The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 21 Review: Lawrence Dane Devlin

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Aram wasn't afraid to cross the line to find the information needed to save Samar before it was too late on The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 21.

It shouldn't have surprised Harold that Aram broke the rules. It's par for the course for every member of the Task Force.

Besides, was the life of cult leader Nicholas T. Moore more important than that of Samar? I didn't think so.

Springing Into Action - The Blacklist

I loved that Aram took the lead in the hunt for Samar. He was much more aggressive than anyone else in finding the answers to her whereabouts. And considering the unfortunate circumstances Samar found herself in, she's lucky that Aram was acting like a crazy man to find her.

Lawrence Dane Devlin was a dangerous man. He killed countless people and not just for Nicholas T. Moore. He had a backyard full of graves. How many secrets were out there is anyone's guess.

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The most touching part of the installment was when Samar called Aram and told him had he asked her to marry him, and she would have said yes. I'm sure that thought crossed his mind more than once after their breakup that perhaps instead of just giving her his grandmother's ring, he should have taken the leap and asked her to marry him.

Unfortunately, he listened to everyone else instead of looking to his heart.

Regrets are a terrible burden, and her words are going to haunt him forever. It was heartbreaking to watch him propose to her while she lay there in a coma.

It doesn't look good for Samar. Ressler told Harold that she probably wouldn't be able to breathe on her own so her conversation with Aram might very well have been her last. 

Red tried to help find Samar by offering Harold and the Task Force the use of his torturer to get information out of Moore, but that's as far as Red's interest in the situation went.

Searching for Samar - The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 21

It was disturbing that he only offered up prayers for her safe return. He was the one who got her the job in the Task Force in the first place, so you'd think he'd be a little more invested.

But the only thing he's invested in right now is finding that duffel bag full of bones. It is consuming him which makes me wonder once again why he wouldn't have burned the bones instead of burying them and then sharing their whereabouts with Mr. Kaplan.

Or maybe she was there when he buried them. Maybe she buried them for him. Still, why not just destroy them instead of holding on to them?

He should have known that at some point they would come back to haunt him. Someone should have told him to do something other than bury those bones. What was the point of holding on to them?

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Liz is intent on finding the duffel bag before he does. It was surprising that she found out so much information almost at the same pace he did. He should be amazed at her. She's resourceful and sneaky -- just like him.

She learned from the best so he shouldn't expect anything less.

I'm not particularly fond of this turnaround in their relationship. 

I wish they were working together instead of against each other, but then again Tom was still alive back then, and everything was perfect in her life.

Lawrence Devlin - The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 21

I'm not getting why Garvey sold these bones to the person he sold them to. I guess we'll find out why on The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 22.

There better be a big payoff when the reveal comes, and there better be a good reason as to why those bones weren't destroyed. 

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I'd also like to know why Garvey told Jennifer she had nothing to worry about all those years. What exactly did he mean when he said that?

I still don't know which theory of the bones I'm on board with here. Are they Katarina Rostova's? The real Raymond Reddington's? 

Could the Raymond Reddington we've grown to love for the past five seasons really be Katarina Rostova in disguise?

What's your theory?

Whose bones are in that bag?

Who will get to the bag first? Will Liz and Red ever be able to repair their relationship?

Will Samar and Aram have a happy ending?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts! 

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Lawrence Dane Devlin Review

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The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

Liz: I brought you here to help find Samar, not hunt for the duffel bag.
Red: I offered Harold my assistance. Now, I'm just juggling.

You disappoint me, yet at the same time you impress me.