Claws Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Scream

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So that's what Quiet Ann has been thinking.

We finally got to go inside the mind of Quiet Ann on Claws Season 2 Episode 4.

Ann has been seemingly the most thoughtful of Desna's crew, but we've learned so little about her. She's an Ivy League graduate and an ex-felon who was forced to give up the child she gave birth to when she was young.

Trying to Reconnect - Claws Season 2 Episode 4

Desna saved her life and gave her a home, and now Ann is fiercely loyal to Desna above all else.

That includes betraying Arlene, her soulmate, setting up the detective before she was able to arrest Desna on Claws Season 1 Episode 9.

Ann got cruelly reminded of what might have been when she received a phone call from Department of Human Services saying they had a baby ready to be adopted by Ann and her partner. She could have gotten a child to replace the one she lost, but she had to decline because she and Arlene weren't together anymore.

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Showing events from Ann's point of view certainly lent a different perspective to all the other characters' actions. We also learned more about Ann as well.

I never pictured Ann as a surfer who lives at the beach, although letting the homeless guy use her shower was in character for her. All this time, I figured she lived in that crappy van she drives.

Being reminded of what she had lost rightfully put Ann in a funk, which resulted in all those snarky asides about her friends and associates. Frankly, she was saying a lot of what I'd been thinking about their behavior this season.

Making things worse was the appearance of her highly successful brother, Henry, the closeted gay state senator. I suspect only Henry could have talked her into dinner with their parents.

Special Visitors - Claws Season 2 Episode 4

The debate over immigration was fascinating. Her parents saw Cubans as "exiles," while everyone else fleeing oppression were "illegals."

It's amazing that more people don't realize that everyone but Native Americans came to the U.S. through some form of immigration, whether legal or immigration. You would think that would lead to some amount of empathy, but it doesn't seem to do the trick.

Poor Ann. Her parents weren't holding the fact she was gay against her. Instead, it was the fact she wasn't living up to her potential. Then there was that time she "spent away," her mother's euphemism for her stint in jail.

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So, in the eyes of her parents, gay and successful was acceptable, gay and unsuccessful wasn't.

It was amusing to watch Ann and Henry "get lit" while they processed the fact that their parents were gay as well, in their own, closeted way. It's a pity that Henry had to keep denying who he was if he wanted to continue ascending in politics.

Still, after a lousy day, Ann came through for Jenn, who continues to fall harder and harder off the wagon, using her feminine charms to get the security guard to let Jenn off.

Spa Day - Claws

I couldn't be surprised when Ann finally blew up at everyone, even striking Desna. It had been building for a long time. As Desna pointed out, Ann can't expect everybody to read her mind. Thankfully, they hugged it out.

So Ann went to win back Arlene, which appears to be endangering not just her but Desna's entire crew. Since Arlene supposedly got fired, who is she working for now? Or did she get fired? Since she and her partner arrested Dr. Ken, they must be targeting Zlata's operation.

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Desna and her other girls had their share of issues as well.

Desna had the spa day for Gregory's mother Matilde when Matilde brought up the idea of Gregory marrying Desna. As much as I enjoyed Desna and her girls celebrating the possible nuptials, I thought that was premature.

Being tied up as Zlata's lieutenant, Desna is missing out on a lot, as Ann noted. Top of that list is Jenn, her mansion-mate, drowning her sorrows in alcohol.

Falling Further Down - Claws Season 2 Episode 4

The country-and-western tinged duet between Jenn and Bryce at the AA meeting was a standout. I applaud the powers-that-be for not taking the easy way out and instead having Bryce take the next step toward divorce. But when does the spiral end for Jenn?

And what are the Hussers up to now? Are their unusual reinforcements Gregory's Haitian mob, or someone else? Who does Desna side with, them or Zlata? You knew Uncle Daddy was going to rise, just like Ike Turner (moron).

Poor Polly is losing Marnie, and Dr. Ken just got arrested. Will that cause her to lose her ever-tenuous grip on reality?

To follow Jenn's descent, watch Claws online.

Is Ann is trouble? Is a wedding coming? What's Uncle Daddy up to these days? Comment below

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Claws Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Homeless Jim: Do you mind if I hop into your shower?
Quiet Ann: Sure. Use my conditioner, you die.

When did I go from bad-ass to errand boy?

Quiet Ann