Days of Our Lives Round Table: Was Theresa Wrong To Keep Quiet?

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Chloe saved herself and came back to Salem to take her revenge on Theresa, Claire made a move on Tripp, and Ben Weston claimed to be sane!

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kierstin from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Theresa keeping quiet about Chloe, Laura treating Abigail, and if Will and Sonny are destined to be reunited on Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Should Theresa have told someone about Chloe being held by Mateo?

Kierstin: Yes. Theresa probably should have told someone about Chloe being held by Mateo, but Theresa was going to any length to protect Brady and Tate.

Jack: Absolutely. The writers have done a poor job of actually showing Mateo to be dangerous enough for Theresa's fear to be justified. And I still can't believe Victor doesn't have the resources to protect Brady and Tate.

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At the very least, she should have called Shane and told him that she had been freed but had to leave Chloe behind and let him communicate that to John, since he was the ISA's lead agent on this thing.

Christine: She absolutely should have told Shane. Someone needed to know that Chloe was being held there and it’s not as though the ISA was running to save Theresa, so I can’t imagine they would have stormed in to save Chloe.

I know Theresa was trying to protect her family, but not at least telling Shane seems selfish and cruel.

Will, Paul, and the Past - Days of Our Lives

Do you think Will might go back to Sonny if he regains his memories, or stay with Paul?

Kierstin: Will might possibly go back to Sonny if he regains his memories, because Will seems to be having feelings for Sonny anyway.

Jack: The writing is on the wall in my opinion. When Will patted Sonny's hand and then Sonny looked sad that he was relieved to hear from Paul, it was clear that they were starting down the path of Will and Sonny reuniting romantically.

Christine: I hope not! I was a fan of Sonny and Will but they were always a little mismatched. Paul and Will have such wonderfully chemistry. They trust one another and have a very mature relationship. I find that to be a breath of fresh air in Salem.

Abigail Gets Help - Days of Our Lives

Is Laura the right choice to treat Abigail? Would you prefer Abigail’s therapy to be on or off screen?

Kierstin: I think Laura is the right choice. I would prefer Abigail's therapy to be on screen.

Jack: Awful, awful choice. Laura is totally incompetent (she already misdiagnosed Abby's PTSD as schizophrenia) and has zero experience with DID. It would have made a ton more sense for Kim to handle this, since she is a DID survivor herself.

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Plus grandparents should not be treating their grandchildren. If DAYS ever handled mental illness stories properly, I would want to see Abby's therapy on screen, but considering how badly they botched JJ's therapy after his suicide attempt, I'll be relieved if it's totally off-screen so that I won't be irked by the unrealistic nature of it all.

Christine: Laura is the worst choice. No doctor should have a family member as their patient. Plus, in the past, Laura has completely misdiagnosed Abigail, and let her entire family think she was dead! How does anyone trust this woman anymore?

As Jack said above, if Abigail’s treatment was handled with any kind of realism, then that could be interesting, but as it is, it’s probably better that it all takes place off screen.

A Confusing Breakup - Days of Our Lives

Was Claire purposefully not telling Tripp about Ciara’s history with sexual assault, or was she just that clueless that she wasn’t connecting it to Ciara’s current behavior?

Kierstin: Claire might purposefully not be telling Tripp, because that would be like her character.

Jack: I think she was clueless. I hate how they write Claire so unevenly, that she's only her original sweet personality when it suits them but most of the time they make her devious and manipulative.

Christine: Clueless. Maybe she just doesn’t understand how sexual assault can affect someone moving forward. I do wish they’d write Claire with a little more consistency. Her reactions and motivations are all over the place, but then again, maybe that’s just her personality.

Hope Questions Ben - Days of Our Lives

Do you want to see Ben Weston back in Salem? Do you think he’s no longer a murderous psychopath?

Kierstin: I would like to see Ben back in Salem if his character has changed and if he's reformed. There could be a lot of potential with that storyline.

Jack: No, no, a thousand times no. It is absolutely ridiculous that a man who murdered three women for no reason whatsoever, tormented his girlfriend, and attempted to kill Will, gets released while Gabi is still in prison weeks after she should have been exonerated.

Plus the rushed nature of this is annoying. I'd much rather have seen Eve, JJ, Eric, and whoever Wendy the midwife's loved ones were appear at a hearing to try to convince a judge to keep him imprisoned than see him come back to Salem after one brief interview with Marlena. (I'd also rather Paige have been given the miracle drug too but that's beside the point.)

Christine: I don’t mind the actor, but the storyline is just so preposterous. I’m really not sure what purpose it serves to bring Ben back to Salem, and there are several other characters who are in Salem whom I wish would get more screen time.

Gabi is Attacked Again - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Kierstin: I'm disappointed that Gabi can't get out of prison. It's a very frustrating storyline. I'm hoping for Gabi's storyline to move on into something new.

Jack: Even though I like the Theresa/Eve/Brady story, I'd have preferred they not canonize Eve as a saint! She has done horrible things in the past too and they're writing it like she's some purely good person while Theresa is pure evil. Some nuance in this story would be nice.

In addition, Theresa calling Mateo to warn him about John and Paul was beyond the pale and the writers have done nothing to show Mateo actually being that much of a threat. He's so scary and powerful that the ISA couldn't stop him, but Chloe easily killed him? Come on.

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I'm also torn about the Kayla story. I'm thrilled Steve and Kayla are getting more airtime, but it looks like we're headed towards breaking up the best couple in Salem over her keeping secrets that are out of character for her to keep.

And don't get me started on Tripp/Ciara/Claire. What could have been a moving, realistic story about Ciara dealing with having been sexually assaulted has turned into yet another guy unable to resist someone else's advances five seconds after the girl of his dreams dumping him, and it seems like her struggle over her rape is just a plot point to get us to the "real" story of Tripp's hooking up with Claire.

Gabi should not have been in prison this long, and this latest problem is utterly ridiculous. It's obvious to anyone with half a brain that she was not physically capable of sticking Dianne with a syringe when she only has the use of one arm! Why does DAYS always have to make prison stories so stereotypical and contrived? There's plenty that they could write about someone unjustly held in prison that doesn't involve some other inmate beating them up in front of corrupt or incompetent guards, and in this case it's worse because there is absolutely no reason or sense to Gabi's storyline.

Finally, Victor's saying his company couldn't be associated with sexual harassment lacked impact when five seconds later he was making misogynistic comments about how Chloe deserved to be held as a sex slave. Maybe his company shouldn't be associated with that attitude either.

A Deal With the Devil - Days of Our Lives

Christine: Where to begin? I hate that Kayla and Steve are being saddled with a story involving Stefan. I know all of these actors worked together on General Hospital, but Stefan makes my skin crawl, and I’m already hating this story.

That Ciara’s sexual assault was never dealt with at all. She should have been in therapy and should still be, instead this is being used as a way to keep Tripp and Ciara apart and that’s pathetic.

Also, Gabi’s prison storyline continues to drag on and on and on, while Abigail gets to waltz off to Boston for therapy with her grandma!

Family Time - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Kierstin: My favorite scene this week was when Will, Sonny, Lucas and Ari were face painting and had cat faces.

Jack: Little Ari stole the show when she visited with Will, Lucas, and Sonny! Those scenes were so cute, and the family time we saw with Ari and the guys is the kind of thing I want to see on my soap instead of all this senseless violence.

Christine: Okay, since everyone else took the adorable Ari scenes, I’m going to choose Will and Paul. I enjoyed the way they shared how they felt about Will taking the chance on getting his memories back. That kind of openness, affection, and respect is why I love them as a couple.

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