Colony Season 3 Episode 13 Review: What Goes Around

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On Colony Season 3 Episode 13, it's wartime, and Will is the only one who can save Seattle and his family from certain death.

The enemy of our enemy, otherwise known as the Predator aliens, have begun the war. They fight with some kind of vibration or sound wave, so they seem unstoppable.

Will Sacrifices Himself - Colony Season 3 Episode 13

Will and the other outliers have mad skills, but it doesn't seem that weapons are going to do anything against these guys.

Unless Kynes has his bunker filled with some kind of alien weapons, courtesy of the hosts. Maybe he had armor made of the material he was reverse engineering.

We can only speculate.

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One thing's for sure, Kynes prepared better than anyone imagined. He placed outlier cells everywhere, so there's no telling how many soldiers in total he has to back Broussard. His bunker is probably lined with the impenetrable material.

That would make sense.

Come inside, introduce yourselves. And then we can talk about how to raise holy hell.


If all goes to hell, Broussard and his team can hole up in the shelter, and at least some of humanity will survive. They wouldn't do that, though. Outliers are built to fight, not hide.

Yes, Snyder convinced Will to donate 150 outliers to the cause in exchange for the host's protection, but did you see how fast Davos went down?

Helena mentioned, in the beginning, their facility had two layers of protection. That didn't stop the Predators from waltzing in and taking everyone out with zero effort.

Katie Gets Prepared for War - Colony Season 3 Episode 13

So, great, Will was the first to step forward to volunteer, and gave his inspirational speech to rally more outliers to sacrifice, but for what?

The hosts did come through with their end of the bargain because they put a shield around Seattle. Maybe they even put two shields, but the Predators are coming regardless.

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If they get past Will and the other pod outliers, and the shields, Seattle's only hope are the outliers on the ground. The grey hats will fight too, but they couldn't even fight against Will, so they're average fighters at best.

When Will was enclosed in that capsule, I didn't know whether to feel sadness because that's how the series ended or hopeful that he'll be fighting the fight on the front lines.

I don't know how to dig myself out of this hole.


Knowing that may have been the last time we ever see Will Bowman, made it difficult watching his pod close.

No doubt Will is going to be a leader to the pod outliers, and do everything in his power to keep the aliens away from his family in Seattle. That's the one and the only thing on his mind.

He doesn't care about humanity as a whole. He only cares about his family.

Will is a superior fighter, and he adapts to every situation. There's no reason to believe he won't excel on the front lines.

Katie Confronts Bram - Colony Season 3 Episode 13

Snyder, although he adapts to situations too, it would be surprising if he survives the war. He only has a few thousand grey hats to protect him. Not only are they mediocre fighters, they're hardly loyal to Snyder.

Nobody is going to lay their life on the line for him, so unless he literally finds a hole to crawl into, it looks like Snyder's days are numbered.

The Bowmans will reunite. Katie is going to find Gracie and Bram, and Will is going to return from the front. 

That's the hope.

What if we've picked the wrong side?


I was less annoyed with Bram after hearing his reasoning for taking Gracie. No, it's not his place, but he's right in the fact that if Will and Katie were caught in their rebellion, Gracie would be taken away. She may have even been killed.

Gracie really didn't have a place. The IGA would assume she was with the resistance by association, and punish her accordingly.

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It wasn't surprising to find out everyone at the factory was dead. It appeared they were being sent to their death from the beginning.

What a feeling it must be, though, to find out everyone you've ever known is dead. All that's left of your circle are your immediate family and the friends who happen to be in the same place you are.

Broussard Prepares for War - Colony Season 3 Episode 13

Fans, we may not get a Season 4. We may never know the end of the Colony story, so let's speculate!

Will leads the outliers in the fight on the front lines. When the Predators get through the front lines, they storm Seattle, but Will makes it back down inside the walls for the fight with Broussard.

Katie finds Gracie at Bram's girlfriends and goes to look for Bram.

They find Bram cowering, having found out that maybe he does actually need his parents after all. They go into hiding and wait for Will.

Katie: Your father and I never wanted for you to be involved in this.
Bram: Then why did dad ask me to help him kill Snyder?

Kynes, in his infinite brilliance, has fashioned a noise canceling headphone device out of the host material. The hideout is stocked with them. Each outlier has a pair of these headphones and a protective suit made of the same material. This is what they wear to fight the Predators.

The vibrations the Predators use to kill can't penetrate, and the outliers defeat them.

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With the Predators defeated, the fight isn't over. Kynes works with Broussard, Will, Katie, and Amy to upload a computer virus to the hosts.

The virus is lethal to the AI. Will and Broussard deliver the virus to the leaders, and they all die.

Will and Broussard return and find the rest of the Bowmans. They all lead the re-building of humanity, starting in the ark of Kynes' making.

What do you think, Colony fans? How do you think the war would've ended? Do you think the Bowmans will all survive? What do you think Kynes has stocked in his bunker?

My biggest question is, are you just going to accept the Colony cancellation? Or are you going to rise up like the resistance, and fight to save Colony, and continue the story?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Be sure to come back for our interview with Sergio Osuna, who played Glen, and see what he had to say about the finale and the future of Colony!

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Colony Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

What if we've picked the wrong side?


Katie: Your father and I never wanted for you to be involved in this.
Bram: Then why did dad ask me to help him kill Snyder?