The Originals Round Table: Was Hayley's Death Cruel?

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Hayley is dead!

On The Originals Season 5 Episode 6, the character sacrificed herself to save her family, but did it all feel a little too convenient?

TV Fanatics Lizzy Buczak, Alyssa Whittington and Justin Carreiro, react to the big death and discuss what it means for the future. 

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Hayley sacrificed herself to try and save her family. React!

Lizzy: If there was no other way, it would be noble. But they've survived for so long, she could have easily just pushed Greta and spared herself.

I hated how cheap Hayley's death felt given how important of a character she was. And even though we saw it coming from those leaked Twitter spoilers, it didn't hurt any less. She deserved so much more! Not to mention, I always wanted her and Elijah to be endgame. 

Alyssa: Her death was poorly written. I honestly couldn’t believe the writers did her that way. She had been in worse predicaments, but she couldn't manage to just push Greta outside. It was a tragedy. Her death was absolutely uncalled for. RIP to my Haylijah heart.

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Justin: I agree with Lizzy's sentiment. They could've done so much more with the character than a needless death that wrote her off. After Hayley went missing for so many weeks, I figured that something like this would happen to save costs or screentime. Hayley deserved more.

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How do you feel about Elijah working on the wrong side?

Lizzy: Everything is his fault, but I can't blame him for it because he doesn't remember any of them or the feelings he harbored for Hayley. Still, it stung to see him ignore Hayley's pleas and stand by as she lit up in flames.

When he does finally get his memories back, he'll never forgive himself for what he did. Maybe this just means he will stay blissfully ignorant forever? It's so infuriating that Klaus didn't just order Marcel to give him back the memories before things got so out of hand! 

Alyssa: When Elijah gets his memories back, he will be filled with grief, rage, and sadness. There's no way he will survive this with her blood on his hands.

The way she said his name... The way she looked at him before dying... Elijah will not make it out of this the same. He'll be changed forever, and it's entirely his fault. 

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Justin: The day he gets his memories back, he will regret everything he had done. I wouldn't be surprised if we get a redemption moment from him where he sacrifices himself to save the city/his family because of how terrible he felt over letting Hayley die.

You're Not So Evil - The Originals Season 5 Episode 6

Do you feel like the writers threw Caroline in to try and bring up the fact that there was a spark between her and Klaus in the past?

Lizzy: Yeah, it was very ill-fitting. I'm rooting for Caroline and Klaus because these two deserve some semblance of happiness, but this just wasn't the time for all the "hey, remember when" stuff. It felt way too forced which is unfortunate because it takes away from the natural chemistry these two always had on set. 

Alyssa: I did, but I don't mind that. KLAROLINE FOR LIFE... Anyways, I feel she was brought in to reestablish their relationship because obviously, they are endgame.

They couldn't just throw Caroline back in and then have them get together. It has to be a gradual progression, so even though it might feel like she was thrown in-- it's for a reason. And I'm all here for their relationship. I love the soft Klaus we get when she's around. 

Justin: As much as I liked her return, their reunion almost felt like a goodbye. They reminisced about the past, but there wasn't any plot that pushed them forward to the point that would make them endgame. Unless you knew of their relationship from The Vampire Diaries, her return felt out of place at this moment.

A Coffee Date - The Originals

Is Antoinette going to continue Greta's work, or is she above that?

Lizzy: At first, I thought she was innocent in all of this especially because it didn't seem like she knew about Greta's plans at all nor did she share her twisted beliefs. But since Klaus and co. murdered her mom and will probably do the same to Roman -- he had it coming! -- I'm thinking she'll be a little ticked off. It's shaping up to be a battle between her and Elijah and the Mikaelson clan.  

Alyssa: Antoinette is just like Greta. I'm calling it now. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. She will eventually come out as the ultimate baddie. There's too much coincidence for an alternative to be true. 

Justin: Antoinette is going to join the fight and keep the drama going. Revenge is a powerful motivation.

Smile Time - The Originals Season 5 Episode 5

How will Hope react to the fact that she trusted Roman too soon?

Lizzy: First heartbreak is always painful but even more so when your crush turns out to be the person who wanted to murder you. I think Hope is going to lash out at everyone thus making Ivy's prophecies/ visions come true. 

Alyssa: She will be devastated. Absolutely devastated. Her mother's death is on her hands as well. The only person who tried to save Hayley was Klaus.

Unfortunately for Hope, she will wake up motherless and in a way fatherless since Klaus cannot be near her for extended periods of time. My heart goes out to her, but in a way, she did this. I believe Hope will hate herself for this. 

Justin: Hope will be heartbroken over the loss of her mother. Hayley was everything to Hope, and she loved her mother so much. This loss could be what pushes Hope to do something reckless or retaliate against those who used/manipulated her.

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The Originals Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Caroline: We should have a location on them any minute.
Klaus: So, what, we just wait here and sip rancid diner coffee?
Caroline: Or you can think about what you'll say when you see Hope.

Klaus: You know, you have a lot to answer for and not just for losing my daughter.
Caroline: She's not lost.
Klaus: After all your haranguing, be a better father, become more engaged.
Caroline: I refute harangue. I am not a haranguer. I gave constructive advice.