Alone Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Desperate Measures

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On Alone Season 5 Episode 7, we're about a month into Mongolia, and the weather has turned.

As expected, the fish are getting less aggressive, and that means anybody depending on fish is in trouble.

That would be Britt and Randy. Larry doesn't depend on fish, but he is eating them, so he might suffer a little. Poor Sam isn't eating a damn thing, so he suffering right now.

Dave Talking About Hunting - Alone Season 5 Episode 7

He had to be pretty desperate to cook up leeches and eat them. You've gotta do what you've gotta do, though. The man needs food.

It doesn't appear Sam's going to last much longer, simply because he isn't having any success in the food category.

His attitude isn't bad, and he's doing well mentally, but without food, it won't matter.

He keeps trying like the dickens, but fail after fail is wearing on him.

Not having food is making things a little more difficult on me.


With the temps dipping down in the 30s, Sam doesn't have much time to get a game plan going, if he's going to go much further in Mongolia.

The lack of protein is zapping Sam's energy, and he's going to peter out.

He has to resort to hunting, but he might not even have the energy for that now.

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Dave is dealing better with the hunting situation. Instead of getting bummed about hurting the animals, but not killing them right away, he's coming up with solutions.

On Alone Season 5 Episode 6, it looked as though Dave might tap because he just couldn't bear to hurt another animal, but he's turned a corner.

Hunting Jungle Style - Alone Season 5 Episode 7

He realizes that in order to survive and thrive, he's got to kill, and he's smart enough to come up with contraptions to lessen the suffering for the animal. 

Whatever makes him feel better.

The first tree stand on Alone! Go, Dave!

It didn't look too stable, but Dave's got a great vantage point now, and he'll be bagging a deer soon.

That amount of food will take him far, and may very well win him the game.

Somebody who may not make it too much further is Larry.

Another day in paradise, right?


His temper will be his downfall. Larry's yelling at the weather, and while it might be healthy to let out your frustrations, Larry's anger consumes him. He gets so worked up, and he has trouble calming down.

That's not a good state of mind when you have to think to survive.

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His net was impressive, and he was so proud of himself for building it himself and having it work well.

You could see the pride on his face when he was talking about the fishing rod and net he made.

Larry needs to hold onto those feelings of pride and motivation, and not get so caught up in the small things he can't control.

Larry Cooking Food - Alone Season 5 Episode 7

Like the weather.

If Larry can let go a little, and roll with the punches, he may be able to keep going. If not, he's a goner.

Maybe he should devise a plan to hunt the boar roaming around his campsite. How crazy was it when he left his tent at night to find it?

Dude! You need a plan! Boars are dangerous. He diddy bopped right out of his tent in the middle of the night with no weapon.

That was nuts. Larry, for the love of God, prepare.

Out here all I think about is food.


Speaking of mental state, Britt still has a sunshiny and funny demeanor.

He may be hungry, and the fish aren't biting, but he doesn't let that get him down.

He's still joking through his camera lens and trying to come up with plans to find food.

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Britt has admitted that he doesn't have the skills that the other contestants may have, but he solves problems on the fly.

If he can figure out another source of food, I have high hopes for Britt.

I don't think anybody is losing it mentally yet.

That may have to do with the fact they've all been on Alone before.

They know what it's like, so they've had a chance to mentally prepare for what it's like to be truly alone. 

Britt in his Tent - Alone Season 5 Episode 7

Notice that was part of Brooke's problem.

She was on Alone with her husband, so she wasn't really alone.

This time, she was alone, and it was part of her downfall.

The contestants tell the fans they can't describe what it's like to be all alone, so it's hard for anyone watching to relate.

I look like an old, blind, albino coal miner.


Unless they've been in solitary.

Then they know all about it.

Over to you, Alone fans! Based on this episode, who do you think is going to tap out next?

How do you think Larry's temper will affect his future? Do you enjoy Britt's camera humor?

Tell me what you think in the comments!

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Desperate Measures Review

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Not having food is making things a little more difficult on me.


Another day in paradise, right?