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Did Dr. Rhodes made a mistake?

That's what he had to think about on Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 20 when he decided to remove himself from a surgery to separate conjoined twins. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Choi and April learned some shocking news about his sister, Emily, as they continued the search into the missing drugs. 

Also, Dr. Charles was forced to wrestle with the fact that Dr. Reese's father was lying about something. 

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Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Daniel: So Burt isn't talking to Dr. Chapman, he isn't talking to Dr. Reese, he's not even talking to me. You two were married for thirty years, thirty years. I'm sorry, I'm just asking, could you please, could you, could you talk to him? Just try and open him up?
Sharon: So, you think because of all those good years that I owe him something now?
Daniel: I'm just saying that coming from you, it might make a difference, that's all.
Sharon: Well, let me ask you this, Daniel, what did Burt owe me when he walked out?

Ava: He pulled himself off.
Nat: Why? Because we lost a patient?
Connor: I lost her and her baby because of my poor judgement. I made the wrong call on her treatment.
Nat: But the Cronins are counting on you.
Ava: They're counting on the team.