Claws Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Cracker Casserole

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The new normal continues to be interesting.

Relationships were definitely evolving on Claws Season 2 Episode 2.

Everybody was still adjusting to life under Zlata.

New Challenges - Claws Season 2 Episode 2

Having the hardest time adjusting was the Hussers.

It's hard to believe that Uncle Daddy, aided by Roller and Bryce, used to run this operation in Palmetto. They've become rather buffoonish in Claws Season 2. Or maybe they always were but were propped by Desna's money-laundering operation.

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Yes, I understand that Uncle Daddy was still mourning the loss of Juanda, or as Bryce referred to her, Auntie Mama. She was obviously Clay's rock, and he's lost without her, despite still having Toby living with him.

Bryce is the smart one of the trio (granted, not a high bar), but he was still off his game, smarting from Jenn's betrayal with Hank. 

Finally, there was Roller, still trying to get by on animal cunning. Now he's partnered with Olga, who is even less mature than him. It was humorous to watch her roll off him when finished, then offer to play violent video games with him.

The New Boss - Claws Season 2 Episode 2

Zlata was a little harsh in viewing the Hussers as "hillbillies," but they've done little to raise her estimation of them.

Gregory Ruval, the Haitian leader, is another matter, He seems willing to play the long game if he can keep the Hussers in line. I'm just afraid Desna is going to get hurt in the process.

Is Gregory with Desna only to keep track of what she's doing? Or does he hope to make her an ally in his jockeying with the Russians?

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I was shocked that Desna and Gregory didn't run into each other at Uncle Daddy's house near the end. I guess Desna and company went in the front, while he slipped away from the back. 

Desna didn't appear to see any option other than keeping Zlata satisfied.

So she and Dean are moving into Jenn's house (maybe Virginia too?). It indeed will be, as Jenn put it, some kind of "boogie-down Brady Bunch."

Zlata's demand to raise foot traffic for the clinic resulted in a highlight in this episode: Desna's ad. Using Polly's male dancers in a musical production was genius. And who would have thought Dr. Ken could hold his own with them, movement wise?

Polly in Action - Claws Season 2 Episode 2

Polly's troupe, with dancers such as Sweetback and XXL, promise to be an intriguing wrinkle in this season's narrative.

The show's powers that be continue to find new ways to employ Carrie Preston's Polly and her ability to spin a tale. Who would possibly believe she was related to blaxploitation director Marvin Van Peebles? Watching her race around as Desna's production director was also a hoot.

While Desna was dealing with Zlata, the rest of her girls were coping with their own crises.

Jenn's life remained in turmoil. Bryce was no closer to returning to their home, which is about to become Desna and Dean's residence as well.

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Making matters worse was Jenn's mother, Brenda, who she called for help. Boy, was that another bad decision by Jenn!

After meeting Brenda, who was a slut and a racist, it's easier to understand why Jenn made some of her past bad choices. She was trying to escape Brenda, none too successfully.

Why Jenn thought she could go out socially with Hank, wearing that Confederate square-dance dress, is beyond me. I loved the caller with all his Jenn-specific calls, which led to her running away from Hank to find Bryce.

 Her discovery of her mother with Bryce led to the magnificent brawl with everybody. I was afraid somebody was going to snap Toby in half accidentally.

I don't entirely blame Jenn for the separation. She strayed after Bryce kept dismissing her concerns about a recovering addict running a pill mill. He was enjoying the criminal life too much, so she left, mentally and physically. The scales are even more balanced after his dalliance with Brenda.

Bonding Over a Secret - Claws Season 2 Episode 2

Finally, there was the evolving relationship between Dean and Virginia.

Virginia's abortion was handled about as well as possible. The Brady Bunch-style setup with Desna, her crew, and other women debating the subject was well done.

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As usual, Quiet Ann had the most profound contribution to the discussion. Perhaps her history is what made Ann so sympathetic to the turmoil Virginia was going through.

Dean's proposal to Virginia was very sweet and appropriate. Desna is just going to have to deal with their possible marriage. I think both Dean and Virginia are sincere, but I genuinely don't expect them to last.

Trailers for the show seem to indicate Desna will be taking a position at the forefront of one of the gangs. I just wonder how long it will be before she starts acting rather than reacting.

To follow Zlata's reign, watch Claws online.

What did you think of Brenda? How did you like the commercial? Will Jenn and Bryce get back together? 

Comment below.

Cracker Casserole Review

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Claws Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

It's Desna, Brenda. I've only told you that about 8 million times.

Desna [to Brenda]

And when I go to my Million Moms meeting, I will not leave my grandbabies in the car if it's over 100 degrees.

Karen [to Jenn]