Trust Season 1 Episode 4 Review: That's All Folks!

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This show just keeps getting better and better.

While there was nothing particularly bad about the first two installments of the series, Trust Season 1 Episode 4 (like the one immediately before) has been far more exciting and intriguing.

Again, I know that the real Getty family has issues with the show's representation of events. And, of course, it's totally within their right to protest.

Unhinged — Trust Season 1 Episode 4

However, as a viewer, the creative liberties Danny Boyle & Co. have taken with Paul's story have made the show all the more entertaining.

With the recent influx of crime dramas – the two seasons of American Crime Story, in particular – I've always been able to appreciate and enjoy them as well-made pieces of TV. But the stories have never propelled me forward.

After all, given that it's based in actual history, you go in already knowing exactly how it ends.

The twists and turns throughout the past few episodes of Trust have made the series one I'm always eager to see more of and one full of genuine excitement and drama, despite already knowing the ultimate outcome.

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Following Paul's initial kidnapping hoax going very, very wrong, "That's All Folks" picked up almost immediately where the last installment left off: with Bertolini dead and Paul now in the hands of Primo and his men.

Primo — Trust Season 1 Episode 4

As established on "La Dolce Vita," Primo is a psychopath.

Luca Marinelli has been great as our villain, pulling off Primo's weirdly charming swagger while still making him seem frightening and menacing.

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I've mentioned before, too, how stunning the show's visuals are. Boyle made great use of Rome and of Getty's estate, Sutton House.

This go-around, we got to spend time in Italy's mountains, where Primo and the kidnappers were keeping Paul. Sure enough, the scenery was gorgeous.

While Primo's motives have been decidedly nefarious, those around him are less straightforward villains.

For example, on this installment, we met Fifty, the nervous, non-criminal cousin of Primo and estate lawyer. Primo essentially forced Fifty to act as the intermediary negotiator, going back and forth between Primo and the Getty family for the ransom demand.

Getty: So what are you saying? This business is not a hoax? My grandson really has been kidnapped?
Fletcher: What I'm saying is that when people start getting killed, whatever it is, it's not a hoax anymore.

This show has been surprisingly lighthearted and humorous at times. Pretty much every moment with Fifty was an example of that.

The scene where Fifty tried to get up his nerve to make the ransom demand was hysterical.

I couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire sequence where he tried to communicate to the Italian newspaper Primo's threat. The newsman and the secretary truly could not care less about Fifty's half-hearted death threat.

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Even the rest of Primo's family – his uncle and the uncle's accountant, Leonardo – weren't thrilled about the younger man's impulsive plan.

While Primo was sure he had given the family a "gift," both older men seemed sure the situation would be more of a hassle than it'd be worth.

A Rich Man — Trust Season 1 Episode 4

Of course, they wound up being right. Getty countered Primo's initial $17 million ransom demand (far lower already than what Primo initially wanted) with a paltry $600 (plus "expenses").

Easily the most interesting development on "That's All Folks" was what occurred between Paul and Angelo during Paul's captivity and how it led up to the final moment of the episode.

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Throughout the installment, Angelo (who was working for Primo as his Italian-English translator) seemed visibly uncomfortable with what he was doing. He clearly didn't want to hurt Paul, and he spoke to him casually.

Angelo even showed excitement when Paul mentioned he knew Mick Jagger and offered to introduce them – a valiant but ultimately silly bargaining chip Paul threw out to try to get Angelo to let him go.

Paul and Angelo — Trust Season 1 Episode 4

Similarly, Paul asking Angelo to be his best man at his wedding to Martine, if he got out alive, was a great moment and very telling of Paul's sweet, trusting, and ultimately naive personality.

The strange bond that formed between Paul and Angelo led to the very tense and exciting final sequence.

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Primo, incensed over Getty's insulting ransom offer, showed his true psychopath nature when he decided just to forget the whole thing and kill Paul. Angelo, apparently, was unwilling to be a party to murder, offering to help spring Paul from his captivity in the closing moments.

We need to get out of here.

Angelo [to Paul]

I hope that we get to see more of what led Angelo to his involvement with Primo, given that his heart clearly wasn't in it.

Even knowing the general beats of the true story, I'm loving all of the twists and turns the writers are introducing in each subsequent installment.

It keeps you guessing, and it keeps you interested in seeing what happens next – even though we all already know Paul's eventual fate.

Other thoughts:

  • Getty terrorizing the possibly-gay gardener served to demonstrate once again that the billionaire is a cruel, callous man. 
  • On the flip side, I'm intrigued by what's brewing between Bullimore (who has undoubtedly been coded as a closeted gay man) and the gardener. Not sure if or how it will tie into the rest of the story, but I did ask for more Bullimore development in my review of the premiere. Wish granted!
  • Penelope's affair is a fascinating subplot as well. I like it as a counterpoint to the main tension building around Paul's kidnapping. A sort of micro-squabble amidst the significant issues Getty is involved with at the moment.
  • I can't stand Jutta. She is terrible. But I'm pretty sure that's all we're supposed to think of her – she seems to exist solely to be a foil to her twin, Martine, who at this point appears to genuinely love Paul.
  • Speaking of Martine: That scene where she went to the police station to confess what she knew to help find Paul was great. The officer seemed to be in the pocket of Primo's family, given that he threatened her. So unsettling.
  • What happened to Marcello?
  • The music choices on this show continue to be flawless. The score is impressive as well.

What did you think of "That's All Folks"? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don't forget that you can watch Trust online here at TV Fanatic anytime!

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Trust Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Spending the night with a woman is easy. And I do like sexual variety. But with whom does one spend the day? A long, long day. Now that is the challenge. And there is only one woman for me.

Getty [to Penelope]

Uncle: You were not expected.
Primo: No one expects a surprise.