Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 7 Review: I Don't Want to Be Free

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The lines are blurring!!

After watching Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 7 it's becoming less obvious where the line between the good guys and bad guys is drawn.

The list of those to trust gets shorter by the minute.

Do As I Say - Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 7

From the moment Carolyn appeared wearing the same clothing as the night before, she was no longer trustworthy.

Well, maybe she lost her integrity a lot earlier than that. She most likely lost it sometime back in the 1970s when she thought canoodling with the Russians was a good idea. 

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I'm not against a good canoodle, but when you're losing sight of the job at hand, your lines are blurred. 

At least we know why it was so important to point out that Kenny was Carolyn's son. The type of work Eve is asking him to do, the access he has to Carolyn and the fact he isn't surprised in the least by any of it makes his place in the story matter.

Kenny: Are we leaving?
Eve: Of course we're not leaving.
Kenny: Good. You need to see these [holds up letters].

In fact, I'd say he's somehow freer in his relationship with Eve now that the news is out than he was when they first began working together. It was as if he was holding back before, but now he is a real force to be reckoned with. 

Home Away from Home - Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 7

As much as Carolyn trusts her son because he is her son, she also underestimates Kenny for the same reason. She likely has him on her team because she can do as she pleases without any blowback for her personal actions.

Eve also trusts Kenny, not because he's a relative but because he's incredibly good at what he does. That has to be a nice feeling for him, to finally know it's not something he does well only with his mom. 

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Eve doesn't care if he's related to Carolyn, and in not giving a damn she's treating him like anyone else. That gives him confidence in his job. Eve is nurturing him to grow, and into the best he can be in spite of how he got the position. 

Two Heads are Better than One - Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 7

You can't help but wonder if Kenny feels a little used by his mother, too. When they see that footage at the end, what the hell is going through their minds? They trusted Carolyn for reasons, but they were not above following a trail that might lead to her being culpable in some way.

Thank goodness they weren't completely blindsided by what they saw. This way it should be easier for Eve and Kenny to come up with a reactionary plan to handle Carolyn when they see her next. 

It's murky territory at the moment.

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I'm unsure how everything came together. Eve talked to Vlad about Carolyn and Konstantin, and Vlad decided to give them access to Nadia.

At the same time, Carolyn and Konstantin must have been spending the night together. Konstantin perhaps told Carolyn Villanelle was in prison. But when Carolyn got wind they would be talking to Nadia, she decided to spring Villanelle to kill Konstantin to wrap up that loose end.

Carolyn Looking Very Russian - Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 7

She wouldn't believe Kenny would go through her safe and connect the two through old letters. Did Carolyn speak on behalf of The Twelve and get the orders to Konstantin to step down and to Anton to stand in for him?

Anton: Now. Do you have any questions?
Villanelle: Are you always like this?
Anton: Like what?
Villanelle: [shoots him between the eyes]

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That poor dude didn't have a chance against Villanelle. Why on earth would someone like him give her a gun? That was silly on so many levels he deserved to die.

Surely Villanelle is going to catch up with and kill Konstantin. Or maybe she'll kill Carolyn. One of the two of them will have to die once she gets a better picture of what's happening.

Being in the path of one of Villanelle's crushes isn't the greatest place to be, but it's better for Eve. Finally meeting Anna offered a lot of information to the story.

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Probably the best part is that it was only an off the cuff agreement to a silly part of a conversation that lost Anna her husband. Because Villanelle takes everything at face value, she can fall easily to suggestions, as well.

When Anna agreed laughingly that Villanelle was probably right that she loved her husband only because has a penis, Villanelle took care of that. Oksana was tickled with her ingenuity and probably didn't understand why what she had done was so upsetting.

Anna Banana - Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 7

Eve: This isn't a few letters, Anna, this is...
Anna: She had a fixation.
Eve: Was it reciprocated?

And if you were paying attention, you also know that Anna is not nearly as angry with Oksana as she should be under the circumstances. Villanelle has something that draws people to her despite her violent tendencies. She's naive to the ways of emotion, but not so naive that her eyes won't tell up with tears occasionally.

She's such a fascinating creature.

She loves herself and genuinely interested when someone doesn't understand her or want her around. 

Villanelle: Why do they want me to kill you?
Konstantin: They wanted me to keep you in prison. I was trying to help the prison get you out and they found out.
Villanelle: Why did they want me in there? I am amazing.

Freedom! - Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 7

But she can still be delighted watching the life drain from eyes of those around her to the point she'll walk to every dying body so as not to miss anyone as they drift away from this world.

On the one hand, she's bright and vivacious, and on the other, she's dark and alarming. Still, her shifting and enigmatic moods don't shove people away but draw them in like moths to a flame.

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Even though Konstantin was trying to save his life and hedge his bets that by telling Villanelle he loved her and she was different than anybody else in his life she wouldn't break and shoot him through the head, I don't think he was speaking lies.

Konstantin does love Villanelle, and that he does embarrasses him. How can he love her when she would so easily watch him swallow pills and die? So what if he would do the same to her -- he is a man! It is not the same. 

Konstantin on the Run - Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 7

Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 8 looks like it's going to be a lot of fun with Villanelle on the run with Konstantin's daughter. They seem a lot alike, which is not a surprise. If Konstantin loves Villanelle, why wouldn't he groom his daughter in her image?

How will Carolyn make it out of the season? Dead or alive? I don't have faith in her future.

If you need to see this season again, and why wouldn't you, you can watch Killing Eve online. Hit me with your best shot about this hour in the comments below!

Something tells me Eve and Kenny aren't going home the next time we check in. Start talking!!

I Don't Want to Be Free Review

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Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

My understanding of solitary confinement is that it is solitary.


Kenny: Are we leaving?
Eve: Of course we're not leaving.
Kenny: Good. You need to see these [holds up letters].