The Walking Dead Shocker: Which Original Star is Returning?

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With The Walking Dead losing two key players in the upcoming ninth season, the show is bringing one dearly departed character back. 

Per TV Line, Jon Bernthal is staging a comeback to the AMC hit as Shane Walsh

Now, you may be scratching your head thinking, "that dude's totally dead." 

shane twd tall

There's no confirmation as of yet what brings Shane back into the fold, but the consensus is that he'll appear in flashbacks. 

The rumor mill kicked into high gear over the weekend when a fan shared a picture from inside a store. 

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Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln are very much present, as well as someone in the background which looks a lot like Rick's frenemy Shane. 

Have a look at the picture for yourself. 

TWD Shane Returns

It was previously reported that the show's leading man, Andrew Lincoln would be departing after just six episodes of The Walking Dead Season 9. 

There is still no confirmation, but the return of Bernthal only adds fuel to that fire. 

Bernthal appeared on the show from 2010-12 before being killed off at the hands of Rick, so his return will likely be linked to Rick's pending departure. 

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The Walking Dead is also poised to lose Lauren Cohen during Season 9. 

The actress is not signed up to appear as a regular and will lead the cast of new ABC drama, Whiskey Cavalier. 

Lauren Cohan Attends Event

It's hard to imagine the zombie hit without both Lincoln and Cohan, but it looks like we're going to have to get used to it. 

There's no definite return date for the series, but it generally debuts in October, with a big trailer usually dropping at San Diego Comic-Con. 

As always, we'll keep you up to speed on any The Walking Dead related news as it breaks. 

What do you think of Bernthal's return?

Speculate away in the comments. 

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