Lucifer: Fox Sets Two-Hour Bonus Episode for May 28th

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Lucifer may be canceled, but we haven't seen every episode. Yet.

There were two further standalone episodes set to air with Lucifer Season 4 on Fox, which will never be now that the network passed on the beloved series.

Instead of leaving the one-offs in a vault unseen, they've decided to air them back to back on Monday, May 28 beginning at 8/7c.

Freedom of Choice - Lucifer

The two episodes that will air are called "Boo Normal" and "Once Upon a Time."

In the first episode, the team will be investigating the murder of a child psychologist which will pave the way for Ella to think about an event in her childhood.

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From interviews after the cancelation, showrunners indicated this may be in relation to what makes Ella "special."

I think when she was a child she may or may not have seen the ghost of one of her friends who passed away. That's something that has happened to her in the present, as well, so it should be interesting.

Dan Having a Good Time - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 25

Meanwhile, the investigation will take everyone to an amusement park.

Lucifer will be wearing a goofy T-shirt under a blazer and Dan gets really involved by taking the front seat on a roller coaster. 

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It looks like a fun ride all around, and it's one I'm glad we're going to get the opportunity to see.

As for "Once Upon a Time," this one plays with the idea that after Mum creates an alternate dimension, Lucifer lives in a world in which he and Chloe never met.

Who is He? - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 26

That gives Lucifer freedom of choice, and the hour will examine that possibility.

The photos alone look interesting, so the episode should be an amazing if heartbreaking conclusion to the series.

Despite two weeks of nonstop #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer campaigning from the fans, there hasn't been any word of movement within the industry that a save is likely.

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All hope is not lost, of course, as the airing of these episodes will surely stoke the burning embers of the campaign to new heights once again.

Just today I learned Amazon is in talks to pick up The Expanse, a series Syfy canceled within the same 24 hour period Lucifer found itself on the chopping block.

Don't give up hope. Keep driving home the tweets. This upcoming showing only gives us more time to remind programming executives about the capabilities of the incredible talent involved with Lucifer.

Drive this one home, and be here on May 28 to talk about new episodes of Lucifer for what might be the last time -- again!

And you can always watch Lucifer online. That joy will never go away.

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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 26 Quotes

Charlotte: Naughty, naughty Detective Espinoza.
Dan: I'm just making sure the bills are real.
Charlotte: The only way to make sure is to spend it, right?
Dan: Yep.

Dan: But I'll also be watching to make sure you don't sneak out and disappear.
Charlotte: Because you'd miss me if I did?
Dan: You know what? Maybe I would.