The Originals Round Table: Will Freelin Last?

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Despite a string of deaths, The Originals Season 5 Episode 9 served a more significant purpose: to show viewers that not all couples are doomed. 

Below, TV Fanatics Lizzy Buczak, Alyssa Whittington and Justin Carreiro discuss the body count rising, that big engagement and Vincent's fateful decision. 

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What are your thoughts on the body count rising so quickly?

Lizzy: Seems like it's being done for the shock factor. Though after Hayley's death, killing off Lisina or Ivy seems like child's play. I do feel bad for Vincent since everyone he has ever loved or grown close to besides Freya has been murdered.

Alyssa: I think it's being done rather quick. I know this is the last season, but still. Who made the rule that everyone has to die in the last season? I need to have words with them.

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Justin: The Originals is going through their final season itch. Since this is the last season, they're able to get away with a large body count and the ability to kill off whomever in the process. They're clearing house before the series finale.

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Were you surprised Vincent sided with the werewolves? 

Lizzy: Nope. He has always tried to remain neutral and in this case, his ideas aligned with what the wolves, Marcel and Josh wanted for the Quarter; a community where all the factions are equal.

'm more surprised he didn't anticipate something happening as a consequence of his choice until the last minute. 

Alyssa: Absolutely not. His allegiance could never side with the vampires. It's just not who he is. At least with there's still humanity amongst the werewolves. I would've been shocked if he didn't side with them.

Justin: Not at all. Vincent's personality always seemed like the one that would side with the option that benefited the most people toward a harmonious option. As both Lizzy and Alyssa pointed out, that option didn't lie with the vampires.

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Did Elijah really compel Declan, or did Declan have some vervain in his system?

Lizzy: 100% had vervain in his system. He may not be aware of the supernatural entities in New Orleans as he seemed genuinely shocked by Hope's powers.

However, Hayley would never let a man she loved roam around without protection. I can see him becoming the ultimate villain in his attempt to avenge both Cami and Hayley's deaths. 

Alyssa: Honestly, do we care about Declan? He seems like a means to an end to me. Of course, he had vervain in his system, but that doesn't mean anything will come of it. It's been done a few too many times in the TVD/Originals world.

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Justin: How much vervain is out there?! These characters seem to always have a good supply of the ingredient on them to avoid the effects of the vampires. Nevertheless, to answer the question: Yes, there was vervain.

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Now that Hope is struggling to deal with the Hollow's power, how will her family get it out of her?

Lizzy: I don't know, but I hope they do it soon cause I'm over the Hollow storyline. My guess is that they will transfer all of its power to Elijah who will sacrifice himself to save Hope.

At this point, it's the least he can do, and it doesn't seem like he'll forgive himself anytime soon nor will Hope forgive him. 

Alyssa: I 100% agree with Lizzy. It would be a redeemable end to Elijah's storyline, and he more than likely ends up with Hayley after death. 

Justin: I guess it's a unanimous choice between us three. Elijah is going to sacrifice himself to save Hope and find redemption in his story. This plot is being built up to make it happen.

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Freya asked Keelin to marry her. React!

Lizzy: I'm a little upset it took Freya almost losing Keelin to pop the question. I was sure Keelin was going to die in this episode; it was all too perfect.

I also found it frustrating that Freya was proposing while Hope was trying to contain the Hollow after a spell she helped her with. 

Alyssa: I'm happy that Freya is doing what makes her happy but come on! It's extremely poor timing. Her niece, who she's supposed to be extremely close with, is in extreme danger.

Which is partly Freya's fault. The last thing she should be thinking about is getting married. At least that's how I'd be with my niece or nephew.

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Justin: My heart! Freya is finally finding happiness and making it official with the woman she loves. Sure, it was poor timing, but ... I'm so happy for them.

Okay, The Originals Fanatics. It's your turn!

Hit the comments with your take on the questions. 

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