The Flash Season 4 Episode 21 Review: Harry and the Harrisons

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Prepare yourselves for one heck of a ride, or should I say one heck of a metal tornado?

During, The Flash Season 4 Episode 21, we learned that Team Flash is desperate. They are running out of time to stop DeVoe's satellites. Hope starts to dwindle until it doesn't, with the light finally shining at the end of the tunnel. 

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Surpise, It's Amunet!

We start the episode with an allude to Iris' past work as a journalist. Barry awakens to find his wife urgently crafting an article -- an article that will expose DeVoe and enlighten the citizens of Central City.

Any viewer watching can see the happiness on her face as she tells Barry of her plan, and one would think Barry would return the enthusiasm, right?

Wrong. His facial expressions are anything but, and he urges his journalist wife to tone down her plan to which she sadly agrees. I'll touch more on this later. 

The central part of the episode was for Team Flash to figure out a way to stop DeVoe's satellites, finally determining they would need an organic matter weapon that would do the trick. 

Bring in Amunet, ultimate baddie Crime Lord of Central City.

Meanwhile, Harry and Cisco have been dealing with Harry's others in a way to get inside of DeVoe's head and figure out what's going on inside of Harry's.


Other Harry: Simple Harry is truly simple Harry now.
Cisco: No, that's not what's happening!

Simple? This man is anything but simple. How dare you accuse him of lacking intelligence -- even though he is, but that's beside the point. Stand down other Harry. Thankfully, Cisco comes to his rescue almost immediately.

The moments that Cisco and Harry shared were brilliantly captured, acted throughout. The friendship between these two was clearly seen. 

Cisco: Look at this man.
Other Harry: I see him.
Cisco: Is he not one of your own? Are you telling me you're going to betray one of your own because he doesn't meet some arbitrary intellectual standard?

As an audience member, I can see Harry deteriorating rapidly. His speech is now being affected; however, I think it's all in his head, which happens to be something Caitlin is dealing with as well. 

After Team Flash agrees to help Amunet get her shards back, Cait sneaks her away, begging Amunet for the splicer that could bring Killer Frost back, even going as far as making their own little deal -- Find Amunet's shards and Killer Frost will have to do one favor for Amunet.

But keep this hush hush; Barry and team Flash can never know!

Speaking of Cait, I really enjoyed seeing her need to return Killer Frost to her life. I have to say that the moments we see Cait tonight hit me hard. Not to mention, the frenemy-ship between Caitlin and Amunet had been feeling some type of way. Everyone loves female power and raw tension.

Caitlin: So do we have a deal? You'll give me the splicer as soon as we recover it?
Amunet: I'll even tie a little bow on it.

A little side note: Danielle Panabaker is a brilliant actress who deserves all the cupcakes and rainbows in the world. 

The fact Cait would go as far as this, trusting someone who can't be trusted. The lengths she would go to bring KF back is almost too much I can handle. BUT I'M SO HERE FOR IT. I felt Cait's pain. I felt her heartache. And I felt her desire for her other half to return to her. Her soul to return to her. 

Unknowingly to Cait, the splicer never worked before. It was only used as a Placebo effect the first time Amunet used it on her. Something that shakes Caitlin to her core. Afterall, she is a scientist who should've known when this type of thing is happening...

Amunet & Cait - The Flash Season 4 Episode 21

In a way that ties things to Harry, I believe that Caitlin must internalize her need for Killer Frost whereas Harry must externalize his need for intelligence. Caitlin has been looking for ways externally to bring KF back -- acupuncture, splicer.

But all along she should've been internalizing her desire for KF. Wishful thinking can go along way, Cait!

Harry, on the other hand, has been doing the opposite by staying inside of his fragile mind and becoming fearful to expose himself externally. I believe Harry can find his intelligence again if he seeks it from other places. It's up to him if he wishes to indulge in the world's mystery and wisdom.

Harry Gets Kicked Out - The Flash

Can I also just point out the little Snowbarry moments in this episode? It's so good to see Cait finally interact with Barry again.

Far too long have they been distanced because of the chemistry they share, be that as friends or more. But one can't deny the need they have to protect each other and go off on little adventures together. 

Anyways, just had to throw that in there because I've truly missed this dynamic.

I HAVE TO SAY THIS: Why do criminals think they are faster than speed itself? I'm sorry, but your guns won't work against Barry Allen.

Amunet: Besides, you know what they say. A zebra never changes it's stripes.
Joe: Flash
Amunet: Oh Flash, you really do stop all the crime in the city don't you.

What does work though? Hemoroxic venom. 

Thanks, Norvok. For the venom and for stealing Amunet's shards. But did you really think they'd let you get away? After a little scare with some venom heading straight for Barry's heart, Team Flash can return the shards to Amunet. 

In a last-ditch effort to run away without helping our favorite team, Amunet suddenly becomes painfully aware that there is nowhere to run where the satellites can't reach. So she decides to help them and form the organic weapon -- a small ball of her metal shards.

A weapon so small yet can pack a punch into DeVoe's satellites. But there's only one ball, which means there's only one chance to do this. 

The group returns to the lab to figure out their next step of how they will use this ball. As the team begins to disseminate, Barry stays behind, and the look on his face reveals his thoughts.

He tells Iris that she should write the article, and the two share an intimate moment, which should've happened in the first place. But I can't help but wonder if this article, which seems rushed, not thought out, and desperate, might end up biting them in the end. 

Hours later, after Iris has posted the article, her phone blowing up from citizens. 

Citizens wanting to help. Citizens wanting a chance at saving their city. And Citizens that have seen DeVoe. 

DeVoe is no longer incognito, and Team Flash is coming.

What did you think of the episode? Will Cait ever get Killer Frost to return? Will Amunet's metal ball be able to destroy the satellites? Will Iris' article produce more harm than good? Can Harry figure out a way to return his intelligence? Will DeVoe be found before it's too late?

Harry and the Harrisons Review

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

Amunet: Besides, you know what they say. A zebra never changes it's stripes.
Joe: Flash
Amunet: Oh Flash, you really do stop all the crime in the city don't you.

Cisco: Look at this man.
Other Harry: I see him.
Cisco: Is he not one of your own? Are you telling me you're going to betray one of your own because he doesn't meet some arbitrary intellectual standard?