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Did Jesse manage to save his brother's life?

That was revealed on Code Black Season 3 Episode 3 when his brother showed up at the hospital after being hurt in a warehouse collapse. 

However, more details were revealed and it emerged that he had advanced congestive heart failure. With the continued threat of his death, Jesse had to prepare for the worst. 

Also, Willis opened up to Rox about his brother who was killed. 

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Code Black Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Ethan: And you, sir, are suffering what's known as "penis captivus."
Brandt: Yeah, sounds about right. So, how long am I going to be in vagina lock-down?

Avila: Anything else you want me to do, Dr. Guthrie? Pick up your dry cleaning or wash your car?
Guthrie: Excuse me?
Avila: Uh, humans don't exercise impulse control until twenty-five. It's...late bloomer.