5 Top Reasons You Should Be Watching Preacher

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We're five episodes into Preacher Season 3  on AMC, and you need to watch because it's really getting good. It's one of those shows you see on commercials, and you have to ask yourself -- what the hell is that about? 

It's off-color, and it's dark, but that's what makes it fun.

Jessie - Preacher

You will see things on Preacher you'll never see on any other program. It's a different experience, but isn't that why we watch TV in the first place?

TV takes us to places we can't and won't go ourselves, and we gladly go for a ride with characters we love (or hate).

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So, why should you watch Preacher? Here are the top five reasons.

Preacher's Unique

When you watch TV, a lot of times there are overlaps. Comedies run similar skits, dramas tug at your heartstrings, horrors make you watch through your fingers and cry for your mama, but Preacher is different.

It doesn't fit into a neat mold. Preacher takes subjects other shows wouldn't dream of touching and fits them into a place where it makes sense.

A few things happening in Preacher have been

  • God running around Earth in a dog suit
  • The Messiah descendant is inbred and mentally challenged (to say the least).
  • Hitler is given a gentler side and now works in a diner.

You just don't see this type of subject matter addressed. Anywhere.

Preacher Cast

And while you may think that's enough to turn you away from Preacher, think again.

TV, as a medium of art, is supposed to elicit a response and get people talking. Why not delve into something that will spark conversation?

Preacher does that.

Preacher has a Dark Humor

The characters in Preacher are given lines that are funny. Hands down. The delivery of those lines by Preacher's talented cast will make you laugh out loud.

How many shows can do that? Not many.

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There's a dark humor current running through the show. I'll admit, you have to have a dark side to your sense of humor to find some of it funny. If you can let go of conventional humor, you'll be able to appreciate how funny Preacher can be.

So, while most shows run similar comedy lines, Preacher hits your funny bone a different way, but it does hit that funny bone.

There is an Amazing Cast

Preacher is stocked with talent. The cast includes Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Joe Gilgun, Graham McTavish, Pip Torrens, Julie Ann Emery, and Betty Buckley -- Just to name a few. This reason alone should at least get your curiosity up. 

The chemistry between the cast members is palpable and fun to watch. You can tell by watching them on the screen they're having fun playing their parts, and it makes you have fun right along with them.

Tulip Means Business - Preacher Season 3 Episode 4

It Features Complicated Relationships with Family

In Season 3 especially, Preacher is exploring family relationships. We're meeting Jesse Custer's family for the first time. Even though they're bad people and they mistreated Jesse beyond belief, they're still family and that complicates things.

Where Jesse would typically go in and destroy anyone who goes against him or his love, Tulip, he approaches his dysfunctional family in a different way.

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It's interesting to watch Jesse struggle with himself, and the life he used to live with his family. We can all relate to complicated relationships with family members, so we can all relate to Jesse's struggle.

Speaking of Tulip, she also struggles with family issues from her past that maybe we can relate to.

These complexities make it easy to relate to and fall in love with the characters because we may have dealt with similar situations.

There are Beautifully Choreographed Fight Scenes

There are a lot of fight scenes in the three seasons of Preacher so far, and a lot more to come. They're not typical disorganized fight scenes. The fight scenes are more reminiscent of an old kung-fu movie crossed with The Matrix.

Cassidy Makes a Friend - Preacher Season 3 Episode 5

The characters work together when they fight, in a push-pull kind of way. It looks more like a violent dance than a fight.

And there's no sexism here, the women are just as kickass as the men. Maybe even more so.

The show even goes so far as to make the fight scenes visually appealing with colors and slow motion to enhance the audience's experience. It's a sight to see.


Surrounding the entire series is a current of religion. You've got a preacher who struggles to preach and is given an incredible gift.

God has gone AWOL from heaven.

Souls are sucked out of people and traded or consumed.

There's an entire organization whose sole purpose is to protect Jesus's lineage.

Preacher takes religion and makes you think. The show makes you ask yourself questions such as these:

  1. What if God really was missing from Heaven?
  2. What if the second coming was being monitored?
  3. What if people could really escape from Hell?

These aren't typical questions you'd think about, but Preacher gets you wondering.

Alienating Friends - Preacher

Good TV is TV that makes you think. It makes you question reality, and it entertains you. It gives you a place to go right in the comfort of your living room, and gifts you with friends you could never have. Preacher does all that and more.

If you haven't given Preacher a try, you should. Let go of any preconceived notions you have, and tune in. Preacher airs on Sunday nights at 10/9 central on AMC.

Want to catch up on Preacher? You can watch Preacher right here on TV Fanatic! After you've watched it, come back and share your thoughts about the series in the comments.

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