iZombie Season 4 Episode 11 Review: Insane in the Germ Brain

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What an emotionally charged hour. 

First, I have to kick things off by saying that the powers that be heard our prayers, tweets, and pleas and renewed the show for a fifth season. I can not be happier because that means more time with this amazing gang of characters and more stories to be told. 

After iZombie Season 4 Episode 11, it has never been more evident that there is so much story left to tell. 

Isobel Reunites with her Mom - iZombie Season 4 Episode 11

There were plenty of laughs throughout the hour, but it was heavier and more emotional than usual. I appreciate the break away from the fun and kookiness that we love so much. 

For one, we were able to see a more serious and somber Ravi. Honestly, Ravi was the highlight of the hour. The relationship that he formed with Isobel in such a short period of time was heartwarming and something that could have gone on for more installments. 

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He warmed to the young teen. Isobel tapped into a protective, mature, paternal side of Ravi that we never experienced before. The moment where he promised the teen that he would grant her a wish as if he were a genie was sweet. 

He was prepared to give her exactly what she wanted. I almost wish he had a moment with Isobel's mom because he assumed responsibility for this teen as though she were his own family, and a moment of comfort between the two characters would have added more bittersweetness to the hour.  

I never got to say goodbye.


The impact of Isobel's death is shocking. I only say that because we knew she would die because there wasn't enough happening that would give us any other impression. She agreed to be a guinea pig, but there has been very little shown and very few strides made. It wasn't a matter of if she would die, but when she would die. 

We also could conclude that she would die during this installment because of all the fake-outs she did throughout it. I loathed those. She was being funny and taking her death sentence in stride by playing jokes on the others, but there were too many of them. 

It was easy to piece together how it would play out towards the end, especially after the case of the week wrapped up so quickly. Ravi would come knocking prepared to give her a driving lesson, and he would be too late.

Liv and Ravi Mourn

It didn't make the moment less devastating as Ravi sat by her bedside and cried over her. It was some of Rahul Kohli's best work of the series. His reaction is what made the predictable death of this short-term character who I can only hope is meant to fuel the storyline in some way after this so tragic.

The hour wasn't sparing teenagers that's for sure. 

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In addition to sweet, funny Isobel, we have to say goodbye to the silent, brave, loyal Captain Seattle. 

I mentioned it at the beginning of the season, but I knew Major would have to do a hell of a lot to protect his teen soldiers, and I figured one or both of them would end up dead. Capt. Seattle is dead, and Jordan may as well be. There's no way she's going to continue working with Chase after this. I wouldn't be surprised if she tries to take him out. 

Head Zombie in Charge - iZombie Season 4 Episode 11

I know there are many, many Chase fans out there, and despite my criticism of the guy, I don't dislike him. I'm curious, and I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Jordan screwed up, and it's not her first time screwing up. Chase did the same thing to Justin last season. All of that is true, so maybe some of you can chalk it up to tough love or punishment.

Where does her age factor in though? She's not only a teenager, but she's under 18. The problem with kid soldiers is that despite all the tasks you give them, they're still kids. Chase could get a pass for killing an old lady, but does he get a pass for shooting a teenager? 

Liv: It sounds like someone didn't get his flu shot.
Clive: And maybe turn into a werewolf? No thanks.

I've mentioned before that this season's extreme factions have been allegories for so many issues. Fillmore Graves has served as military/small government/ and police. Some of their questionable behavior has subtly drawn parallels to issues like police brutality and excessive use of force. 

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He shot a teenager multiple times because she fudged up a mission. Then he killed another teenager who shot at him in defense of the girl. He could have defended himself without killing the kid. 

Is this the turning point for Chase? The room fell silent, and everyone was looking at him horrified, so I wonder if this is the point of no return where others start turning on him. 

Trusted Second - iZombie Season 4 Episode 7

Will this be the end of the Chase and Major bromance? It irked my spirit that Major was Chase's bitch most of the season, but I couldn't get enough of their homoerotic vibes.

Both of them committed to their love fest, and if they hooked up, I probably would have been into it. They gave Rajor a run for its money, and I love me some Rajor. 

Chase killing a kid may be what snaps the hold Chase had on Major. Up until this point, Major was blindly loyal to Chase. When Major rushed to his cadets, I saw the Major of iZombie Season 1 who would stop at nothing to figure out what was happening to his kids. 

I missed that Major. 

Has it crossed my mind? Yeah, look at how he's built. How does he even find time to work out. I mean it's not like I have pictures of Chase Graves up in my locker.


Major had a great hour as well because his operation to take down Russ and the gangbanger felt like it should have been in iZombie Season 4 Episode 10. It was reminiscent of an action movie. 

Major on the blue brain was a hoot. That's the recklessly fun Major I adore, and his crush on Chase had me laughing out loud. 

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I was so happy to see Russ taken down, and so annoyed when I found out he escaped. That guy has nine lives. Why couldn't he be executed on the spot? 

I think that's one of many issues I can't make sense of when it comes to Chase. His rules are all over the place and inconsistent. The crying zombie who killed the germaphobe was getting carted away to the freezer. I guess zombies killing humans doesn't carry the same sentence as turning zombies. 

Germaphobe Brain

Russ was being brought in instead of being executed on sight. Cain was scratched so he could be made an example of and publicly executed. I can't make sense of the thought process. 

It's that type of inconsistency that leads to the rise of Angus. Angus has a way of tapping into all of the unsatisfied, starving zombies, and can you blame him for taking advantage of those poor souls? 

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Most of them feel let down by Fillmore Graves who come across out of touch most of the time. I'm dismayed that it took Angus going viral for Chase and Fillmore Graves to open their eyes to the Angus problem. The man has been wreaking havoc for I don't know how long now. 

They have the guns, but we have God on our side.


Are all of the soldiers focused on zombie scratching and smugglers? Shouldn't there be task forces for more than one issue?

Chase will still have a hard-on for smugglers. Smugglers are a huge problem, but a million other problems are happening, and nothing is being done about most of them.

At least there are more brains to provide now that they shut down Russ' operation. Nearly half of their brains were taken. No wonder zombies are starving! 

Other Brain Bits: 

  • Dale finally broke up with Clive, and I cannot be happier. I love Dale, but she was not fair to Clive during any of this. They both deserve to be happy.
  • Shirtless Clive alert! Hello, handsome! 
  • Liv's dramatic fall after that guy sneezed was hilarious. 
  • Ravi kicked ass meeting the parents and checking Peyton's father, but like, everyone is waiting for Liv's family to appear again and somehow, we got the Charles family instead. 
  • Liv dressed as Peyton was amusing. 
  • Why would they want Peyton to disappear when she finally got interesting? Nope. You better be coming back to Seattle, girlfriend! 

Over to you iZombie Fanatics! Are you heartbroken over Isobel's death or do you not care because it didn't serve a purpose to the storyline? Did Chase go too far? Are you happy Clive and Dale called it quits/? Hit the comments! 

And don't forget you can watch iZombie online anytime to catch up on all of the undead action.

Insane in the Germ Brain Review

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iZombie Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Liv: Man, she has pretty big hair.
Ravi: And a pretty big penis.

Liv: It sounds like someone didn't get his flu shot.
Clive: And maybe turn into a werewolf? No thanks.