Dietland Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Woman Down

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Who knew a beauty closet was the perfect place to hide a person!

Things took a serious turn on Dietland Season 1 Episode 9 when Plum is finally able to get ahold of the group known as Jennifer. 

Let's dive right into the main story -- Plum trying to join Jennifer. I understood why Plum would turn to this group, but she made all the wrong choices. 

Plum Waits - Dietland Season 1 Episode 9

This has been my biggest gripe with Plum all season -- she makes rash decisions without looking at the big picture. Did she really think those women were going to welcome her with open arms?

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Her knowing Leeta didn't matter at all because these women mean business and they want to take out as many people as they can. Jennifer has turned from a group wanting to right wrongs to a group who thinks violence is the answer to their issues. 

How could Plum not know there was going to be some type of initiation into the group? The women are killers, and they needed to make sure Plum would be able to pull the trigger when it was time. 

Is Plum Ready? - Dietland Season 1 Episode 9

Of course, there was no way Plum was going to go through with Belle's plans. Plum has gotten way over her head and knows too much, and now a group of violent women will decide her fate. 

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Plum did get credit for trying to reach out to the people who care about her. Mrs. Kettle was breaking my heart. She loves her daughter very much and continues to raise her up, but Plum doesn't want to disappoint her. 

I was hopeful when Plum invited out Sana. I thought it would possibly get Plum to see she did nothing wrong, but it only seemed to solidify what Plum was feeling. Sana was correct in saying what Jack did was assault and he deserved to be arrested. 

Plum's Mind - Dietland Season 1 Episode 9

Plum making excuses for Jack's behavior is the kind of behavior seen from many victims of sexual assault. They try to justify the actions of the person who abused them and try to laugh it off because it makes it a little less real. 

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Who else was proud of Sana for standing up to Verena? Verena means well but doesn't know the ways of the real world. Verena can continuously bring up having house votes, but Verena's word is final. 

The women may be free to go at any time, but they also have nowhere to go. The women of Calliope House can be seen as prisoners albeit with much nicer digs and just a little more freedom to come and go. 

Plum's Joins Jennifer - Dietland Season 1 Episode 9

It was wonderful that Sana brought up Julia as well. Julia, while she may be wealthy, needed Verena's support. Julia knew she had gotten in over her head, but she didn't deserve to be kicked out. 

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Speaking of Julia, you can't blame her sisters for wanting to go to the FBI. Jacinthia and Jill have their own families to worry about, and Jennifer wouldn't think twice about going after families if they felt threatened. 

The biggest shock came when it was revealed Julia has been hiding Leeta in the beauty closet. You have to wonder how involved Leeta really was in the in the various murders Jennifer had committed. 

Eladio And Julia - Dietland Season 1 Episode 9

It did seem like the mental anguish of being in a violent group had gotten to Leeta, but she isn't able to properly express herself. I know there is only one episode left, but I hope we get more information on Leeta. 

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Leeta has been the only person we know nothing about, yet she's been at the center of the entire storyline. All roads could easily lead to Leeta, but why?

No one was surprised by Kitty, right? I have had such a love/hate relationship with Kitty, but she killed it in the conference room. You couldn't even get angry with her when she threatened to blackmail all of the men in the room if she didn't get what she wanted. 

A Cryptic Message - Dietland

Stanley doesn't deserve to be the head of Austen Media. He is a terrible human being who has tried to hide the horrible things he has done to women. It's the right move to kick his ass out of the company. 

Is Kitty the right choice to take over? Probably not, but you can't help but applaud her for getting precisely what she wanted. Stanley took everything from her, and now she has taken everything from him. Dominic was right -- they are perfect for each other. 

Now it's your turn to tell me what you think. 

Do you think Plum made a rash decision? What do you think happened to Leeta? Do you think Julia's sisters will go to the FBI? 

Let me know in the comments below. 

The finale is right around the corner so make sure you watch Dietland online now via TV Fanatic to catch up before it ends. 

Woman Down Review

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Dietland Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

It was my fault. I screwed up.


Plum: I think something really bad happened.
Mrs. Kettle: I'll be right there. I have miles on Delta I can be there tomorrow night.