Claws Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Vaginalologist

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What way can Desna turn now?

She had the legs taken out from under her on Claws Season 2 Episode 5.

Where to start?

Growing Concern - Claws

Let's start with the big, late surprise. Desna's freshly minted fiance is actually in league with Zlata, her supposedly sympathetic boss. And they're also at least co-conspirators with benefits. Ouch!

All this time, I figured Gregory was with Desna to keep an eye on the Russians. Obviously, that was wrong.

So he's with her to keep track of Uncle Daddy and the Dixie Mafia? I just don't see why. Up until this episode, Clay has been a shell of his former self. And he's still no strategic planner.

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It makes sense for Gregory to align with Zlata while stringing along Uncle Daddy. I figure that must have happened after Zlata took over from Reva. But if he now knows what the Russians are up to, why does he still need Desna? It's not like Clay isn't already spouting his plans to him.

Poor Desna! She was given a McMansion and a Maserati. She got a storybook proposal from her dream man. And it was all built on lies. No wonder things seemed too good to be true.

And the worst may be yet to come, as Dr. Ken has flipped. That isn't terribly worrisome, however. He promises to be the worst snitch ever. He made himself sick just thinking about the idea.

Back to Life - Claws Season 2 Episode 5

It will be fascinating to watch a pissed-off, betrayed Desna for the rest of the season. Can she become the type of criminal mastermind which she detests?

Still, it's hard to go on an offensive without an army. All Desna has left are her girls. They all think Desna has drunk too much of Zlata's borsch, but they will support her. But they've all got their own problems.

You know it's a bad situation when the most stable relationship is Dean and Virginia.

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Virginia is as inappropriate as ever (who isn't on Claws?) but she's settled well into coupledom.

Dean, the exotic dancer, was a revelation, once Polly found the right voice and words to talk him past his fears. It was raining men, indeed.

And earlier, didn't you love when Polly the choreographer cribbed liberally from "Fame" to inspire her dancers during a rocky rehearsal? You just never know from who or what she's going to steal next.

Having a Hard Day - Claws Season 2 Episode 5

Ken's therapist mom was right. Polly is definitely off, even for her. That family dinner was painful to watch.

Yes, she's afraid she's losing her bizarre little nuclear family, as Marnie grows closer to Malik. But it's more than that, and it has something to do with her estranged twin sister. I can't wait for Carrie Preston in double roles, which you know is coming.

Hopefully, she works her way through whatever it is since she's the one who will have to discover Ken's deceit, probably by finding a text from Arlene or her partner on his phone.

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Of course, Quiet Ann is just as likely to betray Desna, albeit inadvertently. She's already confessed too much to Arlene during her phone apology. Will she choose to protect Desna next time?

Finally, there was Jenn, who had a lousy day. First, Bryce served her with divorce papers. Then, Zlata shot Bryce during the shootout at the strip club, and he was rushed to the hospital.

I'm sure Jenn will end up blaming Desna because of her association with Zlata. But Bryce's being shot was entirely on Uncle Daddy.

Don't Mess With Zlata - Claws Season 2 Episode 5

Yes, Claws is more interesting with a feral Uncle Daddy. So it's for the best that he got his mojo back, trashing a barful of snooty suits.

Now we understand why Gregory was discouraging Clay from attacking Zlata because he had a vested interest in keeping him down.

Still, there's a difference between thoroughly planning an attack and rounding up a bunch of goobers with shotguns and invading. 

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I was glad Dean and the dancers left before the shootout began. Also, Gregory's C-section seemed very well timed. It was almost like Zlata knew what was coming.

What a bizarre scene, with Zlata stopping her rendition of "All by Myself" long enough to kill three of Uncle Daddy's goons before she shot Bryce. Since she killed the first three with headshots, I think she meant just to wound Bryce, enough to neuter the Dixie Mafia resistance.

So how does Desna retaliate? Does she try to beat Gregory and Zlata at their own game, possibly teaming up with Uncle Daddy, with Roller as an inside man? Or does she approach Arlene and turn state's evidence?

Either way, she's got a world-class acting job ahead of her.

To look for clues of the Zlata-Gregory alliance, watch Claws online.

Did you see the betrayal of Desna coming? How can she fight back? Will Bryce live? Comment below,

Vaginalologist Review

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Claws Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

I do look good in red.

Desna [to Roller]

Uncle Daddy: My daddy's rolling over in his grave, seeing me cede all our hard-earned goods over to that Commie. That damn Russian annihilated my soul, her and that dashiki Barbie.
Bryce: C'mon. Don't say that about Desna. That's offensive.