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We're at the end of Impulse Season 1 on YouTube Red, and the show couldn't have ended on a steeper cliffhanger! The fates of Henry and Lucas hang in the balance, so we're really hoping for a Season 2.

So is Craig Arnold, who plays Lucas Boone. TV Fanatic had the pleasure of talking to Craig about the series and his role as Lucas.

He had a lot of interesting things to say about the characters, the Impulse season, and the incredible actors he worked with on the series.

Read on to see what he had to say!

Craig Arnold Headshot - Impulse

I enjoyed the series so much, once I was done binge-watching it, I was ready for Season 2!

Thank you so much. Yeah, I enjoyed it as well. Making it and hoping for a Season 2.

Speaking of the end of the first season, what do you think is going to happen to Lucas, since he decided to go to the Miller's house?

I don't know. it could be anything. I mean, when I read it, I was surprised he went to Esther. Maybe to atone for what he'd done. They could do anything to him though. We just don't know.

He's ready to pay for what he's done and atone for his sins. He feels guilty and he doesn't really know what else to do.

Cleo, Lucas & Bill in the Shop - Impulse

It seems that Esther might be more brutal than her husband, so that's worrisome. She could do anything.

Well, I'd have to say both of them are pretty brutal. We had Mr. Miller open fire in the shop, so he's brutal himself. Then Mrs. Miller started the fire at the Boone's while Clay was inside.

So, yeah, anything could happen to Lucas because after what he's done, they can both be brutal and make him pay.

Do you think the police officer has a clue Lucas is inside the Miller house since she saw the bible?

Maybe! I think she has a clue that something's going on in there because it caught her off guard to see the bible in the house. She knew it shouldn't be in the house and why was it in the house.

I don't think she knows what to do with that information yet, but she may know or figure it out. What she's going to do about it, though, we don't know. But she knows something and maybe she'll put the pieces together that Lucas is there.

How do you think Lucas really feels about Clay? Being that Clay is the golden boy and Lucas is kind of the black sheep.

I think he loves his brother and he wants to do everything he can to protect him. I mean, obviously, he wants to protect him. Especially in the beginning. Bill saw something in Clay and lives through him like he could do no wrong and it's always been that way, so I think Lucas is used to it being that way.

Lucas Boone - Impulse

He doesn't hold any resentment toward Clay. Like I said, he loves his brother. Since he found out what Clay did to Henry, though, he's seeing that maybe Clay isn't so good and that he should go off and do his own thing and find his own way.

He's not like the other two and he's just seeing that and figuring out what that means for him.

You can tell he's a good person that needs some warmth. Like when he was hugging Henry's mom, Cleo, and he just sunk in and absorbed her warmth.

Yeah, he never got any warmth from his own mother and then he's got Bill who, I won't call it love, but will give him attention when Lucas does something for him. So, no, he's never had that.

I mean, you could see when he went to dinner at his mom's house and how cold she was toward him. Lucas could tell by the end of the dinner he was never going to get the motherly love he needed out of her.

Do you think Cleo's motherly ways will draw Lucas toward her and Henry, as in a family? 

That's interesting. I think he could be drawn to them as a family. Maybe the family he needs, but he and Henry would have to overcome some things first. Like, what Clay did to her and really what Lucas did to her by putting her in the trunk.

They would have to come to an understanding about that and get past that before he could get close to them like that.

What do you think will happen with Lucas and Henry's relationship in the future? Do you see romance?

Romance? I don't know. I'd say right now that's the last thing on his mind and toward Henry at this point, he's feeling guilt over what his brother did to her. Ya' know?

Henry in a New Town - Impulse

So, I don't see anything romantic, but maybe in the future. They have a lot in common. They both do things they're own way and keep to themselves and have challenging parental situations, so they do have a lot in common. Yeah, maybe in the future.

How do you think Lucas will deal with killing Amos once it completely hits him? It's started to, I think, but it hasn't mowed him over yet.

Just like in real life, if you were to do something like that, it will always be there. It's not something he's going to get over. Like I said before, he's trying to atone for that now, by turning himself over to the Mennonites, but how he's going to live with himself, I'm not sure. If you've done something like that, it will never leave you.

Possibly turn to religion? Doing something for the Millers, if they wanted anything from him. But, yeah, I don't think that'll just go away.

Maybe if he turns to religion, that will bring him back to his mom because of her husband.

I think it could. There's definitely the potential for that. The dinner at his mother's house in Episode 5, he was interested in what her husband was saying. So, I think that could draw him back, and he definitely took in the quote that he said at the dinner because he re-mentioned that in the car with Cleo in Episode 9.

So, I think that could be a draw and maybe he will give it another shot, going with his quest for atonement, and trying to make things right. He doesn't have much, so he needs to use what he does have.

How do you think Lucas will react when he finds out the extent of Henry's powers?

I'm not sure at the moment how he's going to react to it because Henry's just starting to be able to control her powers. Yeah, I think he is one of the first people to clue in when she destroys his car. He just knows there's something going on, but he can't figure out what it is.

Lucas's Trunk Collapses - Impulse

I think he'd be excited by it. I know I would be! Wanna understand exactly what the power was and how it works, but how are you gonna use it? Or if he wants to use it or work alongside with her. I'm not sure.

They're both people who don't really fit in, in this small town, so there might be a draw in that sense. In that maybe it opens up the possibility of escaping, which is something I think is enticing for both of them.

I could see him joining their little superhero team.

Yeah, with Jenna and Towns. I think there would have to be a little bit of rebuilding their relationship, for Lucas definitely, but if they were willing to accept him, I think it would be a good fit for him.

How do you like working in the sci-fi realm? Is this the first sci-fi work you've done?

I've done some episodes of sci-fi shows before. I've done work on Haven and Lost Girl, but this is the first time I've really gotten to dig in and do a regular role on a sci-fi series like this.

What do you think about it? Is it different than other types of acting?

This show is so real and character driven, that most of the time, working on it, I didn't feel like it was a sci-fi show. I mean, there are of course special effects and some subject matter, that when you talk about it, it's not real life, it's teleportation. So, there is that aspect to it.

I really find it to be really quite similar because the characters are all written as real people we'd encounter in our lives. So, I haven't found it to be a huge difference.

The characters are so relatable.

Yeah, that's what drew me in and kept me so interested throughout the whole thing. First drawn by the sci-fi aspect of it, and knowing it's by Steven Gould. Really it gets so deep and every character is so well written and so real. Dealing with such realistic human problems that are so relatable. That's really what got me hooked on it.

Have you started any work on Season 2?

No, no. We still don't know what's happening with the show just yet. We're still waiting. Fingers crossed. I hope we get a Season 2.

Me too! You can't leave us all hanging like that.

I know! We need some closure.

A big thanks to Craig Arnold for taking the time to share his thoughts about Impulse with TV Fanatic.

Don't miss a minute of Impulse. It's amazing TV. You'll be hooked! Impulse is available on YouTube Red. Once you've seen Season 1, you'll want a Season 2, so let your voice be heard!

Kim Russell was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in January 2019.

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