SIX Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Masks

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Caulder can't catch a break.

He met someone who could have been the love of his life on SIX Season 2 Episode 5, but it ended before it even began.

At least he can take comfort in knowing he saved her life.

Retrieving Hostages - SIX

Dawn was a perfect match for Caulder. He connected with her almost immediately. She was a soldier. A fighter. And like him, she had secrets.

Even though he didn't share his greatest secret (opioid addiction) with her, he was quite comfortable talking to her about his daughter. I liked that Dharma was what he decided to share with her.

I bet he's never talked about Dharma with any of his other women. But Dawn was different.

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Although the romance ended before it even began, Dawn will be the woman he'll always remember. She imprinted herself on his soul.

I firmly believe that things happen for a reason -- the people we meet whether just in passing or something more long-term -- there's a purpose to it all.

Caulder is going to have a hard time in rehab and may never fully recover. If he doesn't get back to being a working SEAL, he's still going to get through it. 

Mission Briefing - SIX Season 2 Episode 5

Had Dawn not come into his life, his road might have been a bit bumpier. He might not have had the courage to lean on the people who care about him the most.

I'm going to guess that very soon we're going to see Caulder and Dharma have a deep conversation.

He was reluctant to lean on her, but he's going to realize that she's the most important person in his life, and the one he's going to be able to depend on the most.

It's not that the rest of the guys are going to abandon him -- they're not -- but, eventually, he's not going to be part of the team as he knew it.

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It's all speculation, of course. Things could turn out entirely different, but I seriously don't think he's going to recover from his injury or returning to full duty anytime soon.

This was why Dawn was put on his path -- to show him that he can and will -- be okay.

And Caulder served a purpose, too. Dawn had every intention of ending her life, but meeting Caulder changed things and gave her a different perspective.

A Reason to Live - SIX Season 2 Episode 5

It may turn out that she'll end her life anyway, as she's got a lot of soul-searching to do, just as Caulder does with his opioid addiction.

He's doing a good job staying off the pills, and when things start to get tougher for him, he's going to lean on Dharma instead of the pills. Mark my words. The opioid addiction is over.

While it probably won't happen, I'd love to see Dawn come back and reunite with Caulder at some point despite what she said in her letter. They belong together.

On a Mission - SIX Season 2 Episode 5

Speaking about romance, does anyone else think there might be some heat between Michael and Gina? She's a strange one, and I still haven't decided if I like her or not.

Lena: This is not how we get back together. Be safe out there, okay?
Bear: Of course.

At the very least, they might end up in bed together. They're already in bed together, so to speak, but there's a deeper connection there. There's a huge possibility that one or both of them might get killed when they eventually meet with the Prince for the hostage exchange.

Something is going on with her, and it might just be that she's being pulled into Michael's web. He's very persuasive, and I still think he's the one holding the upper hand right now.

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He wants the Prince dead as much as Gina does but for different reasons. She wants to avenge Vince's death. He wants to take over the cause. Whatever is going to happen, I'm getting a bad feeling about it.

Michael: What the hell happened to you?
Gina: Nine Eleven. When the towers fell, I stopped believing. Do you believe in God?
Michael: If you're going to start interrogating me, take me back inside.

The first thing I thought of when Michael said he wanted to call his cousin was that he was going to check in with Marissa.

That loosey-goosey is living in a fantasy land. If he got a hold of her and learned what she was doing, he would be thrilled. It would give him even more incentive to do what he needed to do to not only get out of the grasp of the CIA but to take over the cause.

Chase Pays Attention - SIX Season 2 Episode 5

It's entirely possible that he sees Gina as an asset and someone who would fit in perfectly with what he's trying to accomplish. She's a lost soul, and aren't those the type of people he's drawing to the flame?

Over to you.

Who is the puppet, and who is the puppet master in Gina and Michael's relationship?

Is Lena really having a relationship with her art teacher?

Is it possible that Marissa will bring Anabel into the crazy fold?

Will Caulder make it back to the SEALs? Will he and Dawn circle back to each other?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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SIX Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Try to negotiate with me again, and I'll have your tongue cut out.

The Prince

Lena: This is not how we get back together. Be safe out there, okay?
Bear: Of course.