Life Sentence Boss Reveals How Series Should Have Ended

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Life Sentence aired its final episode Friday night on The CW. 

While the finale was filled with crazy twists, it left most viewers bawling their eyes out. 

The reason? The show was canceled too soon, and nobody got to find out whether Stella (Lucy Hale) and Wes (Elliot Knight) got back together. 

Finding Their Romantic Groove - Life Sentence

Fans quickly took to social media to get some answers, and co-creator Richard Keith wasted no time in responding with answers to some of the most burning questions. 

"Ugh @lucyhale @richkeith what happens to Stella/Wes??????? 😭❤️ #LifeSentence gone too soon," said one frustrated fan following the airing of Life Sentence Season 1

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"They stay friends... then drift apart... then reconnect in Paris at 30 and get remarried, fully knowing the commitment they are making... and they adopt the child of a someone who is diagnosed with cancer while pregnant and chooses to have the baby rather than chemo #lifesentence," Keith said in response to the fan. 

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It's always difficult when your favorite show gets cut short, but it's great having that little tidbit of information to know where these characters would have ended up if the series continued. 

Another fan wanted to know what would have become of Dr. Grant if the show had more episodes. 

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"Killed him," Keith responded.

"Totally J/k... we would have brought him back at some point but the long play was always about Stella and Wes."

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Meanwhile, leading lady, Lucy Hale confirmed that she was upset about the show coming to an end so soon. 

"I’m still crying about the finale," she said.

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"It shouldn’t have ended so soon. But hearing all of your responses has genuinely made us all so happy," she continued.

"Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts. ❤️ #LifeSentence @cw_lifesentence."

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Life Sentence launched in March but struggled in the ratings from the get-go. The CW moved it to Fridays a few weeks into its run. 

It was canceled last month ahead of the network's upfronts presentation. 

What did you think of the finale, Life Sentence Fanatics?

Hit the comments below. 

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