The Originals Round Table: Has Klaus Gone Soft?

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Klaus Mikaelson is not as deadly as he once was. 

On The Originals Season 5 Episode 4, the hybrid's efforts to find Hayley were initially a little subdued. 

Below, TV Fanatics Justin Carreiro, Alyssa Whittington and Paul Dailly discuss the big twists, Legacies being ordered to series and so much more!

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Was Klaus too subdued in his actions, or was he right in line with what you would expect of him?

Justin: Klaus didn't surprise me one bit. He's a polarizing character; he can be over-dramatic one minute and then pretty charming and diplomatic the next. After all these years watching his development, his actions fit his character.

Alyssa: Almost nothing surprises me about Klaus anymore. He’s a character who will always do what he deems necessary without seeking much opinion from others. At least Klaus is predictable.

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Paul: I was surprised at how subdued he was initially, but he fell right in line with my expectations by the second act of the episode. 

Oh, Josh - The Originals Season 5 Episode 4

What are your thoughts on the magic school so far? Are you glad the spin-off is a go?

Justin: I think the school is an interesting concept. These new characters are adding new life to the series/TVD universe, especially since it won't be so vampire-focused. However, the abundance of scenes almost feel like an extended spin-off pilot. I would hate for Legacies to premiere and people be already tired of it due to the focus on TheOriginals.

Alyssa: *Yawns* What magic school? I feel that this universe should stop after The Originals. To me, this season feels out of place from the others. I know there was a time jump, but I felt the story could’ve been amped up more. The magic school seems interesting, but maybe if it was introduced earlier in the series, I could jump on board with this.

Paul: I'm really excited by the idea of exploring more characters at the school. Maybe I just don't want the franchise to end yet, but there's a lot of good stories that could come from it. The Originals Season 5 Episode 12 is said to show off some of the other characters at the school. I want Freya to become a magic teacher or even Bonnie. Wouldn't that be fun?

They Mutilated Hayley - The Originals Season 5 Episode 4

What is your latest theory for what happened to Hayley?

Justin: At this point, I want to say vacation or contract negotiations because the character/actress has been gone for far too long. Though, in all seriousness, I'm leaning toward a familiar foe from the past has taken her or she's hiding on purpose for whatever reason.

Alyssa: I have to agree with Justin on the negotiations part with the actress, BUT I feel like Hayley is in deep trouble. Either that ending clue from Klaus’ past or maybe the witches have had enough of vampires.

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Paul: I was in the same boat until it was confirmed that Phoebe Tonkin is a guest star on The Originals Season 5. Another villain from the past is back for revenge. Sigh. 

Somethin Isn't Right  - The Originals Season 5 Episode 4

Could Vincent ultimately be the one to take the Mikaelsons down?

Justin: Possibly. I've jumped back-and-forth on this idea, particularly because the show has positioned Vincent in this situation where he wants to provide the betterment for New Orleans. On the other hand, I could see The Originals eliminating him first if he gets too much in their way.

Alyssa: Honestly? I don’t think the Mikaelsons can be stopped. 

Paul: As much is it would be poignant for Vincent to put Klaus down full-time, it would be a bit silly to have Caroline get with Klaus to have him die. Tyler and Stefan already died after being in a relationship with her so that it would be a stretch. 

Checking in on Hope - The Originals

What do you want to happen before the series concludes?

Justin: I would like for a lot of the characters to find true love. Many of them have had their relationships be cut short due to death or supernatural instances. Out of the cast, I'm rooting for Freya, Rebekah, and Josh particularly to get their happy ending. I'm still heartbroken that Josh and Aiden were cut short. 

Alyssa: KLAROLINE—they deserve their happy ending. I’ve shipped them since TVD. And of course, I want Hayley and Elijah to find their way back to each other. Their love is epic, raw, and once in a lifetime. 

Paul: I want one final battle that brings the French Quarter down. Nothing is every going to remain peaceful in that part of New Orleans, so it's best to cut it off from existence and have the survivors move on. 

Okay, The Originals Fanatics. Hit the comments with your take on the questions!

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