Netflix Orders Mixtape Starring Madeleine Stowe to Series

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Fox's loss is Netflix's gain. 

According to Deadline, Netflix has swooped in to save failed Fox pilot Mixtape and has given the show a 10 episode series order. 

The official logline for the series reads:

Madeleine Stowe Attends Event

Romantic musical drama looks at a disparate group of interconnected people in contemporary Los Angeles through the lens of the music that defines who they are — capturing the different stages of love, exploring if time can heal a broken heart and if love can withstand life’s tragedies.

It was one of the pilots that emerged as a frontrunner and was very likely to score a series order at Fox. However, with less space than normal on the schedule thanks to Thursday Night Football, the show was not picked up. 

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It certainly sounds like it would have been a great fit for Empire or Star, but given the fact that the pair air together, Fox likely wondered whether it had any shows it could pair up with it. 

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

While it's great news that the show has landed a series order, it also means that Madeleine Stowe and Jenna Dewan will be making their big TV comebacks, and that's a good thing. 

Mixtape is not the only Fox show that has been saved by Netflix of late. Lucifer was recently canceled by Fox after continued erosion in the ratings, but Netflix snapped it up just weeks later. 

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This also marks the third broadcast pilot missing the cut at its original network that Fox has saved. Last year, Insatiable was passed over by The CW, and Netflix saved it, while the same thing happened to All About the Washingtons at ABC. 

We live in a world in which other avenues are willing to give more shows than usual another chance to succeed, and that's pretty great. 

Raul Castillo Attends Screening

The report on Deadline states that much of the original cast from the pilot of Mixtape will return, with Raul Castillo exiting ahead of the series order. 

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