many people have to die before you turn in your scrubs, huh? Doesn't matter how great you were, it's how great you are here and now. You don't have it anymore. It's time to retire.
Bell: How dare you!

Bell was a total jackass with Jude, but Jude's words got under his skin because they hit too close to home. Bell's friend, Arthur, told him the same thing.

Bell is well past his prime. In fact, Jacoby was a nice foil to Bell because she knew she was past her prime and chose to teach instead.

Bell can't accept the fact that he's no longer cut out for cutting into people. He's holding on for dear life to what he used to be.

It almost appeared as though he was on the brink of a breakthrough when he was in his office. Unfortunately, Lane slithered in, and things took an interesting turn from there.

Hey, Jude! - The Resident Season 1 Episode 10

Lane is the only one who didn't give a damn about Lily dying, and she threw the others for a loop agreeing to an autopsy. She knew what she had already put into motion, so she didn't have anything to fear.

Lane sinking her claws into Bell is a sight to behold. She surpasses him on the evil spectrum, but the way she pulls him back into the darkness is terrifying and fascinating.

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Her proposal to get rid of Claire is diabolical, but it also makes sense. She makes an excellent point about having a hospital run by doctors rather than CEOs. She is not the kind of doctor who should be running it though.

We need to have a physician running Chastain, not an MBA.


Bell is microscopically better, and it would certainly keep him away from the operating room. He has too much ego, and he admitted to not being good with money. That's funny coming from the guy who is always harping about it.

When Lane called Claire incompetent, I nearly choked on my beverage, but is she wrong? Claire has many blind spots.

Can you imagine this duo plotting to get Claire fired and taking over the hospital? Holy crap, that would be riveting television.

Sneaky Claire - The Resident Season 1 Episode 10

To solidify their potential new scheme, they engaged in the second hottest make out session and third sexiest scene of the night. Yeah, I said it. Lane and Bell were smoking hot, and I'm glad I was right about their sexual tension from earlier in the season.

Barring the fact that they're both so heinous that puppies probably die when they climax, I dig it. I give props to Lane for being a crafty seductress. Damn, she's such a great villain. I hate her so much, but she's so captivating.

The hottest make out session and the sexiest scene goes to Nic and Conrad, of course. Let me explain why their coupling was so special.

Devil's Advocate - The Resident Season 1 Episode 10

It wasn't just grief sex. It was so much more. Yes, they're both mourning the death of Lily, but it was the culmination of their grief, previous history, and progress made in their relationship that made it impactful.

Nic was true to character. She's a nurse, and she cares about Conrad, so of course, she would take him home and tend to his foot. She's a caretaker by nature.

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Nic's familiarity with Conrad's apartment wasn't lost on me either. That was a nice touch.

What made that scene the most romantic of the series so far was the simple fact that Conrad was all about Nic.

She was stable last night when I left my shift. What happened?


Up until this point, we're led to believe that Nic was always chasing and pushing for more. She's the emotional one. She's the one that fulfills his emotional needs.

Throughout the series, we have seen that too. She's the one who gives Conrad pep talks. She's the one who reprimands him when he needs it. Nic is the one who grounds him and serves as his anchor and solace.

Nic is his safe space. Everything about their relationship from our perspective has been about all the things she is to him and how she helps him.

Plotting the Next Big Move - The Resident Season 1 Episode 9

Conrad reminded Nic that Lily's death wasn't her fault, apologizing for not believing her, and comforting her -- that was finally where we saw him being there for her.

He was emotionally mature and open when it counted most. The tender way he cradled her face and the forehead kisses, they weren't intentionally used as a prelude to sex or surface level intimacy for his benefit. It was 100% about Nic.

We knew how much Nic meant to him, and we know the depths of his love for her based on the things he's said before and his allowing her to keep his mother's jewelry. I'm not saying their relationship was empty or hollow before because it wasn't.

Dancing Close - The Resident Season 1 Episode 2

However, this is the first time we saw Conrad serve as the steady rock and support in their relationship. It brought some parity to their relationship. Matt Czuchry and Emily Vancamp have amazing chemistry.

Their hookup at the end was earned. The show worked itself up to this point with their primary 'ship, and I appreciated that.

The ending with Conrad holding a sleeping Nic only to see the ghost of Lily was chilling. Thus "Haunted" was the perfect title for the hour.

CoNic fans, are you happy the two lovebirds reunited? Any thoughts on Bell and Lane's hookup and plans to overthrow Claire? Will you miss Jude? Hit the comments. 

If you missed any episodes this season, you can watch The Resident online right here via TV Fanatic.

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She was stable last night when I left my shift. What happened?


Conrad: Are you OK? Why are you here?
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