Preacher Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Sonsabitches

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On Preacher Season 3 Episode 2, we find out that not only is Jesse trapped in Angelville with Grandma, but that he owes her a hell of a lot of souls.

She eats them, you know.

Desperate to Escape - Preacher

Her soul removal technique looks rather primitive, not to mention painful. I think she likes it that way. The medieval chair contraption she uses to rip out the souls of the not-so-innocent, looked scarier than any run of the mill electric chair. And that's saying something.

They're scary enough.

Now we know a little bit of what Jesse went through in Angelville, and why he never wanted to go back.

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At least now Tulip knows the lengths Jesse would go to for her. I'm so glad he caught Tulip up on everything that went on with the Saint. Especially about the fact he gave part of his soul to save her and Cassidy. That's why he couldn't send the Saint of Killers to hell in Preacher Season 2.

You never know what a person'll say, 'til you ask 'em right.


Not that he didn't want to.

Tulip needs to start trusting Jesse again, and I think she's getting there, but she's got Cassidy buzzing in her ear. Cassidy thinks he loves Tulip, and maybe he does, but too bad. Jesse and Tulip belong together, and that's that.

Cassidy's not leaving Angelville without Tulip, though, and Tulip's not leaving without Jesse.

Jesse Checks on Tulip - Preacher Season 3 Episode 2

Being that Jesse can't leave without Grandma literally killing him, I guess that leaves the three just where they are.

If Tulip had given Jesse the benefit of the doubt from the beginning and not let Cassidy's doubt get in her head, she wouldn't have headed out with her monster gun and mowed down most of the people in white.

At least Grandma got a hearty meal.

Jesse should've known better than to trust Herr Star. He wouldn't just hand Jesse's soul over that easily. I thought he was more street smart than that. Jesse can't afford to get soft or make dumb moves.

It's good to be alive.


Now he's screwed. Jesse should've tested the waters a little longer than he did before showing all his cards to Star, but I guess he was just too anxious to avenge Tulip.

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Speaking of Star, when he walked into the Krishna temple with his crew, and they pulled their weapons, the Krishnas weren't taking any crap. 

They were ready with their weapons under their mats.

Screw peace, right?

I have to admit, that was a well-orchestrated gun battle, and pretty too. The Krishnas all in their orange flowing robes and the men in white, well, in white, made for an attractive display.

Even if blood and bodies were flying everywhere, it was kind of like a dance. The slow motion and the music made it even better.

I guess Star will stop at nothing to get everyone in the religious sect to bow down to Humperdoo.

Herr Star Kills Krishnas - Preacher Season 3 Episode 2

Uh, no. Not going to happen.

Of course, Star would much rather have Jesse be the Messiah, but he doesn't have Jesse, so he's going to try and sell who he does have. I have to say, if we never see Humperdoo again, it'll be too soon. To think of an inbred Messiah is just too much.


Cassidy and Tulip may have to leave to get Jesse's soul back, which makes me a little wary. I mean, Cassidy is virtually unkillable, but Tulip's not bulletproof (that we know of).

Plus, having those two by themselves might give Cassidy the time he needs to win Tulip over. Let's hope not.

Tulip loves Jesse, so I hope she stays strong.

Jesse: I'm glad you came back.
Tulip: Yeah, me too.
Jesse: To the end of the world.
Tulip: To the end of the world.

Right now she's on a mission from God to get those sonsabitches --whoever they may be.

I guess they're the same ones who made God go on the lam in the first place. If it's not Herr Star and his crew, then who?

Unless Jesse gets his power back, I'm not sure how he's going to escape Grandma. She's got him by the balls, and he wants to kill her so badly he can taste it.

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Grandma knows it too, so she better not give Jesse any leeway because the minute she does, he's going to take her out.

Jesse will have to get by Jody first, which may be a problem since he's a tough as nails brick wall. I thought Grandma must have Jody and TC stuck there too, but now I'm not sure.

They enjoy the killing, raping, and mayhem a little too much. Where else in society would they ever fit in but here?


Grandma and Her Minions - Preacher Season 3 Episode 2

That tells me they're loyal to Grandma and that's a problem for Jesse. It also makes me wonder how Jesse got away the first time.

Did you catch sight of the chicken in the road? I think that's the same chicken Grandma brought back for Jesse when he was a kid.

If so, that may mean Tulip's immortal now, or at least has a longer lifespan. Maybe she's stronger? Tulip's always been a badass, but when she was beating the hell out of Featherstone, I thought there would be more of a fight.

Not so much.

Featherstone got her butt handed to her by Tulip, and I must admit I was cheering her on. Featherstone had it coming.

Yeah, but I heated it up. That sanitizes things, don't it?


If Tulip did come back with immortality or super strength, that would be an interesting twist. With immortal Cassidy and powerful Jesse, the three of them would be unstoppable.

What do you think, Preacher fanatics? Did Tulip come back a changed woman? How in the world is Jesse going to escape Grandma? What do you suppose souls taste like? Chicken?

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

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Preacher Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

You never know what a person'll say, 'til you ask 'em right.


It's good to be alive.