Days of Our Lives Round Table: Can Abby and Chad Survive?

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Eric told Jennifer he loved her, Steve got his eyesight back, and Abigail and Chad’s marriage hit the rocks thanks to Gabi’s schemes this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Soaps4ever and Silvananoir from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the Eric and Jennifer romance, if Maggie should dump Victor, can Abby and Chad survive and Ted’s master plan on Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

On a scale of 1 (I felt nothing) to 10 (very romantic) rate Eric and Jennifer’s “I love you” scene at the pub.

Soaps4ever: Jennifer and Eric’s "I love you" moment was sweet but I am just not feeling any fiery chemistry between them. So maybe a "6" lol.

Silvananoir: 1, I don't care about them as a couple. I have never felt their chemistry together. I want to care because I like both actors and I adore Greg Vaughn's man-pain. But I'm just not into them.

Jack: I'm giving it a 9. I loved it and thought it was romantic but I wish Marlena talking to Eric about Jen hadn't been the catalyst.

Christine: I’m going with a 4. I want to like them because I like both characters but their stories always revolve around other characters instead of one another and their romance is lackluster. I feel like they’re always going to be a back burner couple.

Carrying His Brother's Baby - Days of Our Lives

Do you think Abby and Chad’s marriage can survive her having what they believe to be Stefan’s baby?

Soaps4ever: I think the truth will come out about Abigail's baby before it has a chance to ruin her and Chad's relationship. I just can't see this situation lasting very long. It will just be a temporary obstacle for them to overcome.

Silvananoir: Maybe. The main issue is going to be Abby herself. Not that I think she'll drift to Stefan, it's more that Ron Carlivati (head writer) is in love with mental issues with his characters. And once he gives someone Dissociative Identity Disorder it comes back multiple times. I think Chad will try very hard but ultimately they will drift apart.

Jack: I hope so. Abby was raped. Chad knows that. His sudden flip-flopping to being jealous of Abby and Stefan is disgusting.

Christine: Unless the truth comes out, I think their marriage is in trouble because Stefan will make life a living hell for them if he believes this baby is his. Add Gabi actively trying to drive a wedge between them and I don’t know how they’ll survive.

Victor Defends Theresa to Maggie - Days of Our Lives

It feels as though Maggie is upset with Victor every few months. Should she just accept him for who he is, continue to try to change him, or move on?

Soaps4ever: Good question. I think that Maggie will just keep on being mad at Victor but deep down I think she knows they are for each other and a leopard can't change its spots. But she will keep trying to change him anyway.

Silvananoir: I really love these two. But lately, their relationship has been grating on the nerves. Victor has regressed a lot so I understand Maggie's problem but at this point, she needs to decide once and for all what she wants. I think she should stay ultimately though.

Jack: Accept him for who he is. This is the man she fell in love with, and she's been in love with him for almost six years. For her to suddenly disapprove of his underhanded schemes now is ridiculous!

Christine: Victor has softened quite a bit, but he’s always going to be Victor and Maggie needs to accept that. I’ve gotten tired of her disappointed looks and tone. If she ever thought that Victor was going to always play by the rules, she was kidding herself.

Eve Confronts Ben - Days of Our Lives

Hope made no attempt to intervene when Eve attacked Ben. Do you understand why? Should there be consequences?

Soaps4ever: I think part of her wanted to intervene but she couldn't make herself because she wanted to see him harmed. I think there should be consequences but I'm not sure what they should be.

Silvananoir: I do understand. Hope herself pulled that stunt with Stefano so she gets wanting to punish someone who hurts a family member. However, there should still be consequences for that. She's a cop, at the very least she should be suspended.

Jack: Thre definitely should be consequences. Yes, Hope has every right to feel empathy for Eve, though her empathy should have been based on the fact that everyone loved Paige and considered her family, not because Hope feels Ciara being friends with Ben is equivalent to him murdering Paige!

In any case, Ben still has the right to be free of being assaulted, regardless of Eve's feelings about him being set free. Hope was going to let Eve murder Ben just because she doesn't like or trust him! That's not okay, and it's doubly not okay because she's in a leadership position at Salem PD.

Christine: I understand how Hope can sympathize with Eve, they’ve both lost children and Hope got her own revenge against Stefano, but she’s a cop. She shouldn’t just sit by and watch an assault. Unfortunately, Hope’s judgment is completely compromised when it comes to Ben and she shouldn’t be anywhere near his case.

Will and Sonny Panic - Days of Our Lives

Ted appears to have Leo’s body? What do you think he wants from Sonny and Will?

Soaps4ever: Ted is very sneaky. He will blackmail them so he can get compensation for not getting the money for Leo's case.

Silvananoir: Clearly he wants to blackmail them. He's going to hold it over their heads. I'm not sure what he really wants but ultimately it's going to lead to a Sonny/Will reunion.

Jack: I think he just wants to torment them and make them go nuts with fear. He probably thinks in some way he's protecting Kate's investment in the scheme with Leo by doing that.

Christine: I can only imagine that he wants a big payday because I can’t come up with another option. I’m kind of enjoying him toying with Sonny and Will, but I hate the fact that Paul will end up being the odd many out.

Gabi Confides in JJ - Days of Our Lives

What disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Soaps4ever: Gabi's downward spiral.

Silvananoir: I want more Chloe. I think I've always been clear she's my fave and I want more of her. Hopefully, she gets something soon.

Jack: Abby's rape being whitewashed. We don't need day after day of Stefan proclaiming his love for someone who doesn't exist, Gabi manipulating Abby out of an abortion, and Chad blaming Abby for conceiving a baby with the man who raped her. It's not entertaining.

Runners-up: Maggie being disappointed in Victor again and JJ being absent from his own story. He shouldn't just be a background character who is there to listen to Gabi rant while his mom does all the work to find out who planted drugs in his apartment.

Christine: I hate that they’ve turned Gabi into a villain. I’ve loved the strong, independent woman she had become. Now it looks like she’s going to be the new Sami of Salem.

Also, I loved Steve getting his sight back and all of the discussion about old times and he and Kayla’s wedding, but there wasn’t one flashback! That was extremely disappointing.

Tripp and Ciara Make Up - Days of Our Lives

Which storyline are you the most excited about?

Soaps4ever: Seeing how the Tripp/Ciara/Ben triangle will play out.

Silvananoir: None. I more watch the show out of habit than anything. Everything is just so bleak right now.

Jack: I can't even call Steve and Kayla's scenes a storyline since they're so few and far between but I'm always excited when they're on screen.

Christine: Steve getting his sight back was some of the best scenes of the week. I loved every moment between him, Kayla, and Tripp.

I also enjoyed Ciara and Tripp and Claire having a new beginning. I was so tired of all the arguing and angst. I’d like to see them all move forward as friends, at least, and perhaps a slow building romance for Tripp and Ciara in the future.

Steve Has The Surgery - Days of Our Lives

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